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Politicians are.... employees of ours - Clint Eastwood

[COMMENT]Isn't it interesting that [Art Bell] starts his new show next Monday and now I'm hearing that George Noory will be on The View next week. Hmmm hmm, George must be scared S-less about Art coming back. Pretty funny. I bet George or anyone on The View will never mention Art Bell, what do you think? SiriusXM should get their publicity people to get him on the Today show. Could it be that George could be worried about Art taking listeners away from him? I would love it if Art's show started with the same music and he had Richard C. Hoagland as his first guest, act like Noory doesn't exists. As you can tell, I'm no fan of Noory. I can't wait to hear Art back on the mic, he always shares things about his life and it's been years and soo much has happened. I like hearing him talk about events in the world and what's going on with him more than him talking with guests, guests are secondary. And I'm not buying what all his guests say. Some are good and credible some are obviously lying and trying to sell a book. I'm not whole hog into the conspiracy thing at all. I just like a good show.

It's been interesting hearing radio this week. Lots of really out of the ordinary commentary that I thought I would never in my life hear. Almost a total split on what people think about this Syria thing, but as the week went on it sounds like most people think it's a bad idea, I'm one of them. Most of the really smart people are for it and everyone else is on the no way in hell side. I'm on that side. Hosts like Hugh Hewitt have a good point, our credibility is at stake. I agree. Hannity says, we said we would do A if the line B is crossed, we didn't do B. Good point. But I still think going to bomb a country in the middle east is a really bad idea. Now with Putin doing an op ed in the New York Times and the weapons being turned over to Russia, it's over, maybe. I said from day one this would not happen. Now Obama can relax and go play golf.

[RADIO]KABC-AM conservative talk radio show host [John Phillips] blasted the Voice of OC for its role in the smear campaign against Carl Demaio, the libertarian gay Republican running for Congress in San Diego. Phillips was spurred by this post on the FlashReport for Republican activist and consultant Charles Moran, who also asked the question of why KOCE, the Southern California PBS affiliate, has allowed its news coverage to be co-opted by the Voice, which is dependent on the Orange County Employees Association funding for its existence.

Thursday's interview with Mel Rogers, PBS SoCal CEO on KABC Radio, it's a barn burner. Bravo John!

What's going on with [Phil Hendrie?] This brand new article from Media Bistro tells us.

"If you want to be real honest, the radio show is a billboard for the digital business. My subscription business makes really good money. The radio show right now, and for the last six years, has not. Radio just in general is in the sh*tter."

On Wednesday from 89.3 KPCC [Larry Mantel's] Airtalk
FCC Commissioner’s quixotic quest to save AM radio

Ajit Pai, Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission
Thom Callahan, President, Southern California Broadcasters Association

I think the future of AM will be less than what it is today. I see a day when KFI goes all Spanish. I listen but never hear any of the commercials they play, that Sit and Sleep commercial, nope, that Kars for Kids spot that has been running for 5 years, no way. Just push the button. I have choices now like never before. The only thing that makes AM really easy to listen to is that it's installed in my car, hit that button and you're there. That will go away.....soon. More choices mean less ad dollars for AM, which means lower income listeners, Spanish, Asian broadcasts. My phone is patched into my car radio too. Choice.

From [Mark Levin's] facebook page: This is my dining room table. This is what it looks like when you actually do your own research & write your own book over the course of a year.

WATCH: [Mark Levin] discusses The Liberty Amendments at Reagan Library with Q&A this last weekend.
1 hour video.

From [Rob Marinko's] facebook page. He went to lunch with [Bill Handel]. I wonder who paid and I wonder if Rob asked for a job?

[PODCASTS][Jimmy Kimmel] and [Dennis Prager] on with [Adam Carolla] this week.

A lot of what [Dennis Miller] does on his show is now posted online at

Podcast One has almost all of Dennis' interviews, which is pretty cool considering that his premium service "The DMZ" costs $50. There is about 3 minutes of commercials in the beginning. He posted an interview with Comedian Bill Burr.
Others include:
Catherine Herridge
Charles Krauthammer
Pete Carroll
Ricky Skaggs
Kirk Cameron
Paul Williams
Dr. Jerome Corsi
Frank Beamer
John Bolton former UN Ambassador John Bolton.

[Howard Stern] sidekick Robin Quivers told Stern's audience Monday why she's been doing the show from home. The 61-year-old was being treated for cancer in her pelvis. Quivers said she underwent treatment, including radiation and chemotherapy, for cancer that started in the endometrial tissue of her uterus. She said doctors told her three months ago she is “cured.” Quivers endured two surgeries and months of radiation and chemotherapy and only missed two days on the air. She said, “It never occurred to me not to be on the air. When I was on the air, I was pain-free.”

Stern Says Quivers' Cancer was 'A Nightmare'
September 11, 2013
Recently, Howard Stern's longtime radio partner Robin Quivers, who had been absent from Stern's SiriusXM show for over a year, revealed she had been battling bladder cancer that could have easily killed her. Story includes video.

Really great article from Las Vegas Citylife
September 12, 2013 

[AUDIOBOOKS]For audiobook fans, reading is a thrill
Popularity of audiobooks is fueled by growth in easily downloadable digital formats, more libraries stocking titles to lend and time crunch of Americans.


[QUOTE]"When I listen to Barack Obama now all I hear is the Benny Hill theme" - [Dennis Miller]

[TECH]iTunes Radio, Apple announced in June it would enter the streaming radio business, taking on Pandora, Slacker, iHeartRadio and others who have been in the space and vying for both mobile and radio advertising dollar, as well as the growing migration of radio listening from traditional AM/FM to Internet streaming. Nearly half, or 48%, of iTunes users who bought a music download from iTunes in the past three months also listen to Pandora, Spotify, or other internet radio or an on-demand music service, according to NPD Group. The most popular of those is currently Pandora, which claims 42% of iTunes users. Apple's entry is a bid to claim at least part of that large and growing audience.

I wonder if any talk show would actually use this. Listeners can record an audio clip and send it to a show.
Blurt App Simplifies and Enhances Listener Participation for Radio Shows

[Leo Laporte] was talking this week about Nokia. Microsoft has bought them. Leo mentioned In 1898, Eduard Polón founded Finnish Rubber Works, manufacturer of galoshes and other rubber products, which later became Nokia's rubber business. Phones apparently were an afterthought.

[ON THIS DAY]September 13, 1928 - KOH-AM in Reno NV begins radio transmissions
Reno's KOH Radio, A Journey Through Time
compiled from the Western Historic Radio Museum

[HEARD THIS][Sean Hannity] said he wants a Harley really bad. I don't think his wife will let him. For Christmas his wife had bought him a Vespa Scooter! He did take it for a ride but told his wife, that if anyone ever got a photo of him on that Vespa it would be all over.

[CLASSIC RADIO]Philips BX135U Bakelite Radio (1954)

[PARTING SHOT]I am never going to have anything more to do with politics
or politicians. When this war is over I shall confine myself entirely to writing and painting - [Winston Churchill]

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