Friday, September 20, 2013

I Have Rotten Tomatoes To Thank For This Tasty Canadian Listener - Art Bell

[COMMENT][SIRIUSXM][Richard C. Hoagland] was on with [Art Bell] Thursday night. The interview that I really wanted to hear. Richard starts talking about a dome on the moon. I message Art at a break "Art I usually understand what Richard is talking about, but I have no idea what he's talking about. A glass dome on the moon?". Art comes back from the break and says "Richard, I have a listener that says he has no idea what you are talking about". I don't think Art did either. Richard sounds.... not pleased, and now the conversation sounds strained LOL. Art says "Richard this photo looks like a wood fence that needs repair". Classic. It pretty much set the tone for the rest of the interview. Art came on again after a break and said "A listener says that Richard now sounds angry." Art went on to say that it's just a bit contentious and that he has disagreed with Richard many times. I love Richard but he can get out there occasionally and get too esoteric and dubious.

During the show Richard says "I just got a message from George,
he says I hear he's giving you a hard time and go get'm"
Art comes back and says "well's a talk show" in kind of a (yea no kidding) tone.

The whole week of shows was really great, amazing really, with genuinely important information. Art's booming voice and the great sound quality is just tremendous. It's definitely worth the $15 just to hear this show. Art usually goes till 11pm with some open lines and is sounding like he's is loving life. Compelling radio is the key for this listener. Art's show on channel 104 on SiriusXM will be repeated all weekend at 7pm pacific.

[RADIO]Looks like one day soon you will be able to turn on the radio, switch to the FM band and hear AM radio. I welcome this. I would very much like to hear KRLA better in LA. They have the weakest signal in town. They turn their transmitter down in the evening and you can hear mostly static in Orange County and eastern LA county, where I live. An article just out says that the FCC is almost ready to make this happen.

From NPR's Fresh Air
In Memoir, [Linda Ronstadt] Describes Her 'Simple Dreams'

I heard the tail end of [Geraldo's] interview with Linda this week. She's living in San Francisco. She has a daughter living with her and does not sing anymore. She was like music royality in the 70's and on every show you can imagine. She's left a mark that will not soon fade.

A back and forth with KFI's news director [Chris Little].
No it's called a repeat. It seems like they program for lite listeners, but even if you only hear one newscast the day before you would have heard this story. I hear stories repeated often. Who wants to hear it again?.....the next

From BBC Radio
Spam ‘is seen as something classy’ in South Korea

[QUOTE][Larry Elder] found a Scorpion in his house and had a question "Is it a Democrat or a Republican?"

[PODCASTS]On This Week in Google (TWIG) Leo is on vacation in Europe and [Jeff Jarvis] was hosting with [Gina Trapanti]. Among other things they talked about, this company called Cyanogen that builds customized versions of Android that you can put on your phone for free.

Fork in the road: Cyanogen raises $7 million to build a better version of Android

Have not made it to this great event....yet.
Twelfth Annual Italian Feast of San Gennaro, Sept. 27–29
hosted by [Jimmy Kimmel] and [Adam Carolla] in Hollywood..

[PLATE]Breaking Bad's Lawyer Saul Goodman drives a Cadillac with licence plate .......LWYRUP

[ON THIS DAY]September 20, 1953 - [Jimmy Stewart] debuted on the radio western "The Six Shooter" on NBC. I've never heard of this or heard this show.
Here is an episode from 1954. 28 minutes.

[CLASSIC RADIO]Philco Model 90 Cathedral Radio (1931)
The Philco Model 90 is the most desired cathedral radio of all time in the eyes of many collectors.
Designed by Edward Combs, its classic lines epitomize the cathedral style, which became wildly popular in the 1930s.

[PARTING SHOT]Just accepted iTunes new terms of agreement and a guy knocked on my door and set up a cot. - [Steve Martin] (from Twitter)

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