Tuesday, August 13, 2013

From now on when I write science fiction stories set in the future, I won't say the year, I'll just say the iPhone model - KFI's Rob Archer

[COMMENT]This week a big thing happens, [Mark Levin's] new book comes out. It's called The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic. Mark has the best show on the air in my opinion. He's just a brilliant guy with the best intentions. I think Mark genuinely cares about our country and he has really stretched himself here trying to come up with some way we can repair the nation. This is a man that just does not throw in the towel, ever. Mark puts his heart and soul into his on air work and in his books. I heard on the very day this book comes out, it's already number one on the best seller list. This is an important work and I hope it does really well. Mark Levin is a patriot and someone that is working to make this country better.


[RADIO]I got this in my email. I had no idea that [Art Bell] was on an Oceanside radio station in 1972, I don't think he ever talked about this. An amazing photo.

From The Coast News

KUDE Chupacabra king returns

In the photo you see a 27-year-old Art Bell in 1972. He was interviewing [Maureen McCormick], the then 16-year-old actress who played Marcia Brady in the Brady Bunch. Bell was a DJ at Oceanside’s Top 40 station KUDE AM 1320, and McCormick was dropping by to chat up her appearance at JC Penney’s in Carlsbad. She was promoting her new record, which never went anywhere. According to Bob Hudson, who worked at KUDE as a DJ and newsman at the time (and who took the photos), this was the last full-time DJ gig for Bell before he launched a hugely successful career as a talk show host.

Bell went on to host the syndicated Coast-To-Coast AM, the offbeat overnight gabfest that became the home for long-winded discussions about space aliens, chupacabras and conspiracy theories about secret societies and why there is AIDS. Bell retired from Coast-To-Coast about 10 years ago, handing his headphones over to George Noory. But it was just announced that Bell is coming back with his own nightly talk show again that will actually compete with Coast-To-Coast. Beginning Sept. 16, Art Bell’s Dark Matter will air from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. on the satellite-carried Sirius XM. Art Bell’s Dark Matter will originate from his home in Pahrump, Nev.

Long timers know that the studios for KUDE (and its sister station, “beautiful music” station KJFM 102.1 FM) were located on Oceanside Boulevard, near Foussat Road. The towers are still there, broadcasting a signal from KKSM, Palomar College’s student-manned station. I see Bob Hudson every now and then at the Thursday night Farmers Market downtown. KJFM is now KPRI, and its studios are in San Diego.

SiriusXM to form Spanish-language channel starring [Eddie 'PiolĂ­n' Sotelo]
After severing ties with Univision Radio, Spanish-language L.A. radio fixture is set to launch an entertainment channel on subscription service SiriusXM this fall.
I think this is huge. There are some big names coming to SiriusXM even after years with only Howard headlining. I think SiriusXM might become a very big deal if they just get a few more big names. I'm sold.

On Sunday night, listening to a very unappreciated host, [Wayne Resnick] on KFI, a caller. Wayne took this call at the top of the show. The caller was pissed. I don't even remember why. It was [Brian Whitman] calling in as a pissed caller. He was funny as hell and I wonder who besides me knew right away that it was Brian. He went on for a good 5 minutes and Wayne just let him rant. That's compelling radio!

On NPR's Fresh Air today.
'Orange is the new black' creator [Jenji Kohan]
Jenji Kohan, who is also the showrunner, overseeing production of the series. Kohan also created the Showtime series Weeds. She tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross about the show's close-knit cast, why she chose Netflix, and what draws her to stories about privileged white women and criminality.

[PODCASTS]Do you know [Josh Robert Thompson]? Josh talks comedy, critics and gay robot skeletons with “Late Late Show” host and friend, [Craig Ferguson]. A must hear.

[HEARD THIS]"We got 12,000 emails in one day" - [Rush]

[PLATE]SALTGUY (older guy in a red Corvette)

[TECH]I really think this is the new cool gadget. A bluetooth speaker. You can put this on the back of your toilet and have your phone close by and listen to tunes in the shower. Lots of these out there with various prices, some over $200 and some around $50. Like this one. I still have not bought one yet but plan to.

[ON THIS DAY]Born on this day. [Alfred Hitchcock] 1899

[PHOTO]Ventura Blvd., 1920

[PARTING SHOT]“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” - [Mark Twain]

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