Friday, May 2, 2014

My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over - Gerald Ford

[COMMENT]This week Talk Radio and the media embarrassed itself in a huge way. Lately Talk Radio has become the equivalent of MSNBC. Talk Radio's Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is Donald Sterling. A girlfriend of the owner of the Clippers gave TMZ a tape of a private conversation (which is illegal if only one party knew about it) and it's all Talk Radio and the media can talk about.
I know it's red meat for talk radio, but it's way way over the top. I know radio stations say, we have to cover it, its a huge local story, well no you don't, you want to. What happened to a good host and an interesting show? Now it's all about chasing the headlines? Everybody thinks they have to cover it and what you end up with is every host and every station talking about nothing but that story. This is not why I listen to radio. Meanwhile there is real news in the world you could cover, the world is on fire. Dennis Prager said that the Sterling story is not worth 10 minutes of airtime. Rush said that at some point we are going to have to move on.
Tuesday after Sterling was banned Michael Medved started his show with, My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over. This whole story is a joke. I wasn't going to listen to anything Monday but I ended up turning on the radio to see who was doing what. Larry Elder and Dennis Prager had the clearest minds on this. Larry doesn't believe the guy is a racist, that's saying something. I'm not convinced that this guy did anything wrong, but now he's lost the team and the NBA wants to force him to sell the team. Who cares! This gives me a different perspective on local radio and what they are willing to go to. If one host would have come out and said we are not going to talk about this, and now here is John Bolton to react to what John Kerry said. If just one host did that I would have been relieved. Talk know...stuff that matters! It's been a week of over the top hysteria of coverage. I tuned over to KABC several times just to see what was happening. I think Leo Terrell was on the air at least 8 times, I'm not exaggerating, and that was only Tuesday! Who cares!
35 people died in tornado's this week, John Kerry is an anti-semite, Toyota has left California, and a mayor in the Ukraine was shot and there are American troops on the ground, and gas is almost $5. And now we know the President covered up Benghazi! As the week went on I heard some shows covering other things, but then right back to Sterling. Talking incessantly about Donald Sterling is crap content. If this is what Talk Radio is now, it's all but worthless. It's a grab for ratings. We don't have time for this foolishness. Our country is in deep doo doo. Buy a friggen clue Talk Radio. It's the TMZ-ing of Talk Radio, I'm out.

We are being taken for a ride on this story - Rush

"I would like to ask this NBA commissioner, will everyone employed in the NBA be monitored for comments that are homophobic or racist or hateful?, will they be monitored in their homes and on the phone? and if found out, will they be banned for life? - Mark Levin

But now that he’s gone, I’m wondering who else among us has said things in the privacy of our homes that would get us in trouble if somebody recorded them and made our remarks public. - Bernie Goldberg


A brilliant speech by Mark Levin at the NRA convention.
Just pointing out that believing in the basics of the constitution and our founders is not extreme. He also said that being at the convention is being in the safest place in the world.

A quality host and a funny guy Wayne Resnick and his crew. Cool photo. Croizer easy on the Snicker bars, what's with the shorts baboo?

KNX Wins Two AP Awards
Congratulations to CBS' KNX NEWSRADIO which just won two Associated Press Television-Radio Awards for excellence in broadcast journalism for 2013. The awards were for best news broadcast for the KNX Morning News and the Bill Stout Award for Station Spot News was for the "LAX Shooting." KNX is Southern California’s only all-news station. Earlier this month KNX celebrated its 46th year in the format.

The great Mark Simone who is in New York sits in for hosts occasionally does an interview with Lewis Black.

Philip Bailey On Braving The Elements Of Earth, Wind And Fire [Interview] about his new book on a Seattle radio station. 
And his book

[MUSIC]I don't normally post music but I just happened on this tune while driving around this week. It's a brand new tune by David Grey and it's wonderful.

[QUOTE]We live in a world of colossal idiocy - Dennis Prager

All barcode tattoos ring up as ranch dressing. Every single one of them.


[LA PHOTO]Dennis Hopper took this portrait of pop artist Edward Ruscha in 1964.

Dennis Hopper's 'The Last Movie' Shown in Rare Public Screening at Paris Photo Los Angeles


[TECH]This might be your new radio. This is Amazon's new smartphone.

[ON THIS DAY]1932 - Jack Benny's first radio show debuted on NBC Radio.
Here is audio from that program on youtube! 3 minutes

[CLASSIC RADIO]1932 Apex Cathedral Tube Radio

[PARTING SHOT]Two weeks to get this film fully funded to 2.1 million Dollars. Please help get this movie made.

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