Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The State of LA Radio

You know I haven't written anything in months. Frankly the state of talk radio in LA just hard core sucks wind. It's a just a bunch of ad's pounding into my head. I did hear a pretty good hour on KABC with Doug and T-Rae this morning in the 5 O'clock hour. I tend to go to them more often then not. They have a great show. I think Doug is funny and entertaining. Even though I have heard all his stories over the last 15 or so years. He's a good guy and Teri-Rae is a total pro. Even though the programming of KABC mistakenly thinks I would ever listen to Peter Tilden or Leo Terrell, that's a total joke. Look at that, Randy F-ing Wang back behind the board. Love the 97.1 drops brother. But it's a difficult thing theses days to listen to local radio. All you jackasses in local LA radio can be assured that I never hear a news cast or any of your ads. I reach for the dial and shut it off every time. If anyone in this world is dumb enough to have there cranium slammed with a Mike Diamond ad you are just stupid and you deserve what you get. Anyone that has listened to radio as long as I have has to know, it all about the ad's, it's an advertising business. It's very similar to sports. It cracks me up when I see people so gaga over sports, they are sucked in by a company that is there to make money and sell ads. I think capitalism is wonderful but you have to know when it's taking your money... people. Local radio in this town needs a enema, big time. KFI just put on a new show that NOBODY will listen to. Not sure why we don't hear Adam Carolla or Marc Maron on the radio. The programming in this town is clueless. The only reason I ever turn on the radio is because it's just there. When that goes away (which will be very soon) look out. Spend some money you genius's and get some host's on that somebody wants to hear. Who on planet earth wants to hear your go to fill in host Leo Terrell? Buy a clue and install it LA radio!