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"It was a splendid summer morning and it seemed as if nothing could go wrong" - John Cheever

[COMMENT]Dick Cheney was on with Hugh Hewitt this week for an hour. Hugh replayed it in the third hour. He does this a lot. I think Hugh really only wants a two hour show. During the Cheney interview Hugh asked if he thinks we will be hit by terrorists again. Undoubtedly he said. That was scary and depressing to say the least. After the interview at 5 o'clock Hugh starts talking about the Cleveland Cavaliers. Hugh has a shtick where he just dives in and starts talking about sports in sort of a jabbing and joking way. I'm sure he thinks it's hilarious. It's unbelievably annoying and after that interview with Cheney it was just inappropriate as hell. I don't listen to Hugh for jokes or sport quips. I listen because he's serious about what's going on in the world and is a great interviewer. I tweeted him and said if you are going to talk about sports I'll just go listen to Larry Elder.

This town...this country has a cult-like interest in sports. I heard a report about people in mid city LA doing stupid stuff in the street after Mexico won a soccer game. They were flying the Mexican flag. Did anyone tell these people they live in the United States? It's been non stop World Cup this week. Google is even posting World Cup Google Doodles all this month. Just kill me now. I'm reading lots of complaints online about it. I heard Doug McIntyre say that we have a blockbuster story! Labron James is cutting his contract short and moving to another team. Really? Should I care about a millionaire with a bad attitude?

I have never understood this obsession with sports. It's a business with millionaire players, and people just go gaga over this stuff. Who has time? I'm busy, aren't you busy? Who has time or an attention span to sit and watch three hours of a baseball game? Some people have obscure stats about some ball player in 1947, enjoy that if that's your thing. And this completely out of control college sports fanaticism. Aren't you there to learn something? Ahh baboo.

Look, I like sports. I'm just not obsessed with it. I grew up with a 5 foot tall loud Irish mother drinking wine and smoking cigarettes who would take the phone off the hook and watch Viking games on TV. She would get off the couch and yell at the TV. I get it. I love football but I don't care about it to the point where I know Jim Smith from the Dolphins pulled a hammie. Wimbledon is starting. I love watching that. I even watch golf occasionally, I'll be reading the paper at the same time though. Sports, in my opinion should be a mere interest, a passing interest, just entertainment. If you are turning cars over and or crying because your team lost, you might want to walk it back a bit. Sports does not have any impact or have any effect on our lives in an important way. Maybe we could put that energy into protecting our country from people that want to kill us.

[RADIO]Hank Williams' 1950 Radio Performances Released
This website has a built in player where you can hear this very good quality audio (5 minutes)

The great Charlie Tuna posted this on his facebook page: Funny thing about the post of this photo by my youngest son Bryan below, the photo was taken 7 years before Bryan was even born:) And on this 5th anniversary, June 25th, Of Michael Jackson’s Passing...the story behind this picture was a 14 year old Michael with me in 1973, in my Woodland Hills, California Studio, for my first interview with him. Michael came alone that day with no entourage or publicity team, and notice the word “Love” on the front of his T-Shirt. That’s what Michael was all about from the beginning! You can listen to a couple of clips of my interview with Michael that day on my website link

On McIntyre in the Morning this week @Ed_Klein talks to Doug about his new book "Blood Feud" which reveals some tense moments between the Clintons and the Obamas! Are you sure it's not called "Blood Clot"? Anyway here is the audio that Doug generously posted on facebook. Doug is off the week of the 4th!

A new place in Austin just opened.

From The Daily Beast
Right-Wing Radio Fury Over Thad Cochran Win in Mississippi

Were the Conservative Talk Show Hosts Correct? A Talking Points Memo from Bill O'Reilly this week.

In the 5am hour on Tuesday on KFI, Michael Crozier sitting in for Gary Hoffmann had his daughter on the air. Michael has talked about the fact that he is a single dad for years. Sounds like a very well adjusted kid and Mike sounds like a great parent. They talked about what fun stuff they will do during the summer. I can't imagine that his daughter was thrilled about getting up before dawn and driving to KFI. I guess they live an hour east of LA. Mike has been on the air a lot lately. Definition of stamina in radio is staying at a job for years and years until you get your own show, he may be almost there. 

*Anyone notice that KFI changed their tag line to "More Stimulating Talk"? they took out the "Radio"

A 76 year-old AM station jumps to FM.
Sonoma Media Group’s “News Talk 1350” KSRO is the latest AM to make the jump to FM. Owner Lawrence Amaturo last week powered up the new Santa Rosa-licensed translator K276DT at 103.5 FM, putting the station that dates back to 1936 on the FM dial. Sonoma says the simulcast is designed to appeal to younger listeners who can’t be found on AM radio.

Happy Birthday to former KABC newsman Rob Marinko!
He posted this on his facebook page:
Miranda insisted that I have a great time on my birthday. Done. What a terrific wife! — at Red Rock Casino Resort Spa.

Happy Birthday To Chuck Niles who would have been 87 this week. He passed away in 2004. Chuck Niles was a well-known jazz disc jockey who became the only jazz DJ to be on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Niles first gained notoriety on Los Angeles commercial jazz station KNOB-FM in 1957 and then in 1965 moved to KBCA-FM. He was also on KKJZ on the campus of Long Beach State. This man had pipes and class, he's missed.

Pirate Radio Station for $55 Could Help Decentralize Big-Telecom

Time to talk – retirement: Longtime KODI broadcaster spent 50 years in radio

[SIRIUSXM]YouTube, SiriusXM to launch weekly hits countdown show
"Our nationwide audience tunes to SiriusXM Hits 1 as the home of the best pop music and the first place to play new artists and new music. With The YouTube 15, we will take that promise of music discovery even further, delivering songs emerging from YouTube directly into the car and also through the SiriusXM app for smartphones and tablets."

Author Tom North Tells How Transcendental Meditation Was His Saving Grace on SiriusXM Radio Talk Show, "Success Without Stress", with Host Bob Roth

[MUSIC]Heard this tune for the first time this week on Morning Becomes Eclectic on KCRW. A great tune who's subject is LA. It's called "Goodbye Los Angeles"

[QUOTE]"Soccer is a silly sport where people burn things when they lose" - Ben Shapiro

[TWEET]Looks like Bryan Suits really wanted the same glasses as Doug McIntyre has, so he did.

[PODCASTS]Gilbert Gottfried has a great new podcast. He posted a few new shows with people I can't believe he got.

Here are the last three shows that are posted and ready to hear:

Paul Shaffer - Bandleader from Letterman!
Larry Storch - Comedian from F-Troop the TV show
Gianni Russo - He is best known for his role as Carlo Rizzi in The Godfather

It's a lot of laughing on these show, just love it.

The Firecast with Scott Roberts: Firecast Podcast Episode #57 - Meathead Goldwyn of 
(one of the most traffic'd BBQ websites) on the Science of Grilling and Barbecuing.
Part of the Podcast Network

I was about to throw away a copy of the LA Weekly from last week and I was thumbing though it and saw Tom Merritt. Tom used to work for Leo Laporte doing Tech News Today up at the Brick House in Petaluma. His wife got a job with Youtube and they moved down to West LA. Tom was gonna keep doing the show via Skype but something happened and they hired someone else that would do the show in studio. But he bounced back and in the LA Weekly article it shows it may have been the best thing that ever happened to him.

Far From Silicon Valley, a Tech Journalist's Podcast Brings in $11,000 a Month


[AUDIOBOOKS]Listening To Audiobooks While You Do Something Else Is The Ultimate In Multitasking. 
Summer reading list from Forbes Magazine.

[LA PHOTO]Only in LA, a deer in the surf in Malibu


[BOOK]Dennis Prager this week had on author Fred Kaplan talking about his new book 
John Quincy Adams: American Visionary
Fred Kaplan, the acclaimed, award-winning author of Lincoln, returns with John Quincy Adams, an illuminating biography of one of the most overlooked presidents in American history—a leader of sweeping perspective whose progressive values helped shape the course of the nation.

In this fresh and lively biography rich in literary analysis and new historical detail, Fred Kaplan brings into focus the dramatic life of John Quincy Adams—the little known and much misunderstood sixth president of the United States and the first son of John and Abigail Adams—and persuasively demonstrates how Adams's inspiring, progressive vision guided his life and helped shape the course of America. 

[TECH]Using radio signals, Internet start up takes on the cable giants
Using unlicensed radio frequencies, Brough Turner (pictured) is beaming access to the Web around Boston.

[ON THIS DAY]1996 - Charles M. Schulz got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

[CLASSIC RADIO]Emerson Model 520 Catalin Table Radio (1946)
If they made this today I would buy one, just beautiful.

[PARTING SHOT]Nice going Wall Street Journal
World Cup: How to Skip Work to Watch U.S. vs. Germany
Step-by-Step Instructions for Fleeing the Office and Taking in the All-Important Match

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