Monday, September 16, 2013

Wanna Take A Ride?

[COMMENT][Art Bell] comes on the air on his new show Monday night with a huge booming voice. It's amazing how much bass he has in his voice hearing him in crystal clear audio and not on AM radio. I had to turn down the sound it was such a deep bass sound. He sounded so jazzed and excited but got serious real fast. He wanted to get a story off his chest right way.

Art tells a story how Premier Radio would not support him in a lawsuit after being slandered by David John Oates (of Reverse Speech fame) back in 1999. Art did not mention his name. Art was dealing with his son being attacked by a teacher and he somehow was accused of being a child molester and Premier and Clear Channel would not support him with legal resources. Art went on to fight this lawsuit with his own money. Art said that he was floored that his company would not back him up. He seethed with anger, he said. After a few years the CEO of Clear Channel came to his house and sat on his couch and said we want you back, and Art said "you don't have enough money". But then after a while he relented. He still has huge anger over this. He also talked about, for the first time ever, the death of his wife Romona. In a Time Magazine article he says that Goorge Noory is a lazy broadcaster and does not like how he does the show and how it has fallen into crap, his words.

So Art has the same music bumpers and also has the deep throat-ed Ross Mitchell doing the announcing and Keith Rowland doing the website again. It's like old times back in the day. In the late 90's I listened to thousands of hours of Art's show when I was working graveyard. The show just has a flavor about it and Art is just charismatic. He shares real thoughts and is a real person, a real decent person. It's really compelling radio, and that's all I need from a show.

We don't need bad language here and we will not have it here on SiriusXM - [Art Bell]

Art and his 3 year old daughter Asia in his guest house studio

[RADIO][Doug McIntyre] has been harping on Illegal Immigration for probably 13 or 14 years on local radio. He's finally thrown in the towel and who can blame him? You can literally talk about the facts and have people die and still we have someone in government pass a bill to give Illegal Aliens drivers licenses. It's just mind blowing. It's a free for all ladies and gentleman. Your argument, no matter how logical, is pushed away and it's because of race. Congrats!

The fat lady sings on immigration

The Voice Of Rocky And Natasha Earns An Emmy
[June Foray] was the voice behind Rocky the Squirrel, and the evil Natasha. Now 95, she's receiving the prestigious Governor's Award today at the Creative Arts Emmys. 4 minute interview, a must hear.

From Sunday: [Gary Hoffman] on KFI read my tweet on the air "@losangeleslistener just tweeted Gary f-ing Hoffman....look at you mannn.......I don't even know what that means....but I'll take it"

[QUOTE]"If it's not horrific, it's terrific" - [Dennis Prager]

[PHOTO]A facebook photo from [Dave Williams] (Former newsman at KABC, now lives in Texas) Showing that even pizza in Texas is big!

From former newsman at KABC [Steve Kindred's] facebook page. 1990 Operation Desert Shield. On board the USS Independence Manama, Bahrain. Steve comments: 102 Degrees with 90 percent humidity. That's why I'm not smiling. That plus being in a war zone.


[SIRIUSXM]Wow this is stunning. On the 70's channel on SiriusXM they are playing [Casey Kasem] doing the American Top 40.....from September 15, 1973, with his narration . I was 10! This is just too cool. They run his old show Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

[TECH]With 30 tuners and 30 TB of storage, SnapStream makes TiVos look like toys
Houston company's monster DVRs power Colbert, The Daily Show, and other big TV names.


1963 - "The Fugitive" premiered on ABC-TV. The show starred David Janssen.

1964 - "Bewitched" premiered on ABC-TV.

1965 - "Hogan's Heroes" debuted on CBS-TV.

1966 - "Mission Impossible" premiered on CBS-TV.

1972 - "M*A*S*H" premiered on CBS-TV.

John Ritter born on this date in 1948

Something about September 17th?

[CLASSIC RADIO]Transistor Admiral (1963). These had brown leather cases with holes for the dial and speaker. These were everywhere for years.

[PARTING SHOT]"Reality has always proved to be much more sophisticated and subtle than any preconceived philosophy" - [MICHIO KAKU]

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