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We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak - Epictetus

[COMMENT]Hugh Hewitt said this week that he is committed to giving his audience the best coverage of the upcoming hearings on Benghazi. David Drucker from the Washington Examiner was on with Hugh this week and said that the hearings probably will start the second week in July. Hugh said everyday he will get the best audio and chop it up and play it on the show and get anyone and everyone including Trey Goudy on to talk about it. There is something about hearings in Washington that is fascinating to me. Back in the late 80's I heard every second of the Iran/Contra hearings and loved it. Nothing like hearing Oliver North talk about his next trip to Disneyland! Back then Pacifica Radio did Gavel to Gavel coverage, and did a great job. But now that this will be Republicans going after Democrats they probably will not cover it, really not sure. I heard that C-Span will cover it. In hearings like this you can hear a skilled lawyer go through complex scenarios and question logic and decisions that people made over many hours. There is nothing like it.

The Iran-Contra hearings -- 40 days and 28 witnesses. We heard names, and saw faces, such as Secord, Hakim, Poindexter, McFarlane and, of course, North -- Oliver North, USMC.

For entire days you hear people talking about their jobs, where they were, what they were doing in excruciating detail. You will not hear anything like this anywhere else. That might sound boring to some, but knowing what could be coming, I can't wait. And it's important. I hope they get to the bottom of this horrible event. The families deserve to know and the American people deserve to know, so it never happens again. People need to be made accountable.

[RADIO]NPR's Scott Simon received the Charles Osgood Lifetime Achievement Award Thursday. Scott said on his Twitter account: "I receive this award after a professional lifetime of working w/ great producers, editors, engineers--and guests! Thank you all."

I have always enjoyed Scott who does Weekend Edition. Great pipes, classy, and a wonderful sense of humor. A well deserved award. 

Studs Terkels' reel-to-reel tapes from 98.7 WFMT were moved from the station to the Chicago History Museum in 1998 and then to the Library of Congress in 2011, and now, these tapes will start to go public in 2014 the Studs Terkel Radio Archive, via a free streaming website:

An article about this in the Huffing and Puffington Post.

Drinking from the garden hose is what you do when you have three hours to talk on radio.
A brave and wonderful thing Hugh Hewitt did this week, he did a long form interview with C-Span's Brian Lamb, 3 hours worth. Talking about how C-Span started and the people he has interviewed on his show Q&A. And talking about his new book Sunday's at 8. I have not seen this show, but I will now. Really a great interview and to have soo much time to just wallow in all information and great stories is really great radio. 

'We are the Network where you watch paint dry" - Brain Lamb

Here is an interview on Q&A with Christopher Hitchens
Christopher Hitchens was interviewed in his home about his life and work following a diagnosis of esophageal cancer.

Ben Hoberman, Talk Radio Pioneer, Dead At 93, credited with the launch of the talk format, which he installed at KABC on August 1, 1960
Photo with Ronald Reagan from Radio Ink

Amazing numbers. 40 million Hispanics listen to the radio every week.
Over 93 percent of all Hispanics in the U.S. are reached by radio every week.

My first radio job by Ken Levine
Ken is an Emmy winning writer/director/producer/major league baseball announcer in Los Angeles

From NPR's Weekend Edition
'24' Returns To Live Another Action-Packed Day. 7 minutes

This American Life. Marc Maron on to talk about his days high. “I Was So High” stories from listeners.

Rob Schneider Tells Chris Stigall: We Are Sliding Very Fast Towards Fascism
PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Chris Stigall spoke with comedian Rob Schneider on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT

An interesting story from NPR's All Things Considered.
Want A Shot At $10,000? Solve Kentucky's Great Bourbon Mystery, Pappy Van Winkle. 4 minutes
by Noah Adams

Talk radio's Limbaugh sends $15,000, and thousands more in books to Hawkins Elementary School in Tennessee.

From NPR's All Things Considered
Sonny Rollins: 'You Can't Think And Play At The Same Time'. 11 minutes.

Larry Elder was on Alex Jones this week. Audio starts at 1:07 into program.

This author was on with Dennis Miller talking about that weekend in Iceland. Sounds like a great book.

Frazer Smith of KLOS fame is getting his job back. Talk about longevity.
He posted this on his facebook page: Hey's official-I'm going back on 95.5 KLOS Sundays 4-8pm..yup, starting 5/25 it's the Return of The Party Animal!

KPCC Buys Ventura FM for $800,000

[QUOTE]"Animals were hurt during this show. We caught some Delta Smelt and ate them" - Dennis Prager


The NSA sent a mysterious coded tweet. Here’s the decrypted message.


I was listening to TWIG with Leo Laporte, Gina Trapani and Jeff Jarvis and got some cool info.

Google Camera update reintroduces image capture while recording video

A new show on the TWIT Network called RedditUp, it's all about Reddit, don't know what that is, go watch and find out.
Discussion software is a fundamental building block of web community.

The Digits Blog from the Wall Street Journal

Pocket Casts, a $3.99 app for iOS and Android that many tech people use to keep up with the latest podcasts.


[LA PHOTO]75 years old. May 4, 1939: Union Station opened. Just a stunningly beautiful building.


[TECH]TuneIn released its redesigned platform and user interface.
The new TuneIn will launch with hundreds of content partners, such as CNN, CBS Radio, ESPN Radio, The Wall Street Journal, NPR, Slate, The Weather Channel, Complex Media, and Lexus.

New cassette tape could hold 47 million songs

[ON THIS DAY]On May 8, 1864, the Senate passed the 13th amendment to abolish slavery

[CLASSIC RADIO]Back to basics, yep it's cardboard. Might be for fanatic recyclers. This is an FM radio with MP3 input capabilities. It has a retractable aerial and is outfitted with a 9w speaker. It's $39.99

[PARTING SHOT]Larry Elder had UCLA Professor Tim Groseclose on to talk about his new book "Cheating, An insiders report on the use of race in admissions at UCLA". Larry wrote the forward. He works for UCLA and is calling them out on this, I would imagine you will be hearing a lot about this book.

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