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Firing This Puppy Back Up

[COMMENT]My domain had to be renewed (should I shouldn't I?) I did. And I need to use this valuable space for a listener opinion, nobody else is doing it so I started writing the blog again.  

I have a love/hate relationship with LA Radio. Content can be very good unless Hugh Hewitt is talking about the freaking Cleveland Browns. Or if Doug McIntyre is in the middle of an interesting interview and has to go to traffic, or if Conway is singing, I haven't heard his show in months and months. Radio, It's easy, you just turn it on and it's there. Digital content is still a pain in the ass to listen to. I have my phone there in the car with my little bluetooth speaker, but I have to set it up and....I'm lazy. I'm backed up on my audiobooks too. I haven't listened to any podcasts in weeks. I'm in and out of the car all day so when I turn the car on, the radio goes on. I gotta get back into the swing of things and spout my bile about this medium that I love/hate. If anyone is bothering to read it that is, I really can't tell. I have gotten few emails and no tweets about what I have written, but in the last year I have gotten 39,000 hits, so someone is looking at it. 

With more shows and more local hosts there is more to choose from, but I dream of a day when the formatics of radio stations go away and the content will be the only thing left. A host comes on the air at the top of the hour and does a long form interview with only very short live mentions of a sponsor and continues on. The days of top of the hour news and traffic are gone, for me anyway, I don't listen to it. If I'm in traffic and I want to know what's going on, I'll pull out my phone and load the Sigalert app. And if there is breaking news the host will talk about it. The host and the show content should be king, not canned choruses of people singing "Live and Local". The sound drops and theme music and sounders are just boring and grading on the mind after a few times. Management and consultants think they know what people want to hear and oh the audience turns over ever 20 minutes, so tired of hearing that. It's a new world, lets move on!

[RADIO]Hey look at that, Randy Wang back making snarky comments and running the board at KABC on the morning show with Doug and T-Rae. Oh and Gina Grad co-hosting a day this week with Doug. I like the co-hosting thing. It's the show that I usually tend to listen to early in the morning. Even though I change the station like a maniac avoiding traffic reports and commercials. And if what they are talking about at 8 is the same thing they were talking about at 6, not doing that.

Lots of new doings in the LA Radio scene. I really like John Phillips and Gillian Barberie's new show. It's funny and topical. The opening blows, John even said he didn't like it, that canned chorus. They did a live show on Wednesday from the Hard Rock at Universal City Walk
. Yes that is Ann Coulter. 

Bryan Suits is a really good choice for the 9 to noon spot, nobody knows geo-politics better than Bryan. Then we have Mark Thompson and Elizabeth Espinosa at KFI who I have heard a few times at noon to 3. Oh yea and Carlos Amezcua on AM 1150 in the evening is pretty good too. More choices make it easier to hear content. And I'm sure you can see I have left out some names. 

and more.........

One comment about Rush. He clearly has the best show in my opinion. But, these 10 year old callers and Rush talking about his book, oy vey. I mean don't get me wrong I think the book is a great thing but I'm not listening to Rush for that. A couple times talking about the book was OK but it's way over done and just too much. It's like an everyday thing. 

I saw today on Don Barrett's LARADIO.COM that Handel is number one. This is such a mystery to me I can't tell you. I can't stand Bill Handel, he's a hack and not funny, why do people listen to him? It's beyond me. Well KFI has several hosts that I can do without actually.

Shot Gun Tom Kelly has successful bypass surgery. Godspeed!

Mark Levin was talking about a gift he had gotten recently. It's and AR-15 with this engraved on it: "Let Me Educate You". I suspect it's from Sarah Palin, he wouldn't say. 

One of the best things on the Hannity Show is Jamie Dupree, the most connected man in Washington, Sean calls him. He's on everyday and really has some great insights into what goes on in Congress. Usually in the last hour of the show. 

Really liking Terry Anzur on KFI doing the Sunday Morning News, bravo!

Mark Larson in for Dennis Prager while he's cruising West Africa was great. Mark Taylor another great host sitting in this week. 

Dennis with a voodoo chief and member of his family in Togo yesterday. Dennis is third from left.

Buck Sexton sitting in for Glenn Beck while he's on vacation was very interesting. A fiery libertarian ex-CIA Agent and NYPD Intelligence Division Specialist with a lot to say. He used to do weekends, now I'm hearing he's moving to mornings before Glenn. 

Talkers Magazine's "Heavy Hundred" host list. The strangest list I have ever seen. How can Larry Elder be #94th?

This gets the "Ahhh Baboo" award. 
FCC Agents Trace Radio Interference to 

Doorbells, Videogames, Electric Blankets

When Signals Interfere With Cell Towers or Radio Broadcasts, Agents Crack Down

[NPR] On Fresh Air this week, 
interview with author Walter Kirn.
'Blood Will Out' 
Reveals Secrets Of A Murderous Master Manipulator

[QUOTE]I love Los Angeles, and I love Hollywood. They're beautiful. Everybody's plastic, but I love plastic. 
I want to be plastic. - Andy Warhol

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I want $5,000/month for life for mental anguish listening to @DougAndTRae @randywangpgp #bodydrop #carnivalpoopcruisestrategy



[LA PHOTO]Gas station at 3rd and Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 1954

A blond in a white Smart car in Newport Beach

[TECH]Leo Laporte was wearing this little square thing on his shirt last weekend. It's called a Narrative Clip. It takes a 5mp photo every 30 seconds and uploads it to your phone. Pretty cool idea. Go check out this video on their site.

A great story.
Sierra Leone teen builds radio station from recycled parts

Happy 25th birthday, World Wide Web! Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the web, reflects on its past, present and future—and encourages the rest of us to fight to keep it free and open.

[ON THIS DAY]Birthday of Rick Dees 1950

Philips BD273U "Philetta" Bakelite Radio (1957)

A Lifelong Radio Man Wins New Fans With 'Big Broadcast'

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