Sunday, September 29, 2013

"Everything is changing. People are taking their comedians seriously, and the politicians as a joke, when it used to be vice versa." - Will Rogers

[COMMENT]If anyone was fooled by this threat of a government shut down, buy a clue, it's not gonna happen, even if it does it will be meaningless. An entire week of conversation on Talk Radio was wasted on this total charade and it's happened many times before. It's all just theater and all just smoke and mirrors. I again watched Mr. Smith Goes to Washington this weekend like everyone should. It's a game. Seen House of Cards? That's the real Washington. It's all such a waste of time to think any of these people we elect are pure of heart and are there to help the American people. Once they arrive there.... it's just all Chinatown Jake.

In the movie, Stewart's character comes seeking the truth, naive as he is. He is welcomed with a big rude awakening. The first thing that happens is he is slammed by the press, what a shocker, and this is 1939, nothing has changed apparently. A genuinely good person goes to Washington and is shunned from the established crowd. Sounds like Ted Cruz.

What's changed? We elect people, and they go to Washington and what happens? The people we elect are pressured to get along, to fit in, to go with the flow. After just got here, what do you know? If you want to survive in this town, stick with me kid. Things will be good, as long as you just hang back and lets us do the talking. It's nothing new. Tammany Hall in New York back in the 1780's with Boss Tweed was just as bad, if not worse. Completely corrupt and pay to play. I guess it's the one fatal flaw in the system, unattended human nature. One thing we need to pay strict attention to, is people. Making them accountable. Anything less would be, letting our country be taken over by thieves and cheats and liars.

[RADIO]A local man has built a museum, and his name is [Tommy Gelinas].
It's called San Fernando Valley Relics.
From his facebook page:

San Fernando Valley Relics Museum

Valley Relics is a personal collection of rare photos, yearbooks, documents, postcards, toys, photo negatives, vintage signs, books, antiques, and artifacts from the 1800′s to present, from the San Fernando Valley. Tommy Gelinas, a valley native born in Burbank, CA, founder and curator of the Valley Relics collection, through dedication and perseverance has made this personal collection one of the largest pertaining to the valley.

His continued quest to find artifacts and preserve our history has become his life’s obsession. Due to the ever deteriorating history of the San Fernando Valley, Tommy Gelinas’ mission is to collect and preserve not only relics and artifacts, but the memories of the valley that are too easily lost and forgotten to the test of time.

Friday Tommy was on KFWB with Ken Jeffreys, and Bob McCormick talking about the opening of his museum on October 12th. He has an event page on facebook:

The opening of the museum has 500 people confirmed to be attending. I grew up in the Valley and I think this is a very big deal. The wife and I will be there. I think it's very cool that someone would put all this energy into something and have a vision like this. I support Tommy and I know it will be a huge success. Who knows who will show up! The daily news did a story about the museum.

Talking about the movie he wrote and directed "Don Jon" [Joseph Gordon-Levitt] has come a long way. Sounds like a genuine guy. Cool interview this morning on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday. 7 minute audio.

This space is reserved for an interview on BBC1 Radio with Kanye West that I would never post, ever ever ever. Not to brag, but I could have told you years ago that this guy is a total douche bag idiot no talent blow hard a-hole.

[Lisa Ann Walter] on her Sunday KFI show talked about how Michael J Fox comforted her as she was about to go out on stage, very nervous, talked to her and gave her a smoke. Lisa said that Michael can do no wrong in her mind. I have always loved MJF, he's done such great movies that are huge cultural touchstones, like Back to the Future. I love personal stories like this. This is part of what compelling radio my mind. Bravo Lisa!

[SIRIUSXM][Howard Stern’s] not for sharing, Sirius XM chief says.

[ITUNES RADIO]I just downloaded the new iTunes and saw this really unimpressive screen for iTunes Radio. I clicked on a channel called "Chill" hmmm similar to SiriusXM "Chill". I'm sure it will be huge. I'm not a huge fan of iTunes. I have spent over $1000 on songs but never listen to them. We shall investigate this and see what's up. From what I see right now, looks like they are mirroring SiriusXM. I don't see any Talk Radio or spoken word. By the way every song that is playing has a little $.99 cent price, if you want to purchase, ahhh baboo.

[TWEET][Kurt Schlichter]  ‏
Overheard in the Media Matters Lunchroom: "Do you think my goatee reinforces phallocentrism?" #caring

[PODCASTS][Josh Robert Thompson]Best audio quality podcast I've ever heard.

In this episode Josh talks openly and honestly about a TV pilot he's doing and about having panic attacks in traffic. He mentions a horrible story where he was punk'd by a fake Make a Wish foundation text. A young kid was a big fan of the Geoff Perterson the robot on the late show with Craig Ferguson, that Josh does the voice for. This kid was supposedly dying. Turned out to be a cruel hoax. It's a very honest and revealing 40 minutes. I think Josh has a real future and we will be seeing a lot from him in the years to come. He's a real talent and a good guy.

He posted a hilarious video of his great De Niro impression, doing a cooking show. He also did it completely improv style, no script. It's a must see. Beware, language.

Cookin' with Bobby

Podcast King [Adam Carolla] Buys Californian Family Home for $2.9 Million
Adam Carolla, the host of 'The Adam Carolla Show', the most downloaded podcast of the world, has reportedly purchased a family home in the city of La Canada-Flintridge, California, for $2.9 million. Same neighborhood as his old buddy Dr. Drew. I can't find a photo!

[AUDIOBOOKS][Jim Henson]: The Biography UNABRIDGED by Brian Jay Jones
Narrated by Kirby Heyborne. 21 hrs and 17 mins
I know nothing about Jim Henson, except for the obvious. These are my favorite books to listen to, ones where I have little or no knowledge. Many surprises and things you would never expect listening to this I'm sure. I can't wait to hear this book.

[LA PHOTO]LA County Fair looking beautiful.


[BUMPER STICKER]I used up all my sick days, so I called in dead.

[TECH]You and I are being spied on everyday and there are people that I respect that think it's just fine and dandy. I object.
From the New York Times
N.S.A. Gathers Data on Social Connections of U.S. Citizens
Gen. Keith Alexander, the director of the National Security Agency, testified on Thursday before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

[ON THIS DAY]September 29, 1930 - [Lowell Thomas] made his debut on CBS Radio. He was in the radio business for the next 46 years.

To be honest I have never heard of this man but it's fascinating history. In 1930, he became a broadcaster with the CBS radio network, delivering a nightly news and commentary program. He hosted the first-ever television-news broadcast in 1930 and the first regularly scheduled television news broadcast (even though it was just a simulcast of his radio broadcast), beginning on February 21, 1940, on NBC. But the television news simulcast was a short-lived venture for him, and he favored radio. Indeed, it was over radio that he presented and commented upon the news for four decades until his retirement in 1976, the longest radio career of anyone in his day (a record later surpassed by Paul Harvey). His signature sign-on was "Good evening, everybody" and his sign-off "So long, until tomorrow," phrases he would use in titling his two volumes of memoirs.

[Lowell Thomas] Unplugged (Radio Bloopers) 3 minutes. 

[CLASSIC RADIO]Zenith 6-D-512 "Beehive" (1941)

[PARTING SHOT]The ability to speak is a short cut to distinction. It puts a man in the limelight, raises him head and shoulders above the crowd - [Lowell Thomas]

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Friday, September 27, 2013

“Liberty is too precious to be buried in books. Men should hold it up in front of them every single day of their lives and say, ‘I’m free.'” - James Stewart from Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

[COMMENT]It's a game changer and [Ted Cruz] is the star of Talk Radio this week. I didn't know much about him before this week. He seems to have made a masterful move and man are people pissed. I think it took real balls to do what he did and he put the focus on just how bad Obamacare is. I loved it and I'm a big fan now. Now he's getting slammed, I'm sure he can take it. Hugh Hewitt did a great job covering this. Hugh talked about Cruz and his background, some really interesting stuff. Cruz was the youngest solicitor General of Texas from 2003 to May 2008. Cruz argued before the Supreme Court nine times. Between 1999 and 2003, Cruz served as the director of the Office of Policy Planning at the Federal Trade Commission, and Associate Deputy Attorney General at the United States Department of Justice, and as Domestic Policy Advisor to U.S. President George W. Bush on the 2000 Bush-Cheney campaign. In addition, Cruz was an Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Texas School of Law in Austin, where he taught U.S. Supreme Court litigation, from 2004 to 2009. He was also a clerk for Chief Justice William Rehnquist, which Hewitt says is a very big deal. Big Lib Prof. Alan Dershowitz told the National Review “Cruz is off-the-charts brilliant”

Is that enough qualifications to be President? mmmmm could be.....

[RADIO]Talk Radio Takes the Senate
At one point, [Ted Cruz] said “God bless Talk Radio.” That night he read from [Rush Limbaugh’s] dad’s famous speech on the Founding — famous because Rush reads it every Thanksgiving on air.

Majority of Americans now streaming listeners.

This week [Doug McIntyre] on McIntyre in the Morning had guest hosts on with him. It was nice to hear some different kind of radio for a change. He had [Dennis Zine], [Penny Peyser] his wife, and [Rob Marinko], [Gina Grad], [Mr. KABC (Mark Germain)]. On Tuesday an untethered Dennis Zine was sitting in as guest host, and I think Dennis might actually be in-training for a show on KABC. He's knows a lot about LA politics and is a former police officer and he's really good on mic. I would listen. And how stupid are these programming people?, why is Rob Marinko not working at KABC? It's just unbelievable. Good shows all week, the only criticism I have is that the morning show is soo tightly formatted that it's hard to let a guest host get more than a couple sentences out. It's a little unnerving how fast the show moves to get all the traffic reports in and news. I say loosen it up a bit. And when you have a guest host on, don't do the same show. Less McIntyre, more guest. Don't just read news stories and have a guest on the phone, have a conversation with your guest host! Informal and more personal is always better. A morning show does not have to sound like the proverbial morning show. Innovate a little KABC! More content is always my mantra!

Friday night update. I did listen to the show this morning with Ken Levine and it was great. especially the 8 O'clock hour. They talked baseball and play by play, entertaining conversation. 

Rob Marinko and Penny Peyser

Some Icelandic person with Penny. 

From NPR's Fresh Air
[Soderbergh's] Liberace, 'Behind The Candelabra'

[SIRIUSXM][Art Bell] had to put up a taped rerun because the phones went down at SiriusXM HQ on Thursday. His schedule next week:
9/30 - Mon - Dr. Michael Heiser
10/1 - Tue - ‎Whitley Strieber
10/2 - Wed - Dr. Albert Taylor
10/3 - Thu - Linda Moulton Howe

SiriusXM CEO 'Committed to Keeping' Howard Stern, NFL Content
Stern earlier this year said that he is planning to leave Sirius XM at the end of his contract that runs through 2015.

SiriusXM Adds Just For Laughs Radio

[QUOTE][Art Bell] said this week "[Senator Ted Cruz] is going to talk till he can't stand up, CNN is showing him on camera and are hoping that he collapses any minute.......and then he'll need Obamacare"

[PODCASTS]This week on [Marc Maron's] WTF Podcast Marc interviews [Monte Hall!] You might need to be my age to even know who that is. Monte Hall had a game show for years that was huge. It was called "Let's Make a Deal". A must hear great interview with lots of stories about his life. Wonderful to hear his very distinct voice again. Monte is 92 now.

Check out 5 minutes of the old show. 

This Week with [Larry Miller]. Always a great show.


[TECH]Breaking: From BBC News Technology
26 September 2013
Google unveils major upgrade to search algorithm

[ON THIS DAY]September 27, 1954 - The "Tonight!" show made its debut on NBC-TV with [Steve Allen] as host.

[CLASSIC RADIO]Empire from the 1930's

[PARTING SHOT]It was impossible to get a conversation going, everybody was talking too much - [Yogi Berra]

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tip the world over on its side and everything loose will land in Los Angeles - Frank Lloyd Wright

[COMMENT]I don't think there is anybody more LA than artist [Ed Ruscha]. I have been following Ed for years and years. I got to shake his hand once, maybe 20 years ago at MOCA. He's from Oklahoma but has lived in LA forever. I just love his art. It just soo iconic. I woke up on Sunday morning to see and hear that NPR's Weekend Edition did an interview with him. Ed does not do interviews, or very few over the years. I think he just lets his art speak for itself. From what I can gather, he lives and works in Venice. If you just do a Google image search on his name you can see tons of his paintings, and they are amazing. I remember when the web first came along, I looked his name up and found nothing. I read an article years ago that he did not want his art to get out on the web. I think over the years he has relented. Almost everything he's done can be found now on the web, and it just wonderful stuff. Nobody's art is like Ed Ruschas' art. The ones I love are images with text. Images, like a simple ship on the ocean trying to survive the elements in a dark fog or a painting with just the declination, "Honey I twisted though more damn traffic to get here". Besides his early iconic Standard Oil paintings and his fascination with "Los Angeles Apartments" he has made icons out of words and images. Ed has taken this city and made it important and special. He obviously loves LA and puts it on canvass. I have for years been so taken with everything I have seen him do. In this NPR interview you actually hear him talk about this. Ed Ruscha is truly an LA original.

Pepto-Bismol & caviar/canvas
18 H x 22 W (inches)
This piece is missing

[RADIO]The winners of the 2013 NAB Marconi Radio Awards were announced Thursday night at the annual NAB Marconi Radio Awards Dinner & Show held at the Radio Show in Orlando. LA won nothing. I don't think anyone not in the industry knows this or cares. I still find the fact that they are called the Marconi's not a good thing. Personally I wish they were called the Tesla's. But that's just me.

On Friday at the iconic Sportsman's Lodge in Studio City, The Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters (what ever that means) had a luncheon. Doug McIntyre was there, Bill Handel, Tim Conway Jr, Brian Whitman and Dennis Prager. I had to bite down on my fist that I could not go to this. It was open to the public for $50. It included lunch. I had to work so I could not go. I bet it was a blast. I got a Little League Trophy for my pathetic performance on the Astros at Sherman Oaks Park in 1973, when I was ten, at the Sportsman's Lodge. I love that place.
Photos from McInytre's facebook page! There is supposed to be video. Not seen a link yet.

How often do you see these radio bulls together?

Ventura Blvd looking east.

Nice hotel and pool. 

From NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday with [Scott Simon]
When AM Radio Was More Than Talk And Static
[Dick Biondi], a radio DJ since the 1950s, has worked for 28 stations and has been fired 25 times, and may have been the first person to play the Beatles on the radio in the U.S. Host Scott Simon asks Biondi about those days, and what keeps him in radio at age 81. 6 minutes.

I've never heard Dick but this interview is great. He's an old pro with some great stories.

NPR moves weekend edition of 'All Things Considered' to L.A. area
The weekend edition of 'All Things Considered,' which had been done in Washington, is the only NPR news program to be based in its Culver City office.
Arun Rath is the new host for the weekend version of "All Things Considered." One of his main goals is to contribute more of his own reporting from outside the studio, something NPR hosts don’t often do.

This might be the last show that Alec Baldwin does on his great "Here's the thing" show for WNYC, because he's ending it to do TV.

On Here's the Thing with Alec Baldwin, Chris Columbus
Monday, September 16, 2013
This week Alec sits down with film director Chris Columbus – who has brought to the screen some of the biggest American family films in the last 20 years: Adventures in Babysitting, Home Alone, and Mrs. Doubtfire. It might be one of Alec's last shows, the show is ending and he's going to TV.


Art's guests next week
9/23 - Mon - Jeremy Meador
9/24 - Tue - Seth Shostak
9/25 - Wed - Matthew Alper
9/26 - Thu - ‎Whitley Strieber

[QUOTE]“It's Los Angeles mostly full of nonsense and delusion and egomania.
They think they'll be young and beautiful forever, even though most of them aren't even young and beautiful now”  - [Christopher Hitchens]

[PODCASTS][Josh Robert Thompson]Pokin' Around Podcast #19: The Big Reveal!

From Twitter:

"My version of gambling is watching porn on a laptop with 1% battery power and seeing if I can finish before it dies."

Josh knows what he's doing, the sound quality of this podcast is superior. He's always funny.
His impressions are amazing. He does an impression of Kevin Spacey that is soo dead on it's unreal.


[TECH]Woz not turned on by iPhone 5C
Apple's co-founder seems generally underwhelmed by Apple's new product announcements. He prefers things a little more "high-end."

[ON THIS DAY]September 22, 1943 - [Kate Smith] finished her War Bond radio appeal. She had stayed on the air 13 continuous hours and collected $39 million in bond pledges.

I'm sure that millions of Americans were sitting around their radios listening to Kate Smith sing this song. To raise that much money, she was a phenom of the time. It must have been absolutely huge.
Kate Smith, God Bless America

"Buying Our Boys Back": The Mass Foundations of Fiscal Citizenship in World War II
Just after 8:00 in the morning on Tuesday, September 21, 1943, the singer and radio star Kate Smith addressed her national audience with a personal story that set the tone for the marathon bond drive she would conduct over the next eighteen hours

[CLASSIC RADIO]Olympic Model 441 Plastic Radio (1958)

[PARTING SHOT]“When its 100 degrees in New York, it's 72 in Los Angeles. When its 30 degrees in New York, in Los Angeles it's still 72. However, there are 6 million interesting people in New York, and only 72 in Los Angeles.” - [Neil Simon]

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Friday, September 20, 2013

I Have Rotten Tomatoes To Thank For This Tasty Canadian Listener - Art Bell

[COMMENT][SIRIUSXM][Richard C. Hoagland] was on with [Art Bell] Thursday night. The interview that I really wanted to hear. Richard starts talking about a dome on the moon. I message Art at a break "Art I usually understand what Richard is talking about, but I have no idea what he's talking about. A glass dome on the moon?". Art comes back from the break and says "Richard, I have a listener that says he has no idea what you are talking about". I don't think Art did either. Richard sounds.... not pleased, and now the conversation sounds strained LOL. Art says "Richard this photo looks like a wood fence that needs repair". Classic. It pretty much set the tone for the rest of the interview. Art came on again after a break and said "A listener says that Richard now sounds angry." Art went on to say that it's just a bit contentious and that he has disagreed with Richard many times. I love Richard but he can get out there occasionally and get too esoteric and dubious.

During the show Richard says "I just got a message from George,
he says I hear he's giving you a hard time and go get'm"
Art comes back and says "well's a talk show" in kind of a (yea no kidding) tone.

The whole week of shows was really great, amazing really, with genuinely important information. Art's booming voice and the great sound quality is just tremendous. It's definitely worth the $15 just to hear this show. Art usually goes till 11pm with some open lines and is sounding like he's is loving life. Compelling radio is the key for this listener. Art's show on channel 104 on SiriusXM will be repeated all weekend at 7pm pacific.

[RADIO]Looks like one day soon you will be able to turn on the radio, switch to the FM band and hear AM radio. I welcome this. I would very much like to hear KRLA better in LA. They have the weakest signal in town. They turn their transmitter down in the evening and you can hear mostly static in Orange County and eastern LA county, where I live. An article just out says that the FCC is almost ready to make this happen.

From NPR's Fresh Air
In Memoir, [Linda Ronstadt] Describes Her 'Simple Dreams'

I heard the tail end of [Geraldo's] interview with Linda this week. She's living in San Francisco. She has a daughter living with her and does not sing anymore. She was like music royality in the 70's and on every show you can imagine. She's left a mark that will not soon fade.

A back and forth with KFI's news director [Chris Little].
No it's called a repeat. It seems like they program for lite listeners, but even if you only hear one newscast the day before you would have heard this story. I hear stories repeated often. Who wants to hear it again?.....the next

From BBC Radio
Spam ‘is seen as something classy’ in South Korea

[QUOTE][Larry Elder] found a Scorpion in his house and had a question "Is it a Democrat or a Republican?"

[PODCASTS]On This Week in Google (TWIG) Leo is on vacation in Europe and [Jeff Jarvis] was hosting with [Gina Trapanti]. Among other things they talked about, this company called Cyanogen that builds customized versions of Android that you can put on your phone for free.

Fork in the road: Cyanogen raises $7 million to build a better version of Android

Have not made it to this great event....yet.
Twelfth Annual Italian Feast of San Gennaro, Sept. 27–29
hosted by [Jimmy Kimmel] and [Adam Carolla] in Hollywood..

[PLATE]Breaking Bad's Lawyer Saul Goodman drives a Cadillac with licence plate .......LWYRUP

[ON THIS DAY]September 20, 1953 - [Jimmy Stewart] debuted on the radio western "The Six Shooter" on NBC. I've never heard of this or heard this show.
Here is an episode from 1954. 28 minutes.

[CLASSIC RADIO]Philco Model 90 Cathedral Radio (1931)
The Philco Model 90 is the most desired cathedral radio of all time in the eyes of many collectors.
Designed by Edward Combs, its classic lines epitomize the cathedral style, which became wildly popular in the 1930s.

[PARTING SHOT]Just accepted iTunes new terms of agreement and a guy knocked on my door and set up a cot. - [Steve Martin] (from Twitter)

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