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Radio is a bag of mediocrity where little men with carbon minds wallow in sluice of their own making. - Fred Allen

[COMMENT]Another week and we are deep into summer here in the "Southland". Very important stories happening while most of local radio is talking about San Diego Mayor Filner and Weiner and his wife. All kinds of non-sense. [Doug McIntyre] said this morning that he loves it because it's fodder for talk radio, it is. But as I have said many times, I will... turn the station or turn off the radio. Just because the local news or main stream media is talking about it non stop doesn't mean anyone other than TMZ fans or dancing with the stars voters want to hear about it. I know I could not care less than I do right now. Meanwhile [Mark Levin] is talking about how ObamaCare will end the 40 hour work week. That will destroy this country. Or how about how the fact that IRS is going to run your life and is totally out of control. Oh sorry that must be a phony scandal. And to make it beyond ridiculous, the IRS employee union doesn't even want ObamaCare. Thank god we have people like [Hugh Hewitt] who are paying attention to what's going on around the world. He wrote a piece today for the Washington Examiner called:
Mainstream media ignorance of Muslim Brotherhood looms

As a chronic listener to talk radio for over 25 years I have learned that I need to pick and choose when to grab that radio knob tightly, and what action to take to keep me entertained and sane and informed. It's all shiny from use.

[RADIO]Get ready for this in Los Angeles
Marconi Radio Award-winning personality Edgar “ShoBoy” Sotelo will now be heard in Dallas as CBS flips one of its signals to Hispanic. La GRANDE 107.5- FM brings together some of Spanish radio’s most talented on-air personalities with the very best in Regional Mexican music, according to PD Jimmy Gonzalez. "It all starts with ‘ShoBoy En La MaƱana.’ Edgar’s positive energy and enthusiasm set the tone for the entire station.”

Well I gotta say I do not know who [Kidd Kraddick] is. Sound's like a great guy, well liked and did charity events. He died at age 53. He was on the air in Dallas for a long time. Rest in peace.

Audio of Kidd Kraddick Deathbed Confessions on his show. Recorded on a Monday of the week he passed.

[Adam Carolla's] Sunday show mentions Kraddick as well as [JJ Cale].

From Twitter: [@rickdees]
Lost my friend, Kidd, yesterday. I just took this photo and it reminded of his new home. We will miss

[Leo Laporte's] 1000th show as the Tech Guy was this weekend. And KFI Celebrates 20 Years Of [Bill Handel] In Morning Drive. Time to go home and lay down Bill.

[Sam Simon] How 'Simpsons' Co-Creator With Terminal Cancer Diagnosis Plans To Give Away Vast TV Fortune

Back in the day of 97.1 The FM Talk Station Sam would come into the station and BS with [Conway and Whitman]. He was a card player and invited the guys to come to his house to play poker. He was funny and told some great stories. Conway would always ask about his money, he has a couple hundred million and that he always carried a wad of about 5 grand in his pocket. He loves Las Vegas and gambling. He was friends with [Norm McDonald] and others. This story about him being so sick is just a shock. That old cliche about how you can't take it with you is not so accurate in Sams case, his wealth will live on in all his causes.

Back in May Sam was on with [Marc Maron].

I call BS on this. Posted on the Daily Beast Sunday night.

[Limbaugh], [Hannity] To Lose Radio Deals The second largest radio broadcasting company is reportedly ready to dump two of its most conservative talk show hosts. Cumulus Media will be dropping Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity by the end of the year, according to an industry source. That would mean that two of the biggest right-wing voices on the radio won't be available in 40 major markets across the country come 2014. The pair seems to be caught up in contract negotiations between Cumulus and Clear Channel, the company that distributes the shows. The companies have had tough negotiations before, but it looks like this time they won't be able to reach an agreement.

Rush this morning said that "You are being treated to a public business negotiation"

Monday night [Mark Levin] said he is sharing the first chapter of his book.

[QUOTE]"Your pacifist sister has caused a war in your family" - [Dennis Prager]

[PODCASTS]Leo talks about the Chomecast on his Sunday show. If you want the details, check that out.

Also on [Marc Maron]. [John Cale], one of the original members of the Velvet Underground talks about the slice of music history that he is. And then [Don Barris], the first guy Marc met when he moved to LA in the 80's talks about his insane journey in show business and their shared chaotic history at The Comedy Store.

[TECH]Chromecast, the newest thing from Google. This article explains it in plain English.


[THUMBS DOWN]Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, the billionaire Saudi Arabian investor, has warned that his country’s oil-dependent economy is increasingly vulnerable to competition from the US shale revolution. “Our country is facing continuous threat because of its almost total dependency on oil,” he wrote in the letter, copied to King Abdullah, Prince Alwaleed’s uncle, among others. Poor baby.

[SEEN ON THE ROAD]Lincoln Memorial Shrine in Redlands, CA

[HEARD THIS][Dave Williams] - Brains are weird, aren't they? A moment ago I said on the radio, quite rightly: "Sports, coming up next on 570 KLIF!" But, I came *THIS* close to saying, "...on Talkradio 790, KABC!" -- Where I haven't work for years and wasn't even thinking about it.


[Sharon Dale]
Radio Rewind: This is the only photo I have of myself at the third commercial radio station I worked at in Maine as a DJ, WIGY-FM. It was a stand-up board arrangement, which made it easy to dance to the rock songs we were playing in the late 70s. I usually worked the night shift, and it's the last station I worked at before moving to Los Angeles.

* Award-winning news anchor at top-rated Los Angeles radio stations.

* 30 years covering Los Angeles news, including elections, earthquakes, floods, wildfires and 9/11.

* Anchored afternoon news at KABC-AM over 8 years.

* Anchored morning news at KOST-FM over 17 years.

* Winner 3 Southern California RTNA Golden Mike Awards.

[PARTING SHOT][Michael Medved] said today something that I have never heard. [Hillary] puts Tabasco on everything. She carries a little bottle in her purse. Telling isn't it?

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