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If people in the media cannot decide whether they are in the business of reporting news or manufacturing propaganda, it is all the more important that the public understand that difference, and choose their news sources accordingly - Thomas Sowell

[COMMENT]I saw this article over the weekend about [Mark Levin]. Big long article. It might be the most important article about conservative Talk Radio ever, and I'm not kidding.

Radio’s Mark Levin Might Be the Most Powerful Conservative You Never Heard Of
by David Freedlander from the Daily Beast. Oct 19, 2013

I'm not sure why they would put in that line about "most politically influential person you've never heard" all conservatives that are paying attention know who Mark Levin is. In my opinion if you hear Talk Radio all day and you hear this and you hear that and it has gotten confusing over the last couple weeks, you go listen to Mark and you are set right. This man is the standard for what's really going on. He knows what he's talking about and does not mess about. He is not in it for fame or recognition, he wants to present ideas and facts and fix this country. I have never heard a man in my life that cares more about this country than Mark Levin. And it's wonderful to hear that he's actually getting pointed at and is a weather vein and the go to person for all talk show hosts. You can hear it listening to Rush or Hannity or others, they use words and repeat things that Mark has said. They even quote him. Does anyone know or remember, that his firm The Landmark Legal Foundation was responsible for exposing abuses in the IRS this year? He did that. He does not ever drive it home and insist on getting credit for that. Even though he deserves all of it. The standard for conservatism and the things we all should be driving toward is what Mark Levin talks about on the radio and in his books. The founders designed this country in an elegant and beautiful way. It made sense then, it makes sense now. Blood was shed and our founders worked and sweated and put their heart and soul into our country and we are obligated to preserve what they did. And that's the only thing driving Mark. And I'm on board, all the way.

This is a very long article but a must read about a man that is the rudder for truth for all of Talk Radio in my opinion. 

[RADIO]Wow look at this. On Talk Radio One at 10 am Saturday, Los Angeles radio icon [Sweet Dick Whittington] talks about all things radio.

Thank you Don Barrett for the heads up.

Sweet Dick Whittington fans will be thrilled to know that at 10 a.m Saturday morning Steve Spierer talked with Dick for an hour and 10 minutes. They talked about all the great bits he did and played a couple clips. One of the clips was Dick taking cover during an after shock of the 1971 earthquake. Dick sounds good enough to be doing a show today. Not sure why he's not. He was very gracious and polite and just wonderful. This man's contribution to talk radio and morning drive radio is huge. I would say most people have no idea who he is, but he left a huge mark and a big legacy. What a treat to hear those pipes again. Thanks Dick!

You can listen at:

...By Ken Levine
Following up on the state of radio
Always a great blog by Ken who is a comedy writer and broadcaster. In this piece he writes about how Tim Conway Jr. thinks the state of AM radio is just spiffy.

Seismic Shifts Remake the Radio Industry
From All Things D
As change happens all around them, radio broadcasters tout the health of their business and how the competitive threat of Internet rivals is overstated. I understand the need to present their case to advertisers. But their sales narrative, an echo chamber of their own making, cements complacency and fosters lack of innovation.

From NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday
Drinking To 'Numb,' Women Gain On Men In Alcohol Abuse
A new book by Ann Dowsett Johnston

Here is a little back and forth I had with the great Lisa Ann Walter on facebook this weekend.

Lisa I applaud you for doing a show "All Breast Sunday". I'm with you on the cause. Unfortunately no extra people are tuning in and you probably have less listeners than usual. I turned off the radio. A Sunday radio show is not about what ever female cause you want to promote. I can't believe Robin would let you do this. I'm a guy looking for entertainment, that's what your radio show is about my dear. I'm not sure what your thinking here.
She replied back to me:

The Fabulous Lisa Ann Walter:
Show I think you are a bit confused, dear listener - First you say you applaud the choice...then you slam it. You also seem to have a secret knowledge of numbers *while* the show is actually happening - it's just conjecture isn't it? I don't think of Breast Cancer as a "female cause". That's pretty myopic - hon. Breast cancer is affecting younger and younger women - no less than a quarter of my friends have been diagnosed - all in their 40's. It's a terrible and rampant disease. That you reduce it to a "female cause" is like saying that discussing sports is a "male cause" and should only be reserved for men-only shows/stations. and still confused by your congratulations followed by you explaining to me what my "show is about". If anyone knows - don't you think it's me?

And my reply back to her:

Lisa the point is, an entertaining show that I would want to listen to on a Sunday afternoon. You are doing a boutique show. As a guy, do you think I would want to tune away from football to hear your show? Don't get me wrong, I love you, you are a great host. But you are not doing a show that I would want to tune into. Consider personal stories and funny stuff and food. It's not a high ratings show Lisa, it's Sunday. As a guy why would I tune in to a show about breast cancer? I wish these people the best of luck, I really do, but come on. Let's hear about the twins and what went crazy this week in your life. That's what I want to hear :)))

[TWEET][John Phillips] ‏@Johnnydontlike
Question: If your grocery store stocks heirloom tomatoes why would you eat that other s*&t ever again?

[BUMPER STICKER]"Maybe I should read a book" - Ron White

[PODCASTS][Dan Aykroyd] this Sunday on StarTalk Radio. I have never heard of this show but looks cool.

[LA PHOTO]Covina Thundefest Car Show and Street Fair, what a great day.


[TECH]This lock's even smarter than we thought
KwikSet locks uses blue tooth to unlock your door. It even knows if you left your phone inside the house. A must see 4 minute video of new technology.

[ON THIS DAY]Born on this day, [Benjamin Netanyahu] (Israel) 1949

[CLASSIC RADIO]Zenith Model 5-S-220, 1938. This is the "cube-iest" of the the so-called antique Zenith cube radios. It has a 5" speaker and all usual features of the 5521 chassis. The original cost of this radio was $34.95. Photo and text from

[PARTING SHOT]What the Founding Fathers created in the Constitution is the most magnificent government on the face of the Earth, and the reason is this: because it was intended to preserve the American society and the American spirit, not to transform it or destroy it - [Mark Levin] 

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