Thursday, September 11, 2014

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight - Phyllis Diller

[COMMENT]Well I think this may be my last post for a while or forever. I'm getting stats for this site emailed to me from Google Analytics that is accurate from what I read, and the stats from my actual blog site are not accurate. which is a Google owned site tells me that last month I had over 3800 hits. Google Analytics is telling me 126. I have been writing this blog for over 2 years, with almost 190 posts. It's a lot of work. I do enjoy doing it, but it's just not worth my time if that is indeed the true number. There is a blog post listed below that explains Blogger Stats versus Google Analytics if someone in the 126 people that have read my blog last month would like to read it. It's pretty disappointing to find out this information. The amount of time spent on my site by a reader is laughable haha, oh man 17 seconds. Anyway it's been fun.

There is this fascination the media has with athletes and sports. I'm all for hearing a report on this football player that hit this woman unconsciousness. It's a horrible story. Now he's out of the NFL and in big trouble. Ok good. Now I'm done. But for some reason just like the Sterling thing, media, and in the case of radio, talk radio, runs with it like it's the huge story of the week, the story for next week and the week after that. It's not. Don't people that listen to sports talk radio want to hear about this all day for a week or a month? I don't. It's football, it's a game. It's a business. It's a distraction. It doesn't have a wit of meaning except for entertainment. Am I alone here? It's not an American getting his head cut off. It's not a thousand Americans on the ground in Iraq. It's not 93 million Americans not working. It's not 50 million people getting food stamps. Talk Radio and the media really needs to pull it's head out and wake up. And I'm amazed, it's every show talking about this. Are there people out there besides me turning off the radio? I hope there is because this is not why I listen to talk radio.

Here is another waste of my ear hole time. I was listening to many different stations and they all spent time this week reporting that Arnold had his portrait unveiled in Sacramento. Who gives a rats ass? It really nauseates me that the media treats this guy like he did a great job as governor. I don't want to hear this crap, anybody home? Did you forget that Arnold gave clemency to Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunezs' son for being involved in the murder of Luis Santos on the San Diego State University campus? Or maybe you forgot that he impregnated his maid who had his son and his wife divorced him! If Talk Radio is gonna stay around or "be cool again" which I seriously doubt will happen, you gotta stop this.

The email I sent to posted on Wednesday, thank you Mr. Barrett.

Tim Conway, Jr. Voted #3 Best On-Air LARP of 2014
Congrats to Conway who plays lots of drops, clips, makes funny noises with his mouth, sings with Aron Bender nightly, plays clips of people making noises and saying funny things over and over and over, yells into the mic often and meanders his way though every night with apparently no plan. I would even go as far to say it's not a radio show.

*On Wednesday morning doing traffic was LA Radio veteran Rhonda Kramer. Just off the flip of format at KFWB. Doug McIntyre made a point of saying hello.

[RADIO]From the OC Weekly
Phil Hendrie's Cult Status in Radio Continues on Stage
Though he quit terrestrial radio in 2013, Hendrie remains a cult figure behind the mic. Hendrie took time to speak with the Weekly about his newly formatted Podcast, the nature of his comedy bits, the origins of his character voices, his love for heavy metal and hip-hop music, and his one-man show comedy act, coming to the Irvine Improv on September 11.

Fred Roggin Joins 'The Beast'/Los Angeles
You know, I don't listen to Sports Talk Radio, but this is a very good choice they made, Fred is great and very smart, bravo.

KSFO/San Francisco Brings Back Rush, Glenn & Sean
I didn't hear anyone talk about this. I bet there are a lot of people that just hate this soo much.

From NPR's Fresh Air (9 minutes)
3 Roosevelts Come Alive In PBS Documentary, Ken Burns' Best Yet

From 89.3 KPCC show Offramp
LA historian discovers treasure trove of historic photos, now online

[SIRIUSXM]SiriusXM to Launch Barbra Streisand Channel

[QUOTE]"this is Ann's last day, she is the consummate professional" 
- Doug Limerick ABC Radio news, comment on Ann Compton.

[STREAMING]The hidden commands for diagnosing and improving your Netflix streaming quality

Fox Launches Live Mobile Streaming Service for FNC, FBN.....with your log in from your cable company...booo.

Major App Developers Sign On To Build Connected Car Apps Through AT&T Drive


[PODCASTS]On Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast......Comedian David Steinberg.

Adam Carolla Settles Lawsuit Over Popular Podcast Business in Midst of Trial
Some news reports that Carolla's podcast business didn't make much money, the plaintiff asserted that it raked in $14 million.

Podcast One to syndicate services to radio.
Podcast One CEO Norm Pattiz is taking his evangelizing of on-demand audio to the local level. Speaking in Indianapolis yesterday, Pattiz said his company plans to begin working with local radio stations to create podcasts of their shows.

Dennis Miller to Comedian Louie Anderson.


[LA PHOTO]Carmageddon! Los Angeles, ca. 2011.
A very empty interstate 405 @ sunset blvd, closed for 56 hours due to construction on the mulholland bridge.


[TECH]This week I made the big leap and bought an SSD drive for my home computer. I installed it myself after reading a lot about how to do it. I bought the best reviewed drive, Samsung. It was only $118 for a 129GB drive at Fry's. But it was tricky. Physically installing it was the easy part, then the software part. I had to copy my hard drive to the SSD and then boot from the new SSD. Turns out the hard drive needed to be unplugged and then the SSD booted with Windows. After I enter my password the screen flashes with the Windows desktop and you can literally click and load the web browser and load as many pages as you want instantly. The only speed barrier is the internet connection. This is the wave of the future. In my opinion hard drives will go away altogether. An absolutely amazing push into the future, affordable and easy.

GM to Introduce Hands-Free Driving in Cadillac Model
2017 caddicac photo

TiVo Mega Features 24TB of Storage, Can Record Three Years* Worth of TV Content

Oh yea one more thing, Apple announced something this week, I forgot what it was, sorry.

[ON THIS DAY]1935 - "Popeye" was heard on NBC radio for the first time.

[CLASSIC RADIO]Deep Dish stuff
Radio Prepares for War, Part 1
In 1932, General Electric was contracted by the Civil Aeronautics Authority (predecessor to the FAA) to design and build a system using short wave radio to communicate with aircraft as the need arose from the growing airlines industry.
The engineers nicknamed it the "HRO," which stood for "Hell of a Rush Order." The name stuck. The National HRO receiver met the deadline, and outperformed the competition.

[PARTING SHOT]Never Forget.

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