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Basically, radio hasn't changed over the years. Despite all the technical improvements, it still boils down to a man or a woman and a microphone, playing music, sharing stories, talking about issues - communicating with an audience ----- Casey Kasem

[COMMENT]Sean Hannity came on the air on Monday and he was in Israel. Gotta hand it to him, to go all the way to Israel to do a radio show and film segments for his Fox TV show is one big undertaking. The logistics for something like that is enormous. I don't watch Fox, because I don't have cable or Satellite (I'm a cord cutter from way back) but I do listen to Seans' radio show often and it sounded just like he was doing it here in the states, clear as a bell. He was broadcasting from an FM station there. He talked about going to a school where they have to play inside because of the rockets. He went to the Gaza border and saw rockets that have hit neighborhoods. He went to a local hospital and saw IDF soldiers that were wounded from the conflict. He even interviewed Netanyahu. Sean posted on his Twitter account photos of the terror tunnels (@seanhannity). Nobody else in the media is doing what Sean Hannity is doing. And frankly I'm proud of him as an American. I think in the last few years Sean has changed. He's always been a good guy and done a pretty decent show. I quibble with a few things he does, but over all it's good stuff. I think Sean is doing what he wants to do now after being successful and making a pile of money. He speaks more forceful than he used to and I don't think cares about his future in TV or radio soo much as maybe he used to. I've heard his show since the 90's and he's a different person now. Just a couple weeks ago he was at the Texas Mexican border to see what our border agents have to deal with and he also talked to Governor Perry. Besides all that, he has a jobs placement program for people to go work in the South Dakota gas and oil industry. Sean is driven to do stuff that matters and I think that's amazing for someone in the media. I say Bravo.

This is Sean doing his radio show at Tel Aviv's FM 102

[RADIO]From Radio Ink: Steven J Goldstein is executive vice president of Saga Communications buys a new GMC Arcadia and can't find the AM/FM radio. A stunning view of things to come.

From Radio Ink
Family says DJ Alan Freed ‘evicted’ from Rock Hall.

I found this great bio on Alan Freed on Youtube, really worth a tumble. I really didn't know a thing about him except his name. This is tremendous. 

A caller on Rush from this week: CALLER: Yeah. So I'm at the dentist's office and it's a nice place. It's in Seattle and they have televisions in front of each chair. But they have one radio that's kind of on the windowsill in front, and I asked Nicole, she asked me, "What do you want to watch?" I said, "Can you put on Rush Limbaugh?" And she said, "Sure," walked over, turned the radio to your show, and it was cruising along. Then about a minute later this woman walks over and turns the channel and just walks away. And I looked at Nicole, I said, "What's up with that?" And so she went over, turned the channel back, and then continues with the cleaning.

Then this woman comes over again, changes it, and my hygienist says, "Hey, wait a minute." And then they get in this argument. She's saying something about, "I don't want to hear that tripe," and then she started yelling, and then the boss, the head dentist, he comes over and gets involved in it, and he says, "What's going on?" And then she starts yelling at him. Anyway, a few words went back and forth, and then he told her to roll it up, and he fired her on the spot.

I heard Dennis Miller say this week that he might be writing a political book. Love that idea.

Bob Barker Guest-hosts on Animal Radio
Lucky 13th appearance for Legendary TV Host
(Animal Radio, Los Angeles, CA. August 1st, 2014)
Former Price Is Right host and animal advocate Bob Barker is returning to Animal Radio® for his 13th time guest-hosting the nationally syndicated call-in pet show. Catch this special nationwide broadcast Saturday and Sunday August 9th and 10th on any of Animal Radio's 125 AM/FM affiliate stations including KFWB Los Angeles

From NPR's Fresh Air
Allison Janney On Sex, Sorkin And Being The Tallest Woman In The Room

From KCRW's Press Play with Madeleine Brand, Hack of the Century, the Real “Dog Day Afternoon"
A new documentary tells the story of the outrageous real life bank robber that inspired Al Pacino’s character in the movie “Dog Day Afternoon.”

From American Public Media's Marketplace about the demise of newspapers to digital
Media company Gannett announced Tuesday it plans to split in two. Its newspaper and publishing arm – including USA Today – will split off to become one company, retaining the name Gannett. Its broadcast and digital arm, which has yet to be named, will become its own company. That company also, and not coincidentally, just bought up

Todd Donohoe was in the KABC studios this week. He's been around a very long time. For years I heard him daily on the Mark and Brian Show. I think he lives in Missouri and does his usual daily broadcast from a home studio.

From ABC Radio News
Scientists Developing Test to Detect Caffeine in Drinks, Food

[QUOTE]"Hamas-holes" - Mark Levin


[TWEET]Curtis does a show at 77 WABC in New York, used to be on KABC back in the day.

[PODCASTS]William Shatner on the Adam Carolla Podcast. This is a really cool interview. Bill sounds great and is funny. A must hear.

On Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast is Penn Jillette
Gilbert and Frank return to the famed New York Friars Club to sit down with Gilbert's old pal, magician-illusionist-comedian-provocateur Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller fame. In an amusing (and highly informative) hour, Penn shares some fond memories of Johnny Carson, George Carlin and Jerry Lewis, explains how his love of jazz inspired the hit 2005 documentary "The Aristocrats" (a movie he co-conceived and co-produced) and reveals the real, no-"Bullshit" story behind the death of legendary showman Harry Houdini. Also -- the story behind the near-death of Gilbert Gottfried!

Nice little review. Comedian launches podcast, to perform at the Stanhope House Saturday.

A visit to podcast Mecca -- the TWIT Brickhouse

[PANDORA]I added this section because Pandora seems to becoming a very big deal. It now has 76.4 million users and is scaring the hell out of the radio industry. I am not that familiar with it. I have an account and I just this week went there and checked it out again. It has lots of channels and lots of ads in between the songs, but it's free and people love free. I will watch new news, that's a lot of people..... got to watch this one.

Pandora turns up new audience for James Brown biopic
The streaming music service created a station based on the film and used data it collected to find latent James Brown fans.

Pandora Internet Radio cuts first-ever direct deal with artists


Pandora Weighs Talk Radio Channels to Gain Users in Cars


[AUDIOBOOKS]Posted on facebook by the master of Audiobooks Scott Brick
"A cool tradition: For the last 15 years, every time Random House Audiobooks has opened a new LA studio, they've asked me to christen it. Throughout that time there have been new booths installed, a whole new location purchased and built, as well as a merger with Penguin. As a result of that merger, two weeks ago they added their newest booth, and for the 5th time I was asked to record the first title in it. It's an unofficial tradition, of course, but I'm deeply honored every time they ask. Here I am settling in to narrate an ultra cool science fiction title by John Twelve Hawks called SPARK. An auspicious beginning for the new booth! Thanks guys."

L.A. Archetype: Audiobook Narrator
Renée Raudman knows how to tell a great story

[LA PHOTO]Los Angeles by drone, killer 5 minute video with great music.

[BOOK]David Horowitz was on with Dennis Prager this week. David is such a huge force for telling it like it is and this book sounds great.

on a Grey Tesla in Newport Beach

[TECH]43Tbps over a single fiber: World’s fastest network would let you download a movie in 0.2 milliseconds. I think as we see more and more stories like this, it will reveal to us as consumers that control of bandwidth by phone companies and cable companies WILL come to and end. This shows how ridiculous all this is. It should be, here is my $100, let me do what I want.

I saw this on Google +. Remember this? From 1995-96

Refurbished Retro Radios Play Your MP3s!bySGof

[ON THIS DAY]1939 - Dinah Shore started her own show on the NBC Blue radio network.

In 1979, Tonight Show host Johnny Carson graced the cover of the Burbank telephone directory.

[CLASSIC RADIO]This is a vintage AM radio by Midland International Industries. Its white with a blue backing and silver knobs. The model no# is 11-304. It is a table radio. The radio was made in Korea. This radio looks to have gotten around a bit. This is the radio my mother used to have when I was a kid. I heard Sweet Dick Whittington on this. I was stunned when I saw it in a search, I had forgotten about it completely.

[PARTING SHOT]Jess Marlow, longtime Los Angeles newsman, dies at 84

For forty years Jess Marlow was on the air. It seemed everyday you would hear his unique voice and unmistakable face on the air on NBC. I remember seeing him everyday as a kid in the 70's. He made a huge mark that's for sure. Nice job Jess.

As a kid my mother would usually have NBC4 on. She loved Tom Snyder and Kelly Lange.

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