Friday, August 22, 2014

I won't insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said - William F. Buckley, Jr.

[COMMENT]This was a horrible week to listen to Talk Radio. With the Ferguson thing happening and with this journalist James Foley being killed. Every show of course has to have their own thing to say about it. Let me just say this, when a show talks in detail about how this poor man died, I have to shut it off. I saw one still shot of him standing next to that tall man with all black on. I will not watch the video. I didn't watch the video of Daniel Pearl either. I think it's traumatic stress on the brain, in my case anyway. And it can't be unseen. I'm a news junkie and I can take a lot but that I can not take. Someone was playing the audio of Foley speaking before he was killed. I heard about 4 seconds of it and tuned it off. Just writing this I'm horrified. Larry Elder was talking about it in excruciating detail and I turned it off, then in the next segment he did his music trivia. Really Larry? Really? I think there is a line you cross, and I can't go that far, it's just too horrible and I think it does real damage to people. The things humans will do is just unfathomable. 

On another note, Wednesday Dennis Prager came back on the air and talked about his father who had just died, for the whole three hour show. I heard parts of it and it was remarkable. Some of the best radio I have ever heard. For Dennis to let us into his life like that is just soo incredibly generous. If you want to hear it you can, at least listen to the first half hour.

"I have a transcendent relationship with my listeners" - Dennis Prager

And then this....
Los Angeles schools Supt. John Deasy was on with Doug McIntyre this week and talked about his new plan to change the way students are disciplined for some offenses. Students involved in most fights – which make up about 20% of all student arrests – will be referred to city YouthSource Centers for counseling and other services. Students involved in minor theft or possession of alcohol, tobacco or small amounts of marijuana also will be referred to school or community officials rather than the criminal justice system. This guy is seriously out to lunch. This is the same genius that spent all that money on ipads. I think John Deasy is incompetent and a liar and will have this new plan come back to bite him in the ass. Doug goes easy as not to scare him from ever coming on the show again, I get that. I think Doug's audience is smart enough to know that this guy is a total jackass. It's soo arrogant to think this guy can sit at his desk and just come up with these totally hair brained schemes. The left will turn this town into the next Detroit.

Hey Tommy! Don't drive like my brother!

After 40 years, ABC News' White House Correspondent Ann Compton will be retiring. VP/GM for ABC News Radio Steve Jones said Compton will retire next month and a celebration of her career will take place then. "We have a date set in late September for us to celebrate Ann’s career in a setting that will let her friends and co-workers offer tributes and recollections about one of the most amazing women in journalism and one of the greatest friends and colleagues I have had the pleasure to work with. For now, though, Ann has asked that she be allowed to continue reporting from the White House without distraction."

We don't need any more radio hate-talk
Pittsburgh Post Gazzette
It's August of 2014 and we still have non-listeners writing articles about how right wing talk radio talks about hate. If you just listened to the shows you would find out that is just not the case. It's outrageous to think someone at some crap newspaper can get something like this published. It's also funny how I can't seem to find a twitter account or a facebook page or an email link for this writer.

63 hours chatting: Irish DJs break world record for the longest ever radio talk show

And on facebook:


[SIRIUSXM]Stern revealed that Neil Young will appear on an upcoming episode of The Howard Stern Show.
SoundCloud clip at this link.

[QUOTE]"Don Pardo was a lovely gentleman" - Dennis Miller


[PODCASTS]New Louis Anderson Podcast, first guest, Carrot Top. Second guest Frank Caliendo. Good Stuff.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Adam Carolla’s Settlement with the Podcasting Troll

From The Burbank Leader August 21.
Adam Carolla takes Burbank Comedy Fest honor,0,3249101.story

Alison Rosen interviews Lauren Sivan. Lauren recently has been sitting in for Terri-Rae Elmer on McIntyre in the Morning on KABC. I don't know anything about her so this should be interesting.

[PANDORA]25 percent of Pandora's total 76.4 million active monthly unique visitors are Hispanic.


[STREAMING]Maricopa County Libraries to offer digital streaming

Bye Cable companies!
Roku’s First Streaming-Video TVs Ready to Hit U.S. Market

[LA PHOTO]Ralph J. Scott, also formerly known as Fireboat #2, is a 100-foot fireboat that was attached to the Los Angeles Fire Department serving the Port of Los Angeles. She was retired in 2003 after 78 years, built in 1925 and is awaiting it's own museum. 


[TECH]Want to learn? Try Microsoft Virtual University, it's free!

Start your Tesla ...with your iPhone

Popular and Free, SoundCloud Is Now Ready for Ads

[ON THIS DAY]1998 - "The Howard Stern Radio Show" premiered on CBS to about 70% of the U.S.

[CLASSIC RADIO]Micronic Ruby Miniature Radio from the mid sixties. Expensive then and now, about $100 on ebay.

[PARTING SHOT]From Phil Hendrie's facebook page. 
Me, age 7, fly open... with my sister Maryanne Hendrie

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