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The reason there are two senators for each state is so that one can be the designated driver - Jay Leno

[COMMENT]This week Talk Radio reigns at the center of truth and clarity when it comes to Israel and Gaza. All the shows that I listen to got it right and see things clearly. It's amazing when you have all the information you need to understand a situation, how it makes things clear. How is it that Israel can be made out to be the bad guy is beyond me. They defend themselves because they are being attacked and Hamas uses women and children as human shields. I'm just a regular guy in my car in California and I get it. 


Well here we go again. Don Barrett at reported this week that once again readers at The Daily News voted Bill Handel the best morning radio show. That's got to sting Doug McIntyre who writes a column at The Daily News. And once again I'm astounded. It's not a good show and it's not funny! It just isn't. I think the problem here is that KABC does very little advertising. I think Handel has a TV hit and McIntyre does not. I just don't think enough people in town know about the great show that Doug and T-Rae and Randy do. And the great edition of Bryan Suits. I bet if you asked people on the street if they ever heard of KABC radio it would be very thin. AM radio is like Black and White TV to people. When you look at the ratings it shows mostly people listening to music, young people. The other big audience is Spanish language. It's really a shame because in my mind the big three in town are KABC, KRLA and KFI, and now the new AM 1150 KIEB and they have a lot of content (between the commercials, traffic and news ;). I hardly listen to KFI anymore. All the best shows are at KIEB, KABC and KRLA in my opinion. KFI is sliding into bad, boring or old shows that I have no interest in. Even John and Ken....old and stale. We are talking KFI in 12th, KABC 38th and KRLA 39th in the ratings. It may one day improve or just go away. 


Mitt Romney was on with Sean Hannity this week. It was great to hear his voice. Even after years he still sounds the same. The same forceful and confident person. And of course he still sticks to what he argued in the debates and would have done things a lot different than this President. To imagine how things could have been is just sad, what a lost opportunity. 

This week Mark Levin talked about his Landmark Legal Foundation suing the EPA for.....wait for it.....destroying records. Mark for some reason doesn't get much credit for suing and winning against the IRS for targeting conservative organizations. But he has done it again and this will be a big story. 

From the Washington Free Beacon
Mark Levin Sues EPA for Destroying Emails on Regulation Delays
Levin: 'The EPA is a toxic waste dump for lawlessness and disdain for the Constitution'

[RADIO]I would never normally post a link to Bill Handel and his show as you have just read, but he had Weird Al Yankovic on Thursday for an hour. It's a really interesting interview. I love Al and it's great to see him back at it. I guess his new stuff is a huge hit. 
Success From Parody -- Weird Al Yankovic 8am (7/24)

The Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings announced a new radio deal with Cumulus' KABC (790-AM) Radio. The L.A. Times reports the agreement is a five-year deal and the Kings will be the only sports property on the station. Longtime team broadcasters Nick Nickson and Daryl Evans will continue to call the games. Kings president of business operations Luc Robitaille said "We are thrilled to partner with Cumulus and TalkRadio 790 KABC. They are a strong and visible media and broadcasting brand in our community, and they have a great overall reputation as a business and in the radio industry in particular."

I remember back in the 80's having baseball interrupt and preempt Michael Jacksons' show, it was horrible. The radio station is doing this for money. All week long they have been saying "We are soo proud and happy" bla bla bla. KABC is a talk radio station the last time I checked. The listeners that want to hear their shows get to hear sports instead. Who wants that? And who is this rare animal that wants to hear a Hockey game on the radio, I mean seriously (tongue between teeth.)

Maybe KABC should change their format. You know in the UK there is a station called Talk Sport. For many years there has been rumblings about mixing talk radio with sports talk. I say go for it. This culture is soo wound up with the cult of sports they just may have something. LOL I won't be listening to it, but hey knock yourself out.

All this week KABC is hyping this new programming change like it's a huge celebration. I'm sure when Larry Elder or Mark Levin are preempted it's listeners will be pushing back in a big way. One way to start early if your a Mark Levin fan like me is to download the Mark Levin App!

Here is something that I love that KABC does. They post audio of great segments.
Mariette Hartley Remembers James Garner from Mondays McIntyre in the Morning show.

Howard Stern Gives Impassioned Defense of Israel
"If you’re anti-Israel, then you’re anti-America. It’s the only democracy over there, it’s the only friend we have who’s willing to fight and stand up for what’s right."

This week Dennis Prager was talking about a video on Prager University that has gone viral with way over 2 million hits. It's a simple explanation of what is going on in Israel. A must see, it's only 5 minutes and it's free!

What a concept. This is from a Radio trade magazine called Radio Ink.
Buzz Knight is the Vice President of Program Development for Greater Media

Interesting, from Public Radio's Marketplace.
Turning a new leaf can prove elusive in tobacco-built South

Apple CarPlay - TBA
After months of hype, Apple has officially partnered with more than a dozen automakers to bring CarPlay on the road this summer. The innovative iOS system includes some of Apple’s best features (maps, phone calls, text messaging), all installed in the vehicle’s built-in display, and silken-voiced Siri will help drivers keep eyes on the road and hands on the wheel at all times. Road trips—and daily commutes, for that matter—will never be the same.

CEO Brian McAndrews threw out some impressive listener stats during the conference call Thursday night. Pandora has 76.4 million active users, 250 million registered users, and over 6 billion stations have been created. Pandora has 7 million unique users through its native automotive integration, listening for about six hours per month (outside the car listeners averaged 21 hours in June) and total listener hours grew 29 percent year-over-year, to 5.04 billion. The cost for all of that listening, what Pandora calls content acquisition costs, was $111.5 million for the quarter.

[THUMBS DOWN]Windsor Johnston on NPR just said that James Gardener died. You're on the radio! Good god!

[SIRIUSXM]Tom Petty Radio Returns to SiriusXM
Limited-run channel to air a "Town Hall" special featuring Petty answering questions from fansTom Petty Radio to feature music spanning Petty's entire career, including his new album with The Heartbreakers, "Hypnotic Eye"

[QUOTE]Rockford Quote
Jim: Would you knock off that "Rockfish" stuff? The name is RockFORD!
Gandy: OK, Rockfish



Woody Allen's First Podcast: 7 Revelations From 'Magic in the Moonlight' Director with Josh Horowitz

The Guardian in the UK writes about this podcast

No matter what you think of Woody Allen, he has made some great films and is a huge creative force. I was curious to hear this interview because he does no interviews normally, no Radio or TV and no print. Not really even sure why he did this. It's only a half hour but there are some interesting insights and to hear his voice again is just weird. It's the same old Woody. 

***This is an outstanding interview, don't miss it. 
Leonard Maltin on with Marc Maron on the WTF Podcast
A lot of things in Leonard Maltin’s life were unexpected. He never expected to become a ubiquitous American film critic. He didn’t expect to be entrenched in show business after spending his formative years revering it. And he definitely didn’t expect to become a comedy podcast legend. Leonard and Marc talk about how these unlikely things came to be.

On Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast #8: Butch Patrick
Child actor Butch Patrick was barely 11 years old when he was asked to screen test for a CBS "family sitcom" and within hours, his life was forever changed. To mark the 50th Anniversary of the debut of one of TV's strangest (and most enduring) shows, "The Munsters," Gilbert rings up Eddie Munster himself to find out how he first landed the part way back in 1964, why the original Marilyn was replaced and if he still has his old "Woof Woof" doll. Also, Butch speaks with surprising candor about overcoming his various demons of booze, drugs and typecasting and tells us where "Lidsville" creators Sid & Marty Krofft found their own "inspiration." All this, plus memories of Chuck Jones, Mel Blanc, Charles Nelson Reilly, Paul Lynde and more!


[AUDIOBOOKS]Bronson Pinchot has read 100 audiobooks, wow I didn't know that. 
This Is the Best 5,453-Word Interview With Bronson Pinchot About Audiobooks You Will Ever Read
By Jeff VanderMeer

[LA PHOTO]Construction of the 101 through Hollywood in 1953. You can see the Castle Argyle and the Hollywood Tower among the buildings. Source: Life Magazine — with Dario Witer.


[TECH]This is the first full week I have used Windows 8.1, I like it. I don't think the Metro interface is at all "done". I have heard that Windows 9 comes out in the next year and will "Window" those metro apps. One thing it does very well is let you use multiple monitors. I have two and the mouse goes back and forth to each screen space effortlessly. This allows multiple browser pages to be viewed. I feel like I work at NASA or something. I never thought I would have such a great setup in my life.

Ryan Block and Veronica Belmont's Comcast Call: This Week in Google 258
Writer Veronica Belmont and comcast her husband Ryan Block, called Comcast last week to disconnect their comcast service. The couple planned to switch to another cable and Internet provider, but the customer service representative who handled their call had no intention of letting them do so.

Sony's Walkman Makes Comeback
New $700 Device Is Aimed at Upscale Users

[ON THIS DAY]1933 - The first broadcast of "The Romance of Helen Trent" was heard on radio. The Romance of Helen Trent was a radio soap opera which aired on CBS from 1933 to 1960 for a total of 7,222 episodes. The show was created by Frank and Anne Hummert, who were among the most prolific producers during the radio soap era.

Ever heard of this? Neither have I. Amazing all the radio that has come before. That many episodes is incredible. At this link you can hear kind of a cheesy soap opera but interesting to hear and to imagine a housewife sitting and listening to this with wrapped attention. You gotta hear just a couple minutes of it.

Also on this date:
1935 - NBC radio debuted "G-men." The show was later renamed "Gangbusters."

[CLASSIC RADIO]Panasonic RC-6025 radio which awoke Bill Murray every morning, on the same morning in the movie Groundhog Day.

I think it's completely amazing how people can push their own agenda and ignore logic and facts. And in the case of Israel, people are dying. Shameful.
9 Things You Need To Know About Hamas — Straight From Its Charter

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Friday, July 18, 2014

The scientific man does not aim at an immediate result. He does not expect that his advanced ideas will be readily taken up. His work is like that of the planter - for the future. His duty is to lay the foundation for those who are to come, and point the way - Nikola Tesla

[COMMENT]This last week I bought a brand new beautiful radio. Well it's also a camera and a phone and game console and a flashlight and a way to choose a restaurant and it gives me driving directions and I can make a hotel reservation with it. I can also buy stuff with it, shoot a short film, record a speech. Watch movies and TV shows, listen to radio shows and podcasts. I can take notes, see what the temperature is, listen to an audiobook, put appointments on a calendar. Look at photos, read magazines and books. Get recipes. Talk to my wife........The Pure Google Experience, The Nexus 5.

I've been saying for a while that this small device will be your new radio and mobile computer and also your desktop computer. I think one day very soon you will come home, put down your keys and wallet. Put down your phone next to a monitor, keyboard and mouse. This will automatically sync with your phone. The mobile cell phone/computer will be everything you need.


Lot's of talk this week about water restrictions and this horrible drought that was created by our lovely politicians here in California. I have an idea that could save millions of gallons and it's simple. First build more reservoirs, duh. But here is my idea. Suggest that all sinks in public bathrooms turn their valves down to half, just reach down there and turn it. I'm in lots of public bathrooms and the water does not need to be turned on that high! I get sprayed all the time just washing my hands. Then for an extra, make little plastic buttons that say "We are saving water for California, we turned down the valve". The people responsible for the sink would purchase these buttons at no cost to California. This simple fix would save millions of gallons of water the first week! Bathroom and kitchen sink faucets account for 16% of the water used in an average home and we are talking about a whole lot more with public facilities. 

[RADIO]Talk Radio’s Ratings Disaster – Why Nothing Changes
by Darryl Parks
Showing a picture of the Titanic going down, former Clear Channel Executive Daryl Parks offers up his candid opinion on why he believes the Talk Radio format is disintegrating before our very eyes.

Mark Levin said this week his show is the biggest thing on WABC in New York and KSFO in San Francisco. Great new ratings. 

Doug McIntyre came back from vacation this week and was in good form and was talking about a new KABC app. I usually don't use radio station apps but I thought I would check it out. I installed it and it looks pretty dang good. The live stream comes right up. There is a section for podcasts and shows all the other links to twitter and facebook. Not bad guys.

The Ryan Seacrest co-host tells channel 4 in Los Angeles the vacation she was on with her son Calvin and husband Roy Laughlin started out perfect. Then, it turned into a nightmare when they attended a show at Tower of David. "The sirens start to go and frantic ushers are screaming to us to get out to go into a bomb shelter. I really thought we weren't going to make it out. It was so frightening." She says the military is running the airport in Tel Aviv where they had to run to the bomb shelter three times. The family did eventually get on a flight and make it home and Ellen K is back to work on KIIS-FM.

From Fresh Air, book review.
'Mockingbird Next Door': A Genteel Peek Into Harper Lee's Quiet Life

Historians Mine 400 Years Of Crime Data At The Old Bailey
The largest body of recorded human speech in existence comes from The Proceedings of the Old Bailey - London's oldest court.
We're talking 400 years of court records - 137 million words.

'Weird Al' Yankovic On Parody In The Age Of YouTube (new music just released Al talks about in this new interview)

Greg Proops sitting in one day for Conway this week. He should have a regular show, he has a great voice and is very articulate and funny.

Dennis Prager has a new 5 minute video about Israel narrated by Alan Dershowitz

[SIRIUSXM]SiriusXM to Launch "Reefer Radio"

[QUOTE]"What we need is a Levin-A-Thon" - Mark Levin

[TWEET]Richard Lewis ‏@TheRichardLewis
If all the extremists disappeared and every person was fed and had a home and medicine etc. contentment would last a few seconds.

[PODCASTS]Podcast consumption rises by 25%

Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast #7: Robert Osborne


[AUDIOBOOKS]Amazon Tests ‘Kindle Unlimited,’ A Netflix For Ebooks And Audiobooks
Amazon might give readers something to get really excited about: A digital ebook and audiobook subscription service that provides Kindle users with all the content they can consume from a potential library of over 600,000 titles for just $9.99 per month.


Tallest Building West of the Mississippi Is Getting an Observation Deck


[TECH]Why Apple Bought $578M Worth Of Sapphire In Advance
Sapphire is superior to glass, even Corning’s Gorilla Glass material, in several ways.

[ON THIS DAY]Apollo 11 - with its now legendary crew of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins - launched atop a massive Saturn V rocket from Florida's Kennedy Space Center on July 16, 1969. It was not a comfortable ride.


[PARTING SHOT]On her method:
"I don't know what the hell I'm doing up there half the time. These performers that go on about their technique and craft – oh, puleeze! How boring! I don't know what technique means. But I do know what experience is. I know in my gut when I've done a scene right."

 - Elaine Stritch 1925 – 2014

An interview from NPR from March

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Friday, July 11, 2014

There are two potential violators of man’s rights: the criminals and the government - Ayn Rand

[COMMENT]I read these radio industry pages like Radio Ink and Inside Radio and Talkers. Emmis CEO Jeff Smulyan (Emmis Communications is an American media conglomerate based in Indianapolis, Indiana) writes this column about how radio needs to be cool again. And then touts this new App called NextRadio. It's just like the iHeart Radio app. These execs want us listening to their stations on our smart phones and soon to be installed in cars. The only problem is that nothing in his column says that the content will change. The best way to make radio "cool" again is to change the content. The content that I'm looking for obviously is talk radio. And of course the way they want to do that seems to be to TMZ everything. They are still talking about Donald Sterling and then a guest will be on talking about rockets raining down on Israel. I mean seriously? 

One of the problems that I see often, even at the company I work for is that people in management want changes to be their idea. They want to steer the boat and letting someone outside of their circle make a suggestion or a change is not ever gonna happen. People like me that actually listen to radio all the time could never have valuable opinions (sarcastic). What do we know? I think corporate America has a big problem letting people other than themselves take any kind of credit for making things better. This morning drive thing is boring and I'm sure "consultants" insinuate themselves into these companies and then it's baked and wrapped. 

Making radio "cool" would be dropping the format and doing things a lot different. How about a "Clear" format at least for a couple hours a day. No clock, no top of the hour news, no traffic reports. Just a host talking. Embed ads and sell studio naming to some company. Turn it upside down and shake it hard. Ahh by the way Don Barratt posted June ratings. KIEB who broadcasts Rush is in 36th place. KABC is in 39th place and on the bottom KRLA. Pathetic. No wonder Brian Whitman calls in sick every week. Something needs to change, obviously.

I heard a promo by Bryan Suits on KABC that said that Leo Terrell is sitting in for him while he sits in for the vacationing Doug McIntyre. I don't want to listen to Leo. Leo is not anything like these other hosts. KABC has been trying to push this guy on us listeners for years. I just don't get it. I don't like the guy. Although it is very entertaining to hear Larry Elder and him fight. 

I turn on KFI on Tuesday and sitting in for Tim Conway Jr. is Michael Reagan. I just happened to turn it on, its not a thing I do often. I'm not a fan of Tim's show. Michael Reagan did talk radio for a long time. Refreshing to hear him on the air. I think Tim should go listen to this show, he might learn something.

Colin Quinn with Nick DiPaolo sitting in for Dennis Miller. Dennis returned this week after a couple weeks off. These two guys are really good together. I guess they have been friends for a long time. Nick has a great voice and should have his own show. Dennis mentioned that he tried to get him a show and was surprised that he doesn't have one yet. 

Lauren Sivan at KABC was doing the show with Bryan Suits this week. Not really sure why she is working in radio, she's not the usual face for radio, she's beautiful. I like her and I think she does a competent job. I wonder what KABC is thinking, will she be a future host? She is a Fox News employee. KABC is not explaining.  

[RADIO]This week Joe Crummey sat in for Bryan Suits who was sitting in for Doug McIntyre. He posted this on his facebook page: Here I am sitting at KABC Master Control. It always amazes me they let me sit here. Steve Binder came back in and shooed me away asap!

It's strange, every time I see a photo of Joe I find it weird that that voice comes out of that face. Joe as been around soo long. He was at KFI (The evil station) then at KABC. He's currently at WABC in New York in the morning. And at a station in Arizona for a long time. He's undoubtedly an unsung broadcast radio vet. For people who know Joe well you will know what this means: Joe Joe Joe Crummey!

NPR And APM Encourage Activation Of FM Chips In Cell Phones

Keeping Time By Rubidium At The Naval Observatory (7 minutes)

NPR left two words out of the Declaration of Independence, listeners caught mistake

He's Back!! Be sure to listen to Frazer Smith Sundays from 4PM-8PM.
Three weeks of shows posted.

By Neal Boortz
Who is Neal Boortz?, Hannity talks about him often. Neal A. Boortz, Jr. is an American author, attorney, and former radio host. His nationally syndicated talk show, The Neal Boortz Show, which ended in 2013, was carried throughout the United States. Hannity was raving about this piece he wrote. 

Wayne Resnick and Producer Mystie at KFI, 
Wayne sitting in for Conway. 

Two pretty cool sites that Hugh Hewitt talked about this week for new writers and readers.

Phil Hendrie guest stars on Maron (the TV Show) showing off his radio talents. Gotta see this clip of Phil doing his show.

[SIRIUSXM]Some host got fired and then came back. I don't listen to the show, so.... there you go.

Adam Carolla on Anthony Cumia's Firing: "SiriusXM Has Become The Man"

[QUOTE]Liberty is not collective, it is personal. All liberty is individual. - Calvin Coolidge

[TWEET]Great Old Pictures ‏@GreatOldPics
30 Years Of Cell Phones

[PODCASTS]Gabriel Iglesias interviewed by Marc Maron on

JOSH ROBERT THOMPSON chats with Piotr Michael from about growing up in Cleveland, the origins of his character Apostle BG, embracing his impressions, and deleting negativity!
This is just a great interview, a must hear. 

Ricky Gervais and Dennis Miller join Kathie Lee Gifford on her popular podcast, Kathie Lee and Company



I read this book a few years ago and it blew me away. It's the LA River from when Junípero Serra got off a Spanish boat in San Diego and rode a horse to Los Angeles and tells about the present day. It's an amazing book.


[TECH]Future contraceptives will let women remote-control their fertility I'm sorry but I think this is a really bad idea. It takes the man out of the equation.

Just discovering this online show talking tech called the Gilmore Group. I know a couple of the people on the show like Robert Scoble and Kevin Marks. Both these guys are on with Leo Laporte often.

The Youtube page:

[ON THIS DAY]July 7, 1949 - "Dragnet" was first heard on NBC radio.

[CLASSIC RADIO]Emerson: 888 Pioneer
Turquoise Emerson 888 Pioneer Transistor Radio, 1958. Plastic, eight transistors, upper front round dial knob, large lower metal perforated grill area with V-shaped top, with a crisscross design and lower right G clef logo. Beautiful color with swing handle, made in USA. Excellent condition, no chips or cracks. Has leather case. Plays beautifully. From

[PARTING SHOT]The Best Documentary About Los Angeles You've Never Seen Is Finally Coming Out On DVD

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