Friday, June 20, 2014

"I'm using my copy of Hillary's new book for the wonky table with the bad leg" - Mark Steyn

[COMMENT]It's funny how much it takes for people to say OK, this is bad. A lot of people are now saying that Obama is really not doing well... now. A recent poll shows his ratings are as low as they have ever been. People are stubborn. I guess we have to get to a point where there are 8 scandals and people screaming bloody murder and then they start to change their minds. Sean Hannity was saying "I could have told you about him 6 years ago". I heard it then and he's right. I think the President is doing real long lasting damage to our country, and we still have two years left. I hope more and more the people that voted for him will speak up and cool things off. Gotta put some breaks on. Go play more golf and stop working Mr. President, I'm down with that.  

This week was 20 years since OJ drove the Bronco or something and several radio stations decided to spend time talking about this. Who cares? Do you care? Bryan Suits of all people spent time on this. I can choose between his show, Dennis Prager or Rush and he thinks I want to hear that? What is the point? I don't care if I ever hear another thing about OJ in my life. It dominated all of media for years, can we just kick some dirt on it? And you know as soon as OJ does his 9 years in jail and gets out, it will be another feeding frenzy by the media. There is soo much crap happening these days I have to push the frivolous things aside, filter out the junk. I mean I don't just want to hear about Iraq and the IRS scandal and who's gonna run for president. I like hearing humorous stuff and music occasionally. But don't feed me worthless crap. OJ is worthless crap. Bryan Suits would say it's "balloon juice". OK so it's the 20th anniversary, yea......and? I guess it's really easy for radio stations to just not have to do anything and go with an anniversary of some event. Unless you were not born yet and have no idea what happened with OJ, I get that, but those people are not listening to talk radio. Step it up and stay tuned in to what people want to hear guys. Lots of choices out here. "We are gonna talk to Leo Terrell about OJ" is not my idea of a good

Also there is some big story about ratings getting messed up in LA, do you care? Neither do I.

[RADIO]Edison Research Conducts First Ever “Share of Ear” Measurement For All Forms Of Online And Offline Audio
Despite a constantly changing audio landscape, broadcast radio controls more than half of the more than four hours a day that Americans spend with all sources of audio.

What I'll Remember About Casey Kasem
Alison Martino on meeting her favorite DJ—and five unforgettable things about him
6/17/2014 by Alison Martino (of Vintage LA fame)

When Radio In Every Room Was the Dream of the Future
In 1939 Radio-Craft magazine wrote a series of articles promising that they would build a home of the future.

XRAY.FM Will Merge With KZME, Making Progressive Talk Radio Audible in Downtown Portland, with Thom Hartmann and a 10 watt transmitter, wow that's just sad. Remind me not to go to Portland. Thom Hartmann might be the worst talk show host on this planet.

Details Of Astronaut Sally Ride's Personal Life
Linda Wertheimer talks to journalist Lynn Sherr about her friendship with the late Sally Ride. Sherr has written a book, 
Sally Ride: America's First Woman in Space. (7 minutes)

Did you know there is a bass player named Jerry Scheff that played with Elvis Presley and Elvis Costello? He also played on The Doors LA Woman. And his son Jason Scheff, since 1985, has been the bassist and singer for the veteran pop-rock band Chicago (white shirt in back row). Jason was on this week with Dennis Miller and talked about a new album by Chicago called "Now" XXXVII.
They sound great and you can see and hear them play this new tune on the website. 

Podcast one interview with Jason Scheff and Dennis:

40 Years On, Woodward And Bernstein Recall Reporting On Watergate. 7 minutes

ABC News Radio Announces Three, 1-Hour Specials Ahead of 4th of July Weekend

The Talk Radio Effect
Laura Ingraham helped defeat Eric Cantor. Here’s why nobody should have been surprised.
June 17, 2014

Jim Bohannon has stories to tell
Bohannon, who will host his syndicated radio show from Champaign's WDWS studios Tuesday night, is a 35-year broadcast veteran, and he has plenty of stories to tell. Interviews with prize fighters, presidents, nuclear physicists and entertainers, to name a few.

I have heard Jim occasionally late at night on various stations. He's not on in LA as far as I know. It's always great to hear a host that has been around as long as he has. (push no on survey to get article)

And people call me a chronic radio listener.

Jazz radio fixture Leah Tourkow dies at age 91
FORT WAYNE – She was an insomniac who loved taking late-night jazz requests from hospital emergency rooms and bagel factories. So much so, she was a disc jockey on the radio for 63 years. She is one of eight people credited with saving public radio in Fort Wayne in the late 1970s, but her life wasn’t just a voice over the airwaves.

[SIRIUSXM]Stern birthday bash video to stream on Sirius XM.
Sirius XM Radio brought back Howard Stern’s birthday party broadcast this year, attracting a slew of celebrity guests from Jon Bon Jovi and the Black Keys to Jimmy Fallon and David Letterman. Now the satellite broadcaster will video stream for free the 4-hour, Jimmy Kimmel-hosted extravaganza starting June 23 through July.

"Howard Stern's Birthday Bash" viewers will be able to pause, rewind, and jump to favorite performances and share scenes on a variety of mobile devices. "So much happened that night; the skill and artistry of performances; the stories that came out of the audience; even a rare glimpse of me having a good time,” Stern said in a statement. “This video gives you the best view of it all."

[QUOTE]"I didn't hear one second of Casey Kasem" - Doug McIntyre


[AUDIOBOOKS]The great Scott Brick posted this on facebook. 
Happiness...! I'm winging my way to Kansas City to speak at the HEAR Now festival, listening to Pillars of the Earth as I go. A weekend hanging around with people as passionate about the spoken word as I am? Must be what Heaven is like.

[PODCASTS]TWIG with Leo Laporte. This week talking about the cloud and the Amazon Fire phone. 
It's a weekly must hear show if you want to know what's going on in tech. Also Google to announce Auto Link car system at Google I/O. G Watch and a lot more.


[LA PHOTO]Downtown in 1958 looking north.


5 radio spots recorded in 1974 when Lennon guest-DJ'ed for WKHJ in Los Angeles

[TECH]Google to Buy Skybox Imaging for $500 Million
Google agreed on Tuesday to buy Skybox Imaging, a provider of high-quality satellite images, for $500 million, as the technology giant continues to work on fulfilling its lofty ambitions for its Internet offerings.

Amazon's new fire phone

[ON THIS DAY]June 14, 1922 - Warren G. Harding became the first U.S. president to be heard on radio. The event was the dedication of the Francis Scott Key Memorial at Fort McHenry.

[CLASSIC RADIO]Ad from 1956

[PARTING SHOT]Sad to hear the news this morning. I enjoyed sharing the same space on the radio with Casey Kasem.
Our friendly competition lead to years of friendship and respect. We will all miss his style, his voice, and his ability to communicate. 
Casey was an original who can’t be replaced.
-Rick Dees

Late addition: Veteran radio personality Larry Elder will receive a plaque in the radio category on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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