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I could tell my parents hated me. My bath toys were a toaster and a radio - Rodney Dangerfield

[COMMENT]I was in the mountains for a few days and had no TV, a little radio and some cell service. Nice to kick back and just sit on a deck and listen to the wind though the pine trees.

You know today NPR's [Scott Simon] did a short segment on just how hilarious it is that new FOIA documents are now showing the words Area 51. They made fun of it mentioning Elvis and KFC, not sure why. They played funny music. This one minute piece by NPR and Scott Simon is frankly embarrassing. Obviously NPR and Scott Simon think that this story is just a joke. I haven't heard NPR do something so blatant as this is years. Shame on you.

It's amazing to me after all these years that the mostly left wing media still makes fun of secret military bases and UFOs and covert federal government programs. Even if you don't believe any of the wacky stories there are hundreds of people that have come out to report what I think are real accounts. Some like [Colonel Philip Corso] and his book on Roswell or [Bob Lazar] who says he worked at S-4 to back engineer alien spacecraft to [Francis Gary Powers] (the U-2 pilot shot down over Russia) who worked at Groom Lake or Area 51. His book says that personnel flew from Burbank airport everyday to their jobs. The U-2 program is well documented. It's been out there a long time and I have literally heard thousands of hours of people talking about it. Am I crazy? Or does some of it have validity? The NSA is spying on you, does this sound unusual to you? Not to me. [Art Bell] will have lots to say about this on Sept 16th on SiriusXM.

[RADIO]An LA Radio icon, [Ted Ziegenbusch].

I made friends with KOST's [Ted Ziegenbusch] on facebook this weekend. He shared a great story about Art Bell........
I believe it was around 1990, I took a trip to see my oldest son in San Jose - leaving AFTER I finished my (then) 10pm-2am shift on KOST. On the way, I came across [Art Bell's] overnight show on the AM radio. At the time, he was on less than a dozen stations I was told. I was glued to the radio and fascinated beyond words. It wasn't just ghost stories and UFOs. It was how he did the show, his voice, his warmth, etc. Anyway, I got back to L.A. and had a chance to talk with KFI's gm at the time (Howard Neal). I said, "Howard, you HAVE to get this guy on KFI! He is amazing and he's going to be huge." After explaining a bit of Art's show, Howard rolled his eyes at me and probably thought I was crazy. Of course, not too long after that Art Bell was KFI's competition. Eventually, thanks to Premiere, he made the transition to KFI and I felt justified in my beliefs. And, now you know the rest of the story.

Ted started at KOST in 1982! He's a fixture here in LA.
A great bio on Ted on the KOST website.

Audio from 1992, [Ted Ziegenbusch] on KOST-FM Los Angeles.
Artists heard in this aircheck include: Lionel Richie, Celine Dion, Double, The Righteous Brothers, Bill Withers, Chicago, Richard Marx, Michael W. Smith, Brenda Russell, George Michael, Paul Young and Gloria Estefan.

1989 KOST 103.5 Station Tour video. It's a 17 minute tour of the station. This is a classic. Ted is prominent in this video. And you will also see other LA radio icon's like....[Mike Nolan] and [Sharon Dale], [Michael Saclarides], [Mark Denis]. [Dick Clark] at the end wth his classic commercial.

I asked Mike Nolan about the fact that this video shows him flying a Beachcraft Bonanza. And Mike said: 
That was my plane at that time. That was a great video.

Ted's comments on the video from facebook: That was so much fun to make the video back then. It was filmed in the original 1982 building on 6th & Ardmore. Jhani Kaye (who wrote, produced and directed) was brilliant in many aspects, but especially when it came to promoting things. He lined up a deal with Wherehouse Videos (the big store back then, if you can believe that) and the rest is history. The FREE rental videotape is just one of a dozen reasons why the station shot to #1 in a short time. Boy, do all of us look younger back then. We still have a copy of that video archived on the control room computer.

This might be the funniest thing I have heard in months. Mediaite reported that Savage said on his show Thursday he would replace [Sean Hannity] on stations Hannity is being carried by Cumulus. Cumulus Media Networks syndicates Savage. “I predict, right here, right now, that I [Michael Savage] and the Savage Nation is going to take over The Sean Hannity Show time slot by the end of the year. He’s probably a nice guy, but his time is come and his time has gone. I am the heir apparent to afternoon drive on the east coast and around America on Cumulus stations, which have the most powerful stations in the radio world.” I have heard Savage over the years here and there. He's ok but this is just a pipe dream. A lot of people think he has a screw loose. I have not listened enough to know that.

I'm sure the programming geniuses at KABC will put Peter Tilden on at noon or LOL......Savage...oh my god. For years and years the choices of hosts are just soo lacking at KABC. Hannity is good but changing things up is good too. How about [Paul Magers] at noon for 3 hours. I would listen to that. Or [Andy Dick]. Someone with a personality! Put some frigging thought into it would you guys, for the love of the baby Jesus! Spend a little of that money you guys have...from the ads you sell to get some talent! Hello is this on?

I love this story, can you imagine? 
From News Busters
GOP Actually Considering Conservative Talk Radio Hosts as Debate Moderators?

[QUOTE]"You know, I was thinking today how magical radio is. I can talk into a metal thing & millions of people can hear me... Know me... And hopefully like me. It's why I got into radio in the first place... & it still has me in its grip. IT'S MAGIC!" - [Larry Van Nuys]

[SIRIUSXM]Listening to SiriusXM 70's channel and they played an Art Bell favorite. Jigsaw with Sky High.


[TECH]Early days of the PC with Radio Shack's TRS-80. Some called it the Trash 80. April 1983.

[ON THIS DAY]1937 - The first FM radio construction permit was issued in Boston, MA. The station went on the air two years later.

[PHOTO][Gary Hoffman] doing the The The Offficial Sunday Morning News. The show came in loud and clear up in Crestline.

[PARTING SHOT]I wonder if we all could go just one day without the mention of race or color? As easy as it sounds, I believe it would have been easier to do this in the 1960's than it would be today. - [Rob Marinko]

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