Sunday, September 29, 2013

"Everything is changing. People are taking their comedians seriously, and the politicians as a joke, when it used to be vice versa." - Will Rogers

[COMMENT]If anyone was fooled by this threat of a government shut down, buy a clue, it's not gonna happen, even if it does it will be meaningless. An entire week of conversation on Talk Radio was wasted on this total charade and it's happened many times before. It's all just theater and all just smoke and mirrors. I again watched Mr. Smith Goes to Washington this weekend like everyone should. It's a game. Seen House of Cards? That's the real Washington. It's all such a waste of time to think any of these people we elect are pure of heart and are there to help the American people. Once they arrive there.... it's just all Chinatown Jake.

In the movie, Stewart's character comes seeking the truth, naive as he is. He is welcomed with a big rude awakening. The first thing that happens is he is slammed by the press, what a shocker, and this is 1939, nothing has changed apparently. A genuinely good person goes to Washington and is shunned from the established crowd. Sounds like Ted Cruz.

What's changed? We elect people, and they go to Washington and what happens? The people we elect are pressured to get along, to fit in, to go with the flow. After just got here, what do you know? If you want to survive in this town, stick with me kid. Things will be good, as long as you just hang back and lets us do the talking. It's nothing new. Tammany Hall in New York back in the 1780's with Boss Tweed was just as bad, if not worse. Completely corrupt and pay to play. I guess it's the one fatal flaw in the system, unattended human nature. One thing we need to pay strict attention to, is people. Making them accountable. Anything less would be, letting our country be taken over by thieves and cheats and liars.

[RADIO]A local man has built a museum, and his name is [Tommy Gelinas].
It's called San Fernando Valley Relics.
From his facebook page:

San Fernando Valley Relics Museum

Valley Relics is a personal collection of rare photos, yearbooks, documents, postcards, toys, photo negatives, vintage signs, books, antiques, and artifacts from the 1800′s to present, from the San Fernando Valley. Tommy Gelinas, a valley native born in Burbank, CA, founder and curator of the Valley Relics collection, through dedication and perseverance has made this personal collection one of the largest pertaining to the valley.

His continued quest to find artifacts and preserve our history has become his life’s obsession. Due to the ever deteriorating history of the San Fernando Valley, Tommy Gelinas’ mission is to collect and preserve not only relics and artifacts, but the memories of the valley that are too easily lost and forgotten to the test of time.

Friday Tommy was on KFWB with Ken Jeffreys, and Bob McCormick talking about the opening of his museum on October 12th. He has an event page on facebook:

The opening of the museum has 500 people confirmed to be attending. I grew up in the Valley and I think this is a very big deal. The wife and I will be there. I think it's very cool that someone would put all this energy into something and have a vision like this. I support Tommy and I know it will be a huge success. Who knows who will show up! The daily news did a story about the museum.

Talking about the movie he wrote and directed "Don Jon" [Joseph Gordon-Levitt] has come a long way. Sounds like a genuine guy. Cool interview this morning on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday. 7 minute audio.

This space is reserved for an interview on BBC1 Radio with Kanye West that I would never post, ever ever ever. Not to brag, but I could have told you years ago that this guy is a total douche bag idiot no talent blow hard a-hole.

[Lisa Ann Walter] on her Sunday KFI show talked about how Michael J Fox comforted her as she was about to go out on stage, very nervous, talked to her and gave her a smoke. Lisa said that Michael can do no wrong in her mind. I have always loved MJF, he's done such great movies that are huge cultural touchstones, like Back to the Future. I love personal stories like this. This is part of what compelling radio my mind. Bravo Lisa!

[SIRIUSXM][Howard Stern’s] not for sharing, Sirius XM chief says.

[ITUNES RADIO]I just downloaded the new iTunes and saw this really unimpressive screen for iTunes Radio. I clicked on a channel called "Chill" hmmm similar to SiriusXM "Chill". I'm sure it will be huge. I'm not a huge fan of iTunes. I have spent over $1000 on songs but never listen to them. We shall investigate this and see what's up. From what I see right now, looks like they are mirroring SiriusXM. I don't see any Talk Radio or spoken word. By the way every song that is playing has a little $.99 cent price, if you want to purchase, ahhh baboo.

[TWEET][Kurt Schlichter]  ‏
Overheard in the Media Matters Lunchroom: "Do you think my goatee reinforces phallocentrism?" #caring

[PODCASTS][Josh Robert Thompson]Best audio quality podcast I've ever heard.

In this episode Josh talks openly and honestly about a TV pilot he's doing and about having panic attacks in traffic. He mentions a horrible story where he was punk'd by a fake Make a Wish foundation text. A young kid was a big fan of the Geoff Perterson the robot on the late show with Craig Ferguson, that Josh does the voice for. This kid was supposedly dying. Turned out to be a cruel hoax. It's a very honest and revealing 40 minutes. I think Josh has a real future and we will be seeing a lot from him in the years to come. He's a real talent and a good guy.

He posted a hilarious video of his great De Niro impression, doing a cooking show. He also did it completely improv style, no script. It's a must see. Beware, language.

Cookin' with Bobby

Podcast King [Adam Carolla] Buys Californian Family Home for $2.9 Million
Adam Carolla, the host of 'The Adam Carolla Show', the most downloaded podcast of the world, has reportedly purchased a family home in the city of La Canada-Flintridge, California, for $2.9 million. Same neighborhood as his old buddy Dr. Drew. I can't find a photo!

[AUDIOBOOKS][Jim Henson]: The Biography UNABRIDGED by Brian Jay Jones
Narrated by Kirby Heyborne. 21 hrs and 17 mins
I know nothing about Jim Henson, except for the obvious. These are my favorite books to listen to, ones where I have little or no knowledge. Many surprises and things you would never expect listening to this I'm sure. I can't wait to hear this book.

[LA PHOTO]LA County Fair looking beautiful.


[BUMPER STICKER]I used up all my sick days, so I called in dead.

[TECH]You and I are being spied on everyday and there are people that I respect that think it's just fine and dandy. I object.
From the New York Times
N.S.A. Gathers Data on Social Connections of U.S. Citizens
Gen. Keith Alexander, the director of the National Security Agency, testified on Thursday before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

[ON THIS DAY]September 29, 1930 - [Lowell Thomas] made his debut on CBS Radio. He was in the radio business for the next 46 years.

To be honest I have never heard of this man but it's fascinating history. In 1930, he became a broadcaster with the CBS radio network, delivering a nightly news and commentary program. He hosted the first-ever television-news broadcast in 1930 and the first regularly scheduled television news broadcast (even though it was just a simulcast of his radio broadcast), beginning on February 21, 1940, on NBC. But the television news simulcast was a short-lived venture for him, and he favored radio. Indeed, it was over radio that he presented and commented upon the news for four decades until his retirement in 1976, the longest radio career of anyone in his day (a record later surpassed by Paul Harvey). His signature sign-on was "Good evening, everybody" and his sign-off "So long, until tomorrow," phrases he would use in titling his two volumes of memoirs.

[Lowell Thomas] Unplugged (Radio Bloopers) 3 minutes. 

[CLASSIC RADIO]Zenith 6-D-512 "Beehive" (1941)

[PARTING SHOT]The ability to speak is a short cut to distinction. It puts a man in the limelight, raises him head and shoulders above the crowd - [Lowell Thomas]

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