Friday, August 29, 2014

All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence
- Martin Luther King Jr.

[COMMENT]Lisa Ann Walter has been summarily dropped from the weekend lineup at KFI.

This from
Lisa Ann Walter had been missing from her weekend show at KFI for the past two weeks. A deluge of emails asked what happened. Her name and photo has been scrubbed clean from the website.
Neil Saavedra, assistant program director responded: "Lisa Ann Walter will no longer be doing her radio show here at KFI as she will now be focusing on her acting career and her family. Of course we wish her the best."

Nothing has been posted on her Twitter or facebook accounts about her leaving. It's typical of KFI or any radio station to pull an on air host and not say anything and just let the listeners flap in the breeze wondering what happened. Radio stations are horrible at this kind of thing, especially KFI. For those old enough to remember, in 1992 KFI fired number 1 in the ratings Tom Leykis and didn't say anything to the listeners. You have to remember the reality of commercial radio, its about selling ads, not about the listeners, I get that but it's just soo friggin rude. I really liked Lisa, she's a great host. She's funny and very blunt. I wrote a couple things about her in the past. She was one of the very few female hosts that could hold her own. Sorry to see her go.

This week I canceled my subscription to SiriusXM. I never use it and it's $15. And when I do use it I only listen to the "Chill" channel. It's like ambient music. I don't listen to Howard Stern and I just have no time to actually log in and listen. There is a mobile app but then I would have to set up my bluetooth speaker and then it sounds kind of tinny. I have also discovered that the time I want to hear some calming music I can listen to Pandora and now I just found that Soundcloud has ambient music with no commercials. And...I mean come on, I usually have on talk radio, that's always the go to with me. And when and until everything is on either my car radio or my little portable Sony that I have in the house I just can't give it a lot of time. Of course I go to cancel it and SiriusXM says "We are sorry, canceling a subscription is not available online, please call this number". I'm not doing that. I emailed them and told them if they charge my card again I will just have it shut off by my bank. Hear that Comcast story?

*Did you hear that Congressman Paul Ryan sat in for Sean Hannity on Thursday? I only heard the tail end of it. He's pretty good at it. 

[RADIO]Dennis Miller did an interview with Bill Medley that was amazing.
He talks about being friends with Sinatra and Elvis and the fact that "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" is the most played song ever on radio. Bill also talks about his new book.
The Time of My Life: A Righteous Brother's Memoir. Check out some clips from the interview.

From McIntyre in the Morning on 790 KABC a 7 minute conversation
"We asked 86-year-old great grandmother Georgie Marie who the voice was that inspired her "steamy" novel about a woman falling for a radio talk-show host. And?..."

Elizabeth Moss Revels In Naive-But-Calculating Characters
The One I Love is a time-shifting-cosmic romantic comedy starring Elizabeth Moss. NPR's Linda Wertheimer speaks with the Mad Men star about her new film and impressive career. (5 minutes)

Frank Morano from AM 830 in New York talks with "Hustler" magazine publisher Larry Flynt. He also talks with two former attorneys, who are also ex cons. He gives his take on the Sharpton march in Staten Island and explains his greatest fear.

I'm not sure how I missed this. From WNYC, Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin interviewing Jerry Seinfeld back in June. A must hear.

Eric Bogosian's TALK RADIO to Begin Performances Next Month at The Chain Theatre. If you haven't seen the film, do it.

[BOOK]Mark Levin was talking about this book in detail. The Disuniting of America: Reflections on a Multicultural Society By Arthur Meier Schlesinger, written in 1925. The whole book is a free read on Google Books. Schlesinger was friends with JFK and a Liberal. Mark said today he would be kicked out of the Democrat party.

[SIRIUSXM]Actor John Lithgow joined SiriusXM OutQ’s Larry Flick to discuss his new film Love Is Strange (opening Friday 8/22) Print article with audio and movie trailer.

There is also another interview from Monday on NPR (8 minutes)

[QUOTE]"I was in a bad motel in Niagara Falls once and could hear the awesome rush of the water, I went and got in the shower......
no water pressure"  - Dennis Miller

[STREAMING]There is an article on this website about 4k Streaming and the fact that Samsung is going ahead with a new TV. It says in the article: Amazon’s 2014 original series line-up will soon be available to stream via Samsung Ultra-HD TVs with the launch of the Amazon 4K video streaming service.

4K resolution is a display device or content having horizontal resolution on the order of 4,000 pixels.

I think this is important because technology is moving quickly as it usually does. The thing that is not necessarily moving quickly enough is access and speed. It's getting close to where a lot of people have 10GB internet service in their homes. But what is needed is fast speed everywhere, in the car and on our phones. It is getting better but phone and cable companies are holding on to bandwidth tightly and charging big for it. This will end, but when? If you are going to be able to stream 4k content to your TV we should have perfect and super fast internet access everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Maybe we will soon, I think this is good news.

Netflix streaming losing 100+ movies in September 2014
Every month brings changes to Netflix's catalog, and while September is seeing the addition of 17 recent seasons of your favorite TV shows, the streaming service is subtracting more than 100 movies from availability.

YouTube may be late to the party but the company has finally hinted at a music streaming service called Music Key.


[PODCASTS]This week on WTF with Marc Maron

From Gilbert Gottfrieds' facebook page this week.
Drawing by the incredibly talented Drew Friedman & my Podcast guest this week. Listen:

Gilbert Gottfried Speaks for the Birds
The Gist asks the comedian about the old showbiz world that drew him to comedy.

[BUMPER STICKER]A little message from the locals to keep people out of the water.

[AUDIOBOOKS]Amazon's Audible audiobooks app for iOS updated with new design and new features

From USA Today
Sci-Fi Encounters: Behind the scenes with 2 audiobook narrators

Hurricane Marie brought much higher than normal surf, sending surfers and body-boarders to catch the waves in Southern California this week. And some of the biggest waves were at..........

N E W P O R T W E D G E – U S A
Known for pulling the biggest swell in southern California, Newport Beach is a surfers’ paradise with its potential for a 30ft shore break.
The large swells send the surf crashing, quite literally, into the jetty. The waves bounce back towards the ocean where they meet and form in a ‘wedge’ shape and huge walls of water.

[PLATE]I think this might be from Mark Levin's car. He does live in Virginia.

[TECH]Larry Elder had Daniela Perdomo Co-founder of GoTenna on the show this week. I have never heard a person like this on Larry's show. It's a new product where you can send text messages with no cell service or Wi-Fi using and antenna and bluetooth. A serious breakthough product. Gotta go check this out.

'Beep' is a documentary about the history of sound in video games

There's another billion-dollar buyout in tech, Amazon's purchase of the video game streaming service Twitch.
Twitch is a company that lets you watch video gaming as a spectator sport — it live-streams gamers gaming and allows viewers to interact during the games, to enormous success. Twitch now boasts 55 million monthly active users, a count that's only growing.

I was listening to Leo Laporte and his producer Chad talking about this. Chad who is a 20 something said that it is more about the humor of the player talking than it is about competition. 

[ON THIS DAY]August 28, 1922 - The first radio commercial aired on WEAF in New York City. The Queensboro Realty Company bought 10 minutes of time for $100.

[CLASSIC RADIO]1972 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible

[PARTING SHOT]September 4th marks the traditional anniversary of the 1781 founding of El Pueblo de la Reina de Los Angeles 

233 Years Young: Happy Birthday Los Angeles!!
Mural by Millard Sheets

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Friday, August 22, 2014

I won't insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said - William F. Buckley, Jr.

[COMMENT]This was a horrible week to listen to Talk Radio. With the Ferguson thing happening and with this journalist James Foley being killed. Every show of course has to have their own thing to say about it. Let me just say this, when a show talks in detail about how this poor man died, I have to shut it off. I saw one still shot of him standing next to that tall man with all black on. I will not watch the video. I didn't watch the video of Daniel Pearl either. I think it's traumatic stress on the brain, in my case anyway. And it can't be unseen. I'm a news junkie and I can take a lot but that I can not take. Someone was playing the audio of Foley speaking before he was killed. I heard about 4 seconds of it and tuned it off. Just writing this I'm horrified. Larry Elder was talking about it in excruciating detail and I turned it off, then in the next segment he did his music trivia. Really Larry? Really? I think there is a line you cross, and I can't go that far, it's just too horrible and I think it does real damage to people. The things humans will do is just unfathomable. 

On another note, Wednesday Dennis Prager came back on the air and talked about his father who had just died, for the whole three hour show. I heard parts of it and it was remarkable. Some of the best radio I have ever heard. For Dennis to let us into his life like that is just soo incredibly generous. If you want to hear it you can, at least listen to the first half hour.

"I have a transcendent relationship with my listeners" - Dennis Prager

And then this....
Los Angeles schools Supt. John Deasy was on with Doug McIntyre this week and talked about his new plan to change the way students are disciplined for some offenses. Students involved in most fights – which make up about 20% of all student arrests – will be referred to city YouthSource Centers for counseling and other services. Students involved in minor theft or possession of alcohol, tobacco or small amounts of marijuana also will be referred to school or community officials rather than the criminal justice system. This guy is seriously out to lunch. This is the same genius that spent all that money on ipads. I think John Deasy is incompetent and a liar and will have this new plan come back to bite him in the ass. Doug goes easy as not to scare him from ever coming on the show again, I get that. I think Doug's audience is smart enough to know that this guy is a total jackass. It's soo arrogant to think this guy can sit at his desk and just come up with these totally hair brained schemes. The left will turn this town into the next Detroit.

Hey Tommy! Don't drive like my brother!

After 40 years, ABC News' White House Correspondent Ann Compton will be retiring. VP/GM for ABC News Radio Steve Jones said Compton will retire next month and a celebration of her career will take place then. "We have a date set in late September for us to celebrate Ann’s career in a setting that will let her friends and co-workers offer tributes and recollections about one of the most amazing women in journalism and one of the greatest friends and colleagues I have had the pleasure to work with. For now, though, Ann has asked that she be allowed to continue reporting from the White House without distraction."

We don't need any more radio hate-talk
Pittsburgh Post Gazzette
It's August of 2014 and we still have non-listeners writing articles about how right wing talk radio talks about hate. If you just listened to the shows you would find out that is just not the case. It's outrageous to think someone at some crap newspaper can get something like this published. It's also funny how I can't seem to find a twitter account or a facebook page or an email link for this writer.

63 hours chatting: Irish DJs break world record for the longest ever radio talk show

And on facebook:


[SIRIUSXM]Stern revealed that Neil Young will appear on an upcoming episode of The Howard Stern Show.
SoundCloud clip at this link.

[QUOTE]"Don Pardo was a lovely gentleman" - Dennis Miller


[PODCASTS]New Louis Anderson Podcast, first guest, Carrot Top. Second guest Frank Caliendo. Good Stuff.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Adam Carolla’s Settlement with the Podcasting Troll

From The Burbank Leader August 21.
Adam Carolla takes Burbank Comedy Fest honor,0,3249101.story

Alison Rosen interviews Lauren Sivan. Lauren recently has been sitting in for Terri-Rae Elmer on McIntyre in the Morning on KABC. I don't know anything about her so this should be interesting.

[PANDORA]25 percent of Pandora's total 76.4 million active monthly unique visitors are Hispanic.


[STREAMING]Maricopa County Libraries to offer digital streaming

Bye Cable companies!
Roku’s First Streaming-Video TVs Ready to Hit U.S. Market

[LA PHOTO]Ralph J. Scott, also formerly known as Fireboat #2, is a 100-foot fireboat that was attached to the Los Angeles Fire Department serving the Port of Los Angeles. She was retired in 2003 after 78 years, built in 1925 and is awaiting it's own museum. 


[TECH]Want to learn? Try Microsoft Virtual University, it's free!

Start your Tesla ...with your iPhone

Popular and Free, SoundCloud Is Now Ready for Ads

[ON THIS DAY]1998 - "The Howard Stern Radio Show" premiered on CBS to about 70% of the U.S.

[CLASSIC RADIO]Micronic Ruby Miniature Radio from the mid sixties. Expensive then and now, about $100 on ebay.

[PARTING SHOT]From Phil Hendrie's facebook page. 
Me, age 7, fly open... with my sister Maryanne Hendrie

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Oh heart, if one should say to you that the soul perishes like the body,
answer that the flower withers, but the seed remains - Khalil Gibran

[COMMENT]Dennis Miller said something about Robin Williams that blew me away. He said that Robin has probably seen more smiles than anyone alive, ever. Seeing all the tributes and comments from the world about Robin, it's unreal how famous he was. And what a huge body of work he has. It's really sad that he couldn't stay around longer. I think with the state of the world and the state of his life he was done. And now we are hearing that he may have been recently diagnosed with Parkinson's. Impressive coverage on most shows this week. One of the few times I did not get tired of hearing about it. I even went and watched "The Fisher King" on Netflix, what a great film. Bryan Suits told some great stories about Robin Williams in Iraq. He said he was amazing and gracious to everyone and insisted on walking around and talking to soldiers. It can't be understated the effect that someone like Robin Williams has, in an art form that in my opinion is the greatest and most impactful, film. He was around for about 30 years and gave us lots of laughs and enjoyment. Rest in Peace.

If you listen to Sean Hannity today (Friday) Dr. Ben Carson will be sitting in. I heard him do this several weeks ago and he's a natural. Worth a tumble.

[RADIO]From NPR's Morning Edition
Hollywood, Broadway Icon Lauren Bacall Dies At 89

I was not alive when these two were a big deal but I did watch a lot of movies with them and they had a huge impact on me. Lauren Bacall was definitely one of the most beautiful women to ever appear in films and an icon of Hollywood. Rest in Peace.

Robert Plant was featured on BBC Radio 2's The Chris Evans Breakfast Show and recently spoke with BBC Radio 6 Music’s Shaun Keaveny, discussing his forthcoming album, lullaby and… The Ceaseless Roar, and more. You can listen to both interviews.

Robert sounds a lot better than this photo would lead you to believe. He sounds energetic for a 64 year old man.

Vice President Cheney On ISIS and POTUS, On with Hugh Hewitt with full transcript and audio posted. I'm really not sure why some people hate Dick Cheney. He's an extremely smart and articulate person. I have heard him interviewed many times. This interview is one of the best I have heard.

A great segment about restaurants and phones with Dave and Amy from KLIF in Dallas.
Mind Your Own Business! (5 minutes)

Steve Counts put this on this facebook page. Steve is a morning drive traffic reporter at Clear Channel Communications. He writes: Sometimes as traffic reporters, we feel like the least important among the big name hosts and other things that are going on. It's also easy to feel like you're just in your little booth by yourself, talking to no one.
Then when something big is going on and a freeway is jammed for miles, you notice that the alternates look great so you suggest them. Within the next half-hour, you'll see the alternate you suggested getting busier and jamming up ... and that's when you know ... they really are listening.
And you realize the awesome power you have.

Blunt talk bore fruit after neighbor Robin Williams' death
What ever you think of Savage (I'm not a listener) this is a must listen. This article includes the audio of the call. A must hear.

Michael Medved told a story his week about being a young man with very long hair and a beard. He gets pulled over by the police in upstate New York because the way he looked, Michael says. It doesn't fly in this area looking like that, he says. The cop searches his car and finds a set of steak knives in his glove box that he got at a gas station as a premium. Being questioned by the cop does not go well and the cop arrests him and takes him to jail. Youth.

From NPR
A New Golden Age For 'Silver Bullets'? Airstreams Make A Comeback in Landers, CA
Fans of the B-52's might be inspired to roam — if they want to — all the way out to the Mojave Desert. That's where the lead singer of the quirk-pop act has brought her beehived sensibility to a new Airstream hotel that opened in November.

Co-owned by B-52's vocalist Kate Pierson, Kate's Lazy Desert invites visitors to "rocket through the wilderness" in a collection of six vintage Airstreams, the interiors of which riff off the kitsch of the band's best-known material. The Lava trailer, with its orange-blob paint job, mimics the gooey movement of the '60s-style lamp, whereas the Hairstream is a fantasy version of a B-52's dressing room, and Planet Air is cast in an otherworldly pink light to recreate the aura of Planet Claire. "Visiting the desert is like a little mini trip to the moon," said Pierson, whose design sensibility is every bit as far out as her vocals.

Open Letter to Sean Hannity — the 10th Iron Dome - A thank you letter
Mr. Hannity, on behalf my grassroots movement, GA-GA for Israel, our members and the 1200+ individuals of both the Christian and Jewish faiths, I would like to extend a profound thank you for your courageous and unrelenting support of the State of Israel. Your recent reporting from the Jewish Homeland was first class–as are you–and it offered a purview of Israel that other journalists rarely dare to show.

Why a radio format that cuts songs to two minutes isn't as stupid as it sounds
QuickHitz cuts songs down to about two minutes, with a hard target of 24 songs — about twice the usual number — during each hour of airtime. Personally to me, it's really stupid and a way for a station to just make more ad revenue.


Did you know BMW recently decided to remove AM radio from its new i3 model electric car?

[SIRIUSXM]Jeff Bridges: The Dude as Zen Master
The Dude is definitely the chillest, but Zen Master? Yes, says Jeff Bridges. At least he has a lot of fun thinking so. Bridges visited the SiriusXM Studios for a Town Hall hosted by Entertainment Weekly Magazine Editor Matt Bean, and inevitably his 1998 cult favorite came up. There is a 4 minute video of this interview on the page.

[PANDORA]Pandora's 'music genome' approach
Mike Herring, Pandora CFO, discusses Pandora Internet radio's music genome project and competition with Apple.

[QUOTE]Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious - Peter Ustinov


[PODCASTS]This week with Marc!
The first weekend Bob ever did stand up, he recorded an album that over the next three years was a national phenomenon that won him 3 Grammy's. This is a great interview.

Jackie Chan Empire Podcast Special from London
40 minutes with the living legend

Dennis Miller talks about his friend Robin Williams

10 years of podcasting: Code, comedy, and patent lawsuits

Jay Mohr Heading to LA Podcast Festival
I would love to go to this but it's at Sofitel Los Angeles in Beverly Hills hotel and costs $100, parking is probably $20 and a coffee is $10. Oh well, I think I'll pass.

Leo Laporte in Mad Magazine thanks to Dick De Bartolo!


[STREAMING]TuneIn Radio Gets New Now Playing Experience, Echo Screen Changes, Other Improvements

[AUDIOBOOKS]The Audio Publishers Association reports that the audiobook segment of the $27 billion books industry continues to grow.

The first audiobooks were invented for blind Americans in the 1930s

[LA PHOTO]Wow Amazing new architecture for LA!
The newest architectural solution for the Emerson College in Los Angeles is located at the popular Sunset Boulevard and is the incredible artwork of the architect Thom Mayne of Morphosis. More must see photos at the link.


[TECH]The Skully Smart Motorcycle Helmet Sharpens Your Senses On The Road
Using an elaborate network of sensors, microprocessors, and a camera, the AR-1 is able to deliver a Heads Up Display, with turn-by-turn GPS navigation, with information appearing approximately ten feet in front of the rider.

Google backs $300 million cable project to lay 5,000 miles of superfast broadband across the Pacific Ocean to Japan.

Google launches tool to help users plan for digital afterlife
Inactive Account Manager offers option of giving 'trusted contacts' right to delete data and pictures

[ON THIS DAY]1939 – The Wizard of Oz premieres at Grauman's Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, California.

[CLASSIC RADIO]Zenith Model 5-R-312 Bakelite Table Radio (1939)
The 5-tube Zenith model 5-R-312 (5R312) was introduced in the second half of 1938 ready for the 1939 season, at a price of $19.95. Today, this is often referred to as the "Zenith Beehive"From

[PARTING SHOT]I grew up watching Robin on the Mork and Mindy TV show and his appearances on the Tonight Show and his great films. That TV show was huge and nobody knew who this guy was, but man he made a huge splash onto the scene. He had a comedy album called "Reality, What a Concept" that was fantastic. He made a huge mark and he will be missed. This is a very frank and uncensored interview. Robin seems open and relaxed, it's very revealing. From 2010.

WTF Podcast
Remembering Robin Williams

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