Friday, April 4, 2014

“The safest place to be during an earthquake would be in a stationary store” - George Carlin

[COMMENT]We start the week with an earthquake, well it was last Friday. It was big here in our place. Knocked down all kinds of stuff. Pretty scary. We are about 8 miles from the epicenter. I turned on the radio immediately and didn't hear any coverage. After about 3 minutes the first station to start covering it was KFWB. No shortage of stuff to talk about this week. Pretty incredible events happening, the Fort Hood shooting, the mudslide search up in Washington, earthquake in South America, the end (yea sure) of signing up for that horrid healthcare. And Thursday the wonderful news that David Letterman is retiring. Pretty hard to keep up with everything that happened this week. Talk Radio is set with topics for weeks. My finger hurts from pushing my presets. Pretty entertaining everyone, carry on :)

OK so Hugh Hewitt comes back from vacation on Tuesday. Glad to hear him back but he's doing a Food for the Poor drive in his show. I don't get this. KRLA does this frequently. I have given to Food for the Poor, god bless them. But the reason I am listening to KRLA is for talk radio. I tweeted to Hugh that I'm just going to change the station. And I'm not keen on the idea that this organization is paying for air time, I'm sure KRLA is not doing it out of the kindness of their heart. Radio stations can do what ever they want but just know that listeners like me are in it for content. And if I don't hear content I'm gone. Talk radio stations, in my mind are not where I look to give to charities. It's a reason to push a preset, just say'n.

On another note, two people appeared on Hugh Hewitt on Wednesday that want to make a very important film. Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney who are crowd sourcing money for a film about Dr. Kermit Gosnell. This is the Philadelphia doctor that killed scores of babies in an abortion clinic. It has barely been reported in the news and that is the reason to make this film.  
McAleer says: "I think this deserves a mass audience, after all, he's America's biggest serial killer."

On the Indiegogo site they have raised $327,000 since last Sunday. Go to the site and see the video about the film they want to make. I think this is really important that it gets made.

[RADIO]On McIntyre in the Morning Thursday Doug did an interview with attorney Joe Yanny, who represents the Mongols Nation Motorcycle Club about a federal lawsuit targeting their trademark logo arguing it is used for intimidation. 
This is classic audio. A must hear.

Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze grows to 35 million uniques.
Conservative talker Glenn Beck has become the poster child for radio personalities leveraging their brand into a multimedia operation. The latest figures released by Beck shows his shows no sign of slowing down — it became the 43rd most-trafficked website in the U.S. last month.

Omniture data shows it had 198.7 million page views from more than 35 million unique visitors. TheBlaze president/chief content officer Joel Cheatwood credits a “mix of original reporting and curation” of other stories from around the web. The growth of the 24/7 talk and opinion video streaming network TheBlaze TV is also helping bring in more visitors. Beck launched his website in August 2010 with four employees. It now has newsrooms in New York, Dallas and Washington.

2013 Peabody Award Winners. Interesting list. Since 1940 the Peabody award has steadily grown from being the “Pulitzer Prize for Radio” to recognizing excellence in a wide range of electronic media.

The announcement two weeks ago that “This American Life” will part ways on July 1 from its distributor, Public Radio International, has set off a scramble among rivals for rights to the program, one of the most popular on public radio.

From NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday with Scott Simon.
Sex And The Greater 'Good Wife': Archie Panjabi On Keeping That Big Secret 
Archie Panjabi is part of the cast of CBS's The Good Wife, which has spent much of this week hearing an earful about a major plot development on last Sunday's episode (23rd).
One of my favorite characters on TV, and the Good Wife is classic TV in the making.
6 1/2 minute audio.

Congressman retires for talk radio job.
Michigan Republican Mike Rogers announces he will leave Congress and launch a career in radio.  The former FBI agent who’s now chairman of the House Intelligence Committee will host a syndicated talk show for Cumulus Media.  “You may have lost my vote in Congress but not my voice,” Rogers, 50, told his constituents in a letter.  Rogers has served in the House since 2001.
"We are thrilled to have chairman Rogers join our team,” Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey said in a statement.  “He has been instrumental helping to shape many of the most important issues and events of our time and will play a significant role in our expanding content platform.” Rogers’ show launches in January after he completes his term in Congress.

And more.........

Gillian Barberie told a story on Tuesday about going to her high school prom with a guy that was a Thalidomide baby who had a deformed head. I thought this was wonderful that she did that. John Phillips had no idea what a Thalidomide baby was. She explained it. John asked if she put out. No.

Doug McIntyre said he was going out to cut the lawn and put on some shorts that had some static electricity in them from the dryer. Later he went to the market and was walking around and a pair of his wife's underwear came out one of the pant legs of his shorts. No photo darn it.

Rob Archer of KFI posted a photo of the dreaded News Closet.

A Rush caller talking about her insurance getting canceled because it's illegal said that she prefers to call it undocumented.

A podcast goes to regular radio. Phil Hewlett and Friends started at 2pm Tuesday for a daily one hour show on KFWB 980. This is the station where Phil does the morning show. I was in San Pedro to sit in with Phil and Friends back in October. He was recording his podcast show at LA Radio Studio in Port's O' Call Village. I think it's cool that KFWB had the foresight to put this on terrestrial radio. Phil's a total pro and it's guaranteed to compete with KFI and KABC. I think they should increase it to two hours, soo much to talk about. Check out the post with photos from last October.
And here is an article in the Daily News about Phil and his show

One more slam at HH. On Monday's Hugh Hewitt show they played a 3 hour interview with Charles Krauthammer. I'm a fan. This has already been broadcast 2 times as far as I know. Hugh is on vacation. Who is going to listen to that? Not sure why there wasn't a fill in host.

[SIRIUSXM]Opie & Anthony to Celebrate 20 Years and SiriusXM with celebrate. I have never heard the show.


[TWEET]Frank Morano ‏@frankmorano The Answer New York Salem Radio. 
"If 2016 brings us a Presidential contest between Jeb Bush & Hillary Clinton, the nation deserves whatever happens to us"

[PODCASTS]Lewis Black on WTF with Marc Maron.

I listened to this Thursday and it's really a bio on Lewis and what he was doing before he got famous. He was a playwright and went to the Yale Drama School. This is a great interview with lots of laughs, A+


[AUDIOBOOKS]Audiobook Revenues Reach $1.6 Billion

[LA PHOTO]Radio engineer Ernest G. Underwood sitting at desk of his KHJ broadcasting station in Inglewood, Calif., 1927

on a black 640i BMW in Newport Beach
probably a sailing thing right?

[TECH]Still running a computer with Windows XP?
Windows XP support will end on 8 April. After that date, Microsoft won’t provide any more updates. And no more updates mean the bad guys will be out trying to hack XP machines. Do something now or suffer the consequences.

[ON THIS DAY]1850 - City of Los Angeles incorporated. That's 164 years ago. This is an old photograph of Los Angeles in 1850. Looking northeast, the layout of the new city can clearly be seen with the Los Angeles Plaza located in the lower left-center. The large white structure to the left of the Plaza is the Old Plaza Church. The two streets running from bottom of photo to the Plaza are Main Street on the left and Los Angeles Street on the right. Alameda Street runs from the lower right corner diagonally toward the lower center of photo. The L.A. River can be seen running from the lower-right diagonally to the center of the photo, turns left and disappears behind the mountain. At that point the Arroyo Seco can be seen at its confluence with the LA River. The tall majestic San Gabriel Mountains stand in the far background. Vineyards blanket the area between the City and the L.A. River (lower right). The large dark spot in the lower-right of the photo is El Aliso, the historic landmark of the indigenous Tongva people who once lived in the Indian Village of Yangna at that location, adjacent to the L.A. River.

[CLASSIC RADIO]Hey! How about making these again? I would even pay $20 for a station radio. I bet you could have a tiny little AM radio that has the station logo for like $5 from a Chinese company, come on! What's the deal with radio station swag? Why can't I buy tee shirts and mugs and stickers and whatever on their websites? I have never understood this. Don't you people want my money and the free advertising? Hello is this on?

[PARTING SHOT]The 4th of April marks the death of Martin Luther King in 1968. As every year, it's worthy of recognizing. I would only hope that this day we would hear him. I think a lot of people in politics and in the world don't hear his voice, remember.... "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character". This country and too many people in it are using race to divide us. I think King would be appalled at how people are using race in this country to further their own agenda. Let's all take his words to heart and remind other people what he said today.

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