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Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company - George Washington

[COMMENT]So it's been two weeks with almost all of the hosts talking about nothing but Donald Sterling, still. The host that has talked about it least is Hugh Hewitt. Thankfully he talks about important issues, but slides into it occasionally and briefly, thankfully. I don't know if Bill Handel, Doug McIntyre and Byran Suits, John and Gillian and Larry Elder, John and Ken, Ben, Brian and Elisha, Sean Hannity, Rush, Michael Medved and whoever else are trying to attract younger listeners or what? Does anyone who watches TMZ going to tune into 2 weeks of non stop talk about a basketball team owner? It's just nonsensical. I even heard a show talking about JZ the singer. New ratings just in from says KFI had it lowest ratings in recent memory, KABC is flat, KRLA is not anywhere to be found. Are they all trying to jump start their crappy ratings? I would say buy a clue about your programming and get an original idea because what your serving up is just not worthy of my ear holes.

Meanwhile I tuned over to hear Hugh Hewitt Wednesday, a show where you can hear some substance. He had on Steven Pressfield. He wrote a book about the history of Israel and the 6 day war in 1967 called The Lion's Gate. Hugh said that he has not been this impressed with a book for about 9 years since The Looming Tower came out. Hugh went out on a limb again and interviewed Steven Pressfield for the entire 3 hours of his show. And it was amazing and compelling. I will always choose radio content of quality.

Steven Pressfield
The Lion's Gate

[RADIO]Michael Medved had a friend of his on the air named Lloyd. Lloyd has a son that is a 5th grader. He went to school one day and they had a guest. His name is David Gordon and he is a bug chef. He cooked meal worms, crickets and a scorpion and served them up for the kids and Lloyd asked his son if he sampled some of the bugs? He said 'Of course, we all did". Lloyd was not informed that this was going to take place at his son's school and emailed the principal. A short apology from the principal was sent. Turns out Chef Gordon also taught the kids about global environmental sustainability. Which is code for we want you children not to eat beef and chicken when you grow up. Left wing indoctrination if you ask me.

25 years later: Man who exposed Area 51, that first interview with Bob Lazar by George Knapp. He was also on Art Bell a few times. One of the most believable guests about UFO's and Area 51 I have ever heard. 
Tuesday marked the last time on air for a beloved radio host.
Since 1959, the Dottie Ray Show has aired weekdays from 8:45-9 a.m. Dottie Ray, a 91-year-old Iowa City resident, informed her listeners about local organizations, artists, and events. Ray has interviewed thousands of guests — and left her mark on them all.
Audio from her show last year:

From Radio Ink, Hannity says he's not getting credit for his huge audience that is using the internet to hear his show.

Larry Elder had author Joy Brighton to talk about her book Sharia-Ism-Is-Here

KFI's Terry Anzur in Pakistan: Joyful evening in Karachi to celebrate the bonds between Pakistani and American journalists. We left with more gifts than we could carry and memories that will last a lifetime. It has something to do with “The Image of the female Journalists in Pakistan and the World” conducted by U.S. broadcast journalists Terry Anzur and Linda Roth at the Residence of the US Consul General.

Terry posted on her facbook page: Celebrated mother's day in Karachi with my son, Andrew, who is here on a grant from the University of Vienna. We're a long way from home!

Johnny Donovan and Listeners Choice (a music program) ended on Mothers Day in 1982, WABC was flipping to a talk format. Johnny does the "It's open Line Friday!" announcement on the Rush Limbaugh show. I always wonder who the announcers are on shows and Rush just happen to mention it in passing. Glad he did. It puts a face to the voice. This video clip is about 5 minutes, pretty cool.

I heard this on the radio this week. Sriracha is the name of the boat that brought David Tran to freedom in the United States. This guy needs to be celebrated.

Heidi Harris Launches Daily Talk Show On KBET/Las Vegas
I still think that KRLA made a mistake letting Heidi go, I think she would be great on the morning answer. Not to dis Elisha Kruse, but I liked Heidi and still don't understand why they let her go. I was tweeting back and forth with Heidi on Wednesday, he Mother lives right by where the fire in Northern San Diego County was burning this week. They packed up for Coronado, good choice.

[SIRIUSXM]The family drama of Casey Kasem is heart wrenching. His daughter Kerri has been on several shows this last week talking about the fact that they don't know where he is and that he is very ill. Hope this gets resolved soon. Thursday he had been found in Washington State on "vacation" with his wife. 
You can still hear the Archived American Top 40 shows on SiriusXM.
Casey Kasem's American Top 40 Saturdays 12 pm ET
Rebroadcasts Sundays 9 am, Mondays 12 am ET

[QUOTE]'I've been trying to give people french fries for rent, but they won't take it" - Leo Laporte

Woke up for morning radio. Did it. Now, just awake and ready to talk fast.

[PODCASTS]John Slattery who plays Roger Sterling on Mad Men on the Adam Carolla Podcast and oh nothing Kevin Nealon too.

Also John Slattery makes his debut as a film director in “God’s Pocket,” a dark period comedy set in Philadelphia starring the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman and John Turturro.
There’s more to John Slattery than Roger Sterling, Boston Globe article.

He's one of the best things about Mad Men, he's an amazing actor and his character is just one of kind.


[AUDIOBOOKS]Did you know that there are comic book audiobooks? I found some on youtube and they are very well done.

[LA PHOTO]One of the craziest months in weather I have ever seen. 


Clara Bow

Leo Laporte was focused on headphones on his show because of the rumor that Apple was going to buy this company called Beats. Leo said that he really did not believe it was a real story.

Some good headphone websites.


From The Atlantic
The Library of Congress Wants to Destroy Your Old CDs (For Science)"All of the modern formats weren't really made to last a long period of time," said Fenella France, chief of preservation research and testing at the Library of Congress. "They were really more developed for mass production."

[ON THIS DAY]1856 - Lyman Frank Baum, author of "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz," was born.

[CLASSIC RADIO]President Herbert Hoover listening to his radio - 1920s

[PARTING SHOT]Dave Diamond, Legendary Rock Radio Deejay, Dies at 77
In 1967, Diamond was one of the first disc jockeys to play “Light My Fire” by The Doors, then a largely unknown L.A. band, and he connected listeners to The Seeds, Iron Butterfly, Love, Linda Ronstadt and other acts who at the time could not find airplay.

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