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“Give me juicy autumnal fruit, ripe and red from the orchard. - Walt Whitman

[COMMENT]I love, Don Barrett's site for all that is LA Radio. He has had a constant stream of email complaining about KFI. If you read this blog you know my opinion on KFI. It reflects most of the emails that are on Don's site. It's really a question of how long can KFI continue on this path till it crashes. Granted they have the best ratings in town, for now. But I think and have said for some time that they are a little over confident. I think most of the people that work there think they can do no wrong. Maybe they can. But once listeners hear that over confidence, it can be a real turn off. The thing about KFI is that they have lots of old timers and lots of people waiting in the wings for someone to go away so they can fill those spots. Bill Handel is the prime candidate for going away soon. Even though he has great ratings (how that's possible I have no idea). Gary Hoffman is waiting in the wings to take over. Can't happen soon enough for me. Gary might be the most competent person at KFI. But then we have Bill Carroll, who cares? And John and Ken, been there a long time. Conway, I really have no idea how the hell he has a show, it's just terrible. My question is, how long will the Orange and Black last? I guess as long as advertisers buy spots. I know I'm an unusual listener, I guess they are counting on the audience "turning over ever 20 minutes". This might be why Handel has great ratings. Because if listeners really heard his show as I know it, they would be outside of KFI protesting.

So the emailers to LA Radio said this,

"I find myself switching due to the seemingly endless stream of commercials, Handel’s endless patter about whether he's is right or wrong about any given subject, and his sexual related jokes and puns, etc. that just aren't funny after 20 years of them."

I totally agree and have been saying this for years. Just last week it's the same schtick. Bill makes a comment that is supposed to produce laughter and his staff is silent. This is the norm on this show. He does it over and over like he's some accomplished comedian, like it's his thing. I call it hubris and arrogance and boring. I don't listen to Bill unless the alternative is listening to commercials. I will tune over hoping I hear Gary Hoffman and I'll hear Bill reading some story and it always ends with some stupid joke, usually sexual in nature. Click.

This guy that sent the email does not like Rush or John and Ken and says about Conway that "I like Tim's sense of humor but he tends to be repetitious at times. Do people really listen to What the hell did Jesse Jackson say?"

I agree with this entirely. Let me just say here for the record again that I have listened to Tim since he started at KLSX 97.1 The FM Talk Station. I like Tim. But he needs a partner and he needs to come into the radio station and actually plan the show. It always sounds like its done on the fly. Just yell and sing into the mic, yelling Ding Dong over and over does not make a good show. I know everybody associated with the show thinks it's just gold, but I beg to differ. Hearing Aron Bender, the news guy singing is not my idea of a good show. I long for the days with Steckler (love Fridays) or even with Brian Whitman. Mark Thompson is great and you can tell Tim tries to bring in other people because he just does not get the job done alone. It's a terrible show most my opinion. I listen to the opening for maybe 5 minutes then I'm over at Mike Gallagher or Mark Levin.

Then the emailer says:

"To me these are all things that can easily be fixed. I sincerely hope KFI management agrees."

I'm sure that Robin Bertolucci the Program Director of KFI thinks it's great. Bill gets big ratings and she loves Conway. Whatever. This is why I'm doing this website, to feed back. What other listeners in the LA area are voicing their opinion about local talk radio? Gotta change it up at some point down the road. How many years can you go with that announcer and that orange and black logo. It's cool, but how long does that last? Their are a lot of other choices, like other shows and Podcasts and Pandora and SiriusXM. I'm a listener and you will have to get me to listen, and this line up and choices (the biggest station in town) will have to change. It's just a button push for me. I've said it before, the overconfidence of the power of KFI will wane at some point, it already has with me.

"Also tiresome is the idea that KFI never seems to miss a news story that involves a penis, testicles or human waste." - Roy Allen, Fountain Valley

[RADIO]Two weeks till Art. At 7pm on September 16th [Art Bell] will return. This time on SiriusXM. I'm hoping for the same old show, which I'm sure it will be. Those great bumpers and those deep pipes of Art's. I always love hearing his take on the news and the great guests. I'm hoping for Richard Hoagland as the first guest. I've been checking out SiriusXM and it's pretty cool. It's great, because you do not need a satellite radio. Just listen online.

I was up very early Labor Day Weekend and heard [Ronnie Loaiza] doing the news on KFI at about 4am. She's working the graveyard shift. She was nice to accept my friend request. I have heard her for years. She's also an actress with an IMDB page. Looks like she has a few new things coming out soon. She is also friends with Brian Whitman.


[PHOTO]The weekly photo from Wayne Resnick of the lobby flowers at KFI.

[TECH]Microsoft's Steve Ballmer on his biggest regret, the next CEO and more, as he is quitting Microsoft.
Mary Jo Foley who I listen to on Leo Laporte's Twit Network on a show called Windows Weekly got an interview with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.  Mary Jo said that: I had 15 minutes today to ask Microsoft's outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer a few questions. We talked his biggest regrets, his thinking on what's next and more
I posted this photo of Mary Jo and Paul because frankly Steve Ballmer is scary looking.

Samsung’s Brilliant new OLED HDTV can be yours for just $9K. Leo Laporte just bought this $9,000 TV. He loves it. I guess you would have too, or kill yourself, 9 grand for a TV? Leo said that it is curved for some unknown reason.
I guess Leo is doing well these days. He bought this TV ($9,000) and is expecting a new Audi to arrive soon and he's going on vacation to Venice. I guess Twit is doing well, bravo!

[ON THIS DAY]September 2, 1901 – Vice President of the United States [Theodore Roosevelt] utters the famous phrase, "Speak softly and carry a big stick" at the Minnesota State Fair.

[OLD RADIO PHOTO]The 7019 was a metal version of the earlier Bakelite 3351 ”Commentator” model of 1940. Nicknamed as ‘Candycane’, due to its uniquely designed dial that incorporates the Silvertone name it was available in a choice of Brown 7019 or Ivory 7020. The housing comes in two pieces held together by screws from below and the underneath section houses a ‘Self Contained Aerial System’ which on first appearance resembles a cars radiator. This photo is from 1942.

[EXTRA]How To Actually Be A Good Listener

[PARTING SHOT]My sorrow, when she's here with me, thinks these dark days of autumn rain are beautiful as days can be; she loves the bare, the withered tree; she walks the sodden pasture lane - Robert Frost

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