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Whenever I think of the past, it brings back so many memories - Steven Wright

[COMMENT/PROFILE]My wife Deb and I spend a couple of hours in San Pedro listening and watching Phil Hulett and his friends record their weekly podcast.

Just posted
Phil Hulett and Friends
Bugs, Bribes and Naked Housekeeping
Listen Live 3-5pm Pacific time Thursdays on the live stream. On today's show: Bribing women to get a date, The Bug Man talks termites, flying ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, rats and more, plus the Halloween fun, unexpected stories, news, sports (World Series) and more. Lot's of laughs in this episode.

Phil told me that he started in promotions at KLOS in the early 80's, then went on to produce shows at KABC like Ken and Bob, Toni Grant and Michael Jackson. His career is extensive, and for the last 15 years is currently working as Anchorman/Morning Host at KFWB News/Talk 980.

He's the Public Address Announcer Anaheim Ducks for the last 17 years. He's a Co-Founder of KNAC.COM, a voice over artist, and a college professor. His resume is as long as my arm. Check out the list on Linkedin. He's a total broadcast pro and from what I saw, it's easy to see.

Watching Phil behind the mic you can tell he's been doing it for a long time. He's got typed pages highlighted and is obviously very organized and has put a lot of thought into his work, and this is just a podcast. A two hour show like this with a whole bunch of topics and a couple guest callers takes a lot of work and planning.

One of  Phil's "Friends" on the show is the lovely Jennifer Bjorklund. Jennifer is a veteran broadcast news anchor and reporter with 27 years in the business, the last 15 of them in Los Angeles television. Who doesn't recognize her face? It was a thrill meeting her, I think she's a huge part of the show.

Then we have Jay Campadonia who's big voice and big laugh is a lot of fun. Cool personality and he adds great color. And tenacious Sports Dude, Karlo Sy Su, who's got the big smile and knows his sports. This podcast could easily be on the radio in any city in America.

Recording location: San Pedro, CA

That upstairs door is the entrance to The LA Radio Studio, in the Port's of Call Village in San Pedro. It's available for use, contact Mike Stark. Just behind this building is a huge ocean channel where giant container ships and huge cruise ships travel, it's the port of Los Angeles. They can be viewed out a large window while in the studio. A very unique location for a studio.
The wonderful analog studio equipment was acquired from ABC Radio Network Burbank when they went all digital. The owner Mike Stark told me they were going to throw it away. This studio is a typical one room studio and control room separated by glass. You can tell they put a lot of money into building this very high quality studio.

Thanks very much to Phil Hulett and Friends for allowing us to hang and experience the show, it was great fun.

Outside the studio window is a huge cruise ship going by. 

Everyone gets their cameras out

[RADIO]From Radio Ink
TuneIn is creating a new channel specifically for fans of This American Life. It's a 24/7 station of new episodes and archives from the shows 18 years of broadcasts. There are over 500 hours of This American Life programs in the can. This American Life Director of Operations Seth Lind said, “We’re excited to offer this easy new way to get the show, particularly past episodes people might have never stumbled upon.”

This American Life is a weekly public radio show hosted by Ira Glass, produced by Chicago Public Media, and distributed by Public Radio International. It is often the most popular podcast in the country. With TuneIn Radio, listeners can now hear This American Life at any time, anywhere, on over 200 platforms, ranging from mobile phones and tablets, to smart TVs and cars. To listen, simply search “This American Life” on the free TuneIn Radio app or online at

KABC alum Steve Kindred posted this on facebook.
Just learned I'm going back to China to lecture at another development seminar for Chinese broadcasters! It's going to be next June. It's a partnership with the University of Missouri journalism school. This time I'll be in Beijing. Having grown up in LA at a time the smog looked like thick San Francisco fog, I feel confident I'll be able to handle breathing polluted air.

[SIRIUSXM]Long time guest on Art Bell's show.
Skycar Inventor Moller To Make Important On-Air Announcement
Dr. Paul Moller to make an announcement on the new Art Bell "Dark Matter" radio show regarding the future of Moller International and the Skycar air vehicle on November 5th.

The [David Bowie] Channel to Launch on SiriusXM
Limited-run channel to exclusively premiere the five unheard songs from Bowie's "The Next Day Extra," which will be released on November 5

[Orsen Welles'] 'War of the Worlds' gets rebroadcast
Wednesday, SiriusXM listeners can hear what it was like back in 1938 when Martians invaded Grover's Mill for one night. The satellite caster will rebroadcast "The War of the Worlds" — the classic radio drama performed by Orson Welles that caused panic and convinced listeners 75 years ago that aliens had landed. The special will air at 8 p.m. on Radio Classics, channel 82. It will be rebroadcast 10 p.m. Halloween night and midnight next Friday.

[QUOTE]"The President is Joe Isuzu!" - [Hugh Hewitt]

[PODCASTS]Everybody is getting into the new stuff. Her first guest is Regis.
[Kathie Lee Gifford] Announces New PodcastOne Show on NBC's TODAY -
Mon : [Marc Maron] with [Moon Zappa]
Great fun interview with Moon Zappa. Marc Maron and Moon have known each other for years. Almost sounded like they might be an item now that Marc is single again. Love hearing what her growing up was like in a house in Laurel Canyon with her Dad Frank. She said he never raised his voice. He was always funny and very dead pan. Lots of musicians around the house. Frank was a workaholic that was not doing a lot of parenting. Moon has an 8 year old daughter is is newly divorced. She tells a story about how KD Lang got her to quit her job at VH1. I could see her doing stand up, very funny. Worth a tumble.

Thurs : Comedian [Jim Breuer]


[LA PHOTO]One of the most amazing photos I have ever seen. To think this guy lives in the hills above Hollywood is just mind blowing.
The mountain lion — known as P-22 — living in Griffith Park is giving scientists insight into the behavior of an urban puma on the prowl.
For more than a year and a half, the solitary mountain lion known as P-22 has made himself right at home in Griffith Park within view of Hollywood's Capitol Records building.
By night, he cruises the chaparral-covered canyons, dining on mule deer, raccoon and coyote. By day, while tots ride the Travel Town train and hikers hit the trails, he hunkers down amid dense vegetation.


[ON THIS DAY]1969 - Richard Burton bought his wife Elizabeth Taylor a 69-carat Cartier diamond ring for $1.5 million.

[CLASSIC RADIO]Motorola Model 69L11 "Sporter" Radio (1951) From

“Commercial loads have not increased since....when? Since [Mel Karmazin] decided that we could tolerate 18 mins/hour? “ – [Harry Shearer]

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