Friday, March 28, 2014

Politics, a strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles - Ambrose Pierce

I think the thing this week that really stayed with me was an article that Rush was reading in the Washington Post about big city mayors caught up in recent scandals. In this article 6 are involved in corruption, bribes, sexual harassment, extortion, stealing money.

Rush said something interesting, he thinks that the DEM's want to clear out the bad apples before the election. He may have a point there because the FBI is doing this and they run under the executive branch, guess who runs that? Clear out all these people and then it will appear to be old news later in the year. I don't put anything past this President.

FBI also arrested California State Senator Leland Yee for murder for hire and gun running. This guy is in deep crap up to his eye balls. We have the Chinese Mafia running around San Francisco, probably here too, lovely. I guess I want to stay naive.

Who knows who else is out there doing who knows what. You gotta look at politicians as automatic liars first and good guys if they stay clean and prove themselves, does that ever happen?

And now a guy in the LA city council,  Herb Wesson oil who wants to keep the press out of City Hall in Downtown LA, a tactic brought from Sacramento by these dopes. This would give these a-holes free reign to hide all kinds of crap. And then the topper....wait for it...GOP candidate for Calif. Governor, Glenn Champ, who is sex offender, and served a decade in jail for manslaughter. I put my tongue between my teeth and say "Seriously?"

People running for office will say what ever they can to get in and then do what ever they want once they are there, we have seen it time after time. This is not new, not at all, ever heard of Tammany Hall? Google it. But we the public should have our pitch forks and torches standing by and as John and Ken say "Carry them out Nude!"

Sarah Palin posted this on facebook this week. I've never seen the inside of the studio. Sarah writes: From one Dittohead to all you others, aren't you thankful Rush defends truth, and as importantly, he defends those speaking truth! Rush is consistently loyal to the cause of justice, walking the walk as he does here in defense of Drudge calling out Obamascare. It's not commonplace that someone as high profile as is humanly possible takes valuable time to defend others. Very admirable. Very. Let me know what you think!

Soundcloud is awesome. Dennis Prager had Adam Carolla on the show and he posted the audio.

On the weekend Wayne Resnick posted this. Who kissed this microphone and left lipstick?????? And my response was, Lisa Ann Walter? Could it be?

I asked a question on facebook of newsman and host Rob Archer at KFI if the Program Director Robin is going to choose a permanent host for the Sunday Morning News that Gary Hoffman is not doing anymore. 

Dave Williams former KABC Newsman now at KLIF in Dallas. Dave goes on a rant because Associated Press has decided "over" and "more than" mean the same thing. Amy expresses her concerns over creepy face recognition technology. He posted this on SoundCloud. Great to hear his voice again. We miss you here in LA Dave!
KLIF, DALLAS: Words & Google Glass

Doug McIntyre posted this last Friday when he was out. Who ever took this photo is very talented.

"Woke up at 2:30 a.m. with body parts falling off. Took one look in the mirror and called paramedics, the Mayo Clinic and the Neptune Society. I let Nathan call Bryan Suits because, frankly, Bryan frightens me. If I survive the weekend I will return Monday, unless Suits decides to annex the morning show despite sanctions and world opinion."

Washington, D.C., circa 1923. "Herbert Hoover Jr. and radio set." Son of the future president and a noted ham. 
Harris & Ewing glass negative. Always Something Interesting.

Larry Elder's new website Elder Statement It's a good looking site. It was a little tough to find because Larry says the name fast and I thought it was Elder Statesman. Didn't know it was kind of a play on words. He doesn't seem to be promoting too much, maybe permission from the radio station is still pending.

[SIRIUSXM]Billy Joel Channel launching on SiriusXM.
SiriusXM will launch The Billy Joel Channel at 6 p.m. Wednesday for a limited three-month run.

[QUOTE]"Obamacare is a lot like some of my golf shots" - Rush

"My take on Religion? You must be calling from Holy Toledo" - Dennis Miller

[TWEET]Du-par's Restaurants @DuParsRestaurants
Steven Wright's one-liners kill me

*This is one weird tweet, like two universes coming together.

[PODCASTS]On Adam Carolla. Andy Summers and Rob Giles join for a podcast about the origins of The Police, culling lions, and the NFL’s new ‘Adam Carolla Rule’. Plus, Alec Baldwin surprisingly calls in, and Matt Atchity leads the gang in a round of the Rotten Tomatoes game.


[LA PHOTO]This week 2,000 gallons of honey dumped on the 605 freeway the in City of Industry about 20 minutes East of Los Angeles. 


[TECH]Article about Wikipedia. 
Notable Boomers and Where They Came From
There are 36,625 Americans born between 1946 and 1964 who warrant their own entry in Wikipedia. A really cool article with a great info graphic, gotta see this.

reading the main story
[ON THIS DAY]May 24, 1938
David Viscott would have been 76 Monday, he died in 1996, he was an American psychiatrist, author, businessman, and media personality. He was a graduate of Dartmouth, Tufts Medical School and taught at University Hospital in Boston. I heard every minute of every show he did when he was on KABC back in the 80's. Brilliant guy. He just wanted everyone to be honest.

[CLASSIC RADIO]Agent Zero M Radio Rifle
It’s a transistor radio that transforms easily into a cap gun rifle. This is from a 1960's toy line that capitalized on the popularity of that decades secret agent gadgetry. $50. Be funny to see some radio station give these away and watch the left blow a friggen gasket!

[PARTING SHOT]Listening to Mark Levin talk about how he used to go Independence Hall in Philadelphia when he was a kid and spend hours and hours there spurred a memory. Did you know that there is an exact replica of Independence Hall  in California? Knott’s Independence Hall is an exact, brick-by-brick replica of the original in Philadelphia. Walter Knott’s personal labor of love, it is the nation’s only exact replica of the Philadelphia landmark. The building was dedicated by Walter on July 4, 1966 after two years of research and numerous trips from Buena Park to Philadelphia. It's open everyday, admission is free and free three hour parking. You gotta go, you gotta.

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