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It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly native criminal class except Congress......... - Mark Twain

[COMMENT]Exasperating radio listening to this total BS in Washington. Some fun things Monday morning listening to a live broadcast of AM 870 The Answer morning team, [Brian Whitman, Elisha Krauss, and Ben Shapiro] from Columbo's Restaurant in Eagle Rock. Brian was having a blast doing all his impressions and having a crowd of people laughing their asses off. I have not been able to find any photos as of yet. To see Brian in person do his impressions is a treat, and I have. They had breakfast for everyone and also had the owner on the show. I have yet to make it to Columbo's, been meaning to for years. Pretty fun show, I wish I was there. Then I heard a little about [Doug McIntyre] doing the LA Aid's walk, or being dragged by wifey to do it ;), she raised 10k!. And [Terry-Rae Elmer] doing her MS bike ride (160 miles) where she raised a whopping 100K. Bravo. [Larry O'Connor] sitting in for Geraldo who's gone more than any host in recent memory. I would much rather hear Larry O'Connor anyway, who was sick as a dog till a day or so go, but sounded fine today. How about just give [John Phillips] the slot! I also was surprised to hear that [Rush] was doing his show from LA, all week. He sounded a little off his game being in a strange studio. I don't think he was at KFI when he said that he was in a secret undisclosed location. He probably was at the Premier Network studios (owned by Clear Channel) in Sherman Oaks. This is where George Noory does his show. It's in a big bank building on Sepulveda and Ventura. For me it might be a week of podcasts and audiobooks because hearing about this completely fake crisis in Washington is just too much.

[RADIO]From NPR's Fresh Air
One-Stop Shop: Jeff Bezos Wants You To Buy 'Everything' On Amazon (38 minutes)
I've never seen this amazing warehouse, wow!

Just an amazing article on the history of AM Radio from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Pennsylvania is the birth place of Radio.
The rise and decline of AM radio
By Adrian McCoy and Maria Sciullo

This broadcasting set in the Wilkinsburg garage of Frank Conrad was where radio got its start in 1919. 
In 1920, Conrad helped establish KDKA Radio in a shack on the
 roof of a Westinghouse building in Turtle Creek.

[Gary Hoffman] at KFI Radio hard at work doing probably the best Sunday news show in LA. The Offficial Sunday Morning News. Yes 3 F's. If you were confused about what's going on in Washington, he's not and he explains it in detail. The best show to get caught up on what's happening. Sunday 9 to 11AM.

From NPR's Fresh Air
Meet Ben's Sister Jane, History's Forgotten Franklin
by MAUREEN CORRIGAN 6 minutes.
The Life and Opinions of Jane Franklin
by Jill Lepore
Hardcover, 442 pages

[SIRIUSXM][Art Bell] just added Skype for his overseas callers. His ID is art.bell51. He took a call on Skype from Australia and it was crystal clear.

[TWEET][Kurt Schlichter] ‏@KurtSchlichter
Don't brush your teeth for a while after a really good burger. It keeps the mood alive. #caring

[PODCASTS]This is really a radio story but I think of [Leo Laporte] being more on the Internet with his Twit Network even though he does two shows on the weekend on radio. Leo Laporte mentioned on his Sunday show that he just bought a house in the country. That probably means Napa. He was talking to a guy about Ham Radio. Leo said that he would be putting up antenna and getting on the air at the new house. I would wager that Leo will be building a studio in this house and maybe doing his KFI show from there. Maybe the brick house is getting a little too busy with people, or the weekend show would be easier to do in a home studio without driving into Pataluma. Also I didn't hear all the context but he mentioned buying a diamond ring. His girlfriend is his business partner and CEO of TWIT,  Lisa Kentzel, maybe they are getting married? That could be what that whole European trip they just got back from was about, maybe he popped the question. I don't see anything on the web about this. I could be totally wrong.

For people that love and follow Marc Maron, you know that he writes a blog almost every week. In my case it's emailed to me. He has been in a new relationship for a while now with Jessica. He writes this:
The reason that it has been awful is that my relationship with Jessica has ended. I ended it. We had big plans and hopes and it’s over and I am heartbroken and very sad. As you know I am not the easiest man to live with and we had a very lively and passionate and difficult relationship at times. We have been trying to make things work and move forward but it just became too hard and too toxic. It takes two to toxic. I love her very much and I care for her more than anyone I’ve ever been with and I couldn’t make it work. Ending a relationship with someone I still love and care about is the hardest thing I’ve ever done and there’s guilt, sadness, disappointment, heartache, loneliness and anger that I am dealing with and will deal with for a while. I know it was the right thing to do. I want her to be happy and have the life that she wants to have. It just can't be with me. She is a great person with a big heart. I have work to do on myself and I want to be happy as well. I just couldn't do it in the relationship we had.


[LA PHOTO]Santa Monica Pier from

On a Lamborghini

[TECH]Next in Netflix's originals queue: A thriller from 'Damages' team
Netflix recruits a big-name studio and high-profile creators for another original that appears to be truly original -- a psychological thriller about the secrets between adult siblings.

[ON THIS DAY]1934 - "Lux Radio Theater" began airing on the NBC Blue radio network.
Hear what this show sounded like. Hosted my Celcil B Demille.

[CLASSIC RADIO]Bulova 100 (1957)
Only sold by Bulova through jewelry stores, this model clock radio was available for just one year! Great asymmetrical geometry in thick glossy crack/chip free ivory Plaskon! The clock face houses the dial scale and both sit behind a thick clear Lucite cover. All lettering/numerals are crisp and complete. A wonderful reverse gold painted Lucite grille and trim add to the look. The nice gold clock control knobs are original as are the amber/tan radio knobs at each end of the cabinet. Both the clock & the five tube AM only chassis work well. Comes with an excellent original hard board back with tube layout. As a bonus, on the back there's a 120v outlet to plug in a coffee maker! A nice set for collection or decor!

[PARTING SHOT]I grew up with six brothers. That's how I learned to dance - waiting for the bathroom - [Bob Hope]

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