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I'd rather entrust the government of the United States to the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than to the faculty of Harvard University - William F. Buckley, Jr.

[COMMENT][Rush] was asked by a caller about the way he says "The Reverend Jacks'nnnnnnn", when referring to Jesse Jackson. Rush went on to explain that he's doing kind of a parody on William F. Buckley from the show Firing Line. I laughed out loud when I heard this. I have heard Rush do this hundreds of times and never connected it to Buckley. It made perfect sense. Buckley has a sort of erudite upper class way of speaking. I always wondered about how he speaks, if it's from his time at Yale or he grew up in a very rich family and they spoke like that or maybe the northeastern influence, kind of like Jack Kennedy, errr-a err-a. I always thought it was put on, in a way. After reading a biography on Buckley several years ago I was really taken by him and his life. He was a brilliant guy and a great conservative. Reading in his bio, he was a huge sailor. He would go on these long trips across the ocean in his sailboat. It was stocked to the gills with cases and cases of wine and beer. He would also bring a chef with him. He did not suffer on these voyages.

The book is a collection of fifty years of personal essays by William F. Buckley, Jr. illuminates his career in the army, his love of sailing and wine, his interests in religion and politics, and his memories of the people who most influenced him. It's brilliant, I loved it.
You can also see Buckley interviewing Jesse Jackson, in what looks to be around 69-70 and see what Rush is talking about in this 5 minute video. You can see what a complete phony Jesse Jackson was even back then.

[RADIO][Vin Scully] to return for 65th season
Let's just start building the statue now, why wait?

[Frank Marano] who does a great show at 970 AM The Answer in New York. Friday night he did an interview with an actor/comedian that I have not heard from in sometime. [Charles Grodin]. He tells a story about Carson, and the fact that he hates to travel and won't even go in to Manhattan to have dinner with a friend. He talks about working as a Pinkerton Guard and making $10 a day and living in a hotel in downtown. Just when I thought I heard everything, a new book by Grodin. Grodin goes on to talk about all kinds of cases he is working on to free innocent people. I used to watch Charles do his CNBC show years ago and he got a little weird for me, but this interview is really great.

[Art Bell] Interviewed in Pahrump by [George Knapp] for a local Las Vegas TV station. An Amazing interview showing what Art looks like now and his wife and child. A must see. This wowed me.

Public Radio's Bullseye with Comedian [Louis Black]. An hour interview. He's got a tour bus with a wine cooler :)

[QUOTE]All the candy corn that was ever made was made in 1911 - [Lewis Black]

[SIRIUSXM]Wow, new discovery listening to "Chill" channel on SiriusXM...[London Grammar]. What a talent.

[PODCASTS]I listened to a favorite weekly podcast of mine called Windows Weekly with [Leo Laporte and Mary Jo Foley and Paul Thurrott]. This was a special episode. Paul did quite a sales job on Windows Phone. I have had a love hate relationship with Microsoft. I bought my first computer in May of 1992 and used this. Windows 3.1.

But the bulk of the show talked about how the Windows Phone is really gaining ground. The talk about the new Nokia Lumina 2010, with an astounding 41 megapixel lens (Carl Ziess) and the low price really sold me. Paul doesn't BS people and I believe him when he says Windows phone is really established itself and has made great improvements over time. Also with this Nokia phone (unlike my LG phone with Android) it will be updated often. It's not an orphan device the minute you buy it. If there is OS updates you will get them. That really sold me. My 3 year old phone still has Gingerbread and Metro PCS has no intention of upgrading it. The only way to get that with Android is buy the most popular phone like the Galaxy or a pure Google phone like the Nexus. This phone looks simpler to me as well. Also Paul wrote a huge book about Windows Phone that is free to read! So we go from 1992 to now, a little improvement. Windows Phones are in the $99 to $300 range. This Lumina 1020 is the high end with the great camera. That's what I want! I've been a die hard user of Android but if it's an ok OS and it does what I want and is relatively speedy, what difference does it make what OS you have? I'm just gonna use facebook, Twitter, email the camera and the phone. That's all the functionality I need.

Here is a night time photo taken with the 41 Megapixel camera. Night shots or low light shots are always the hardest to get. Amazing. If I posted this photo in it's original size it would not fit on the screen.


[ON THIS DAY]On Aug. 25, 1944, Paris was liberated by Allied forces after four years of Nazi occupation. You're welcome.

[PHOTO]The Hollywood sign has been lit up at night for some reason this week, possibly for filming.

[PARTING SHOT]“I certainly believe that UFOs are really on occasion extraterrestrial craft visiting earth, so to me that means that our government, our military at some level they know they're here, and they're either frightened of them because they don't know, or they wish to figure a way to defend against them.” - [Art Bell]

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