Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pick Up That Banana Peal And Make The World Better Place

[COMMENT]The wife and I have flown a few times in the last year. I'm a nervous flyer. If it's smooth sailing I'm good, I get real nervous with turbulence, I'm sure I'm not alone. I can not imagine what those people went though in that crash. It looks like pilot error, but who knows. The one thing that actually makes me comfortable about commercial flight is that big business needs it to survive. Our economy depends on it. And our aviation companies go though very stringent processes to build a commercial airliner. It costs around $250 to $280 million dollars for one Boeing 777. The amount of time and detail that goes into building one of those is just amazing. It has to work, everyday, flawlessly. The same goes for anything that big business insists on, computers, software, cell phones are improved to the level where there is no question they will work. I picture a room with engineers sweating bullets with big bosses threatening their jobs if they can't make something work perfect. And in the last 10 years air safety is good ....really good. I heard someone quote a pilot today. He comes on the mic and says after landing "We have just concluded the safest part of your trip, drive safely"  There is about 29,000 flights a day in the US, which are commercial flights. Almost 80,000 total. Look at this graphic. I don't think people realize how many planes are in the air everyday. Its pretty mind blowing. These horrible things will happen and hopefully not often and not to me or you. Minimizing risk should be everybody's job. Pick up that banana peal and make the world better place.

Huge show on Saturday night with [John B. Wells] on Coast to Coast AM. Guest [Peter Lance] with a very compelling show about what's going on behind the scenes with terrorism. Just a great show. Also and I've said this before [John B. Wells] will be the main host of Coast to Coast AM eventually. I'm not a big [George Noory] fan. John represents the show like Art did back in the day, and those pipes mannn! He's the real deal.

[RADIO]On Thursday and Friday a hot chick named [Monique Marvez] sat in the for the old Canadian on KFI. Never heard of her. She has this raspy voice but is really honest about her life and pretty interesting. A woman in talk radio is rare but I'm open to the idea. Hearing her voice at first was a little hard and then I heard her name and went and saw a photo for her, that helped. Not bad, not bad at all. Great interjections from [Michael Croizer]. Mike only talks to the hot you know. Hope to hear more of her.

It was hilarious on Sunday. [Chris Marquart] from Germany on Skype on The Tech Guy Show with [Leo Laporte] on KFI. He looked kinda squeezed in the video and this has been going on for weeks apparently. They just can't get the video to look right. I thought it looked OK and the audio was great. I was watching the video on and Leo turned off his mic during commercial and just screamed at his crew to fix it. It was pretty funny. I could read his lips a little. He went on for about 20 seconds waving his arms and yelling. A really great discussion on this Sundays TWIT about how the crash in San Francisco came to light on social media. woth a tumble.

I think it was Friday when this guy calls [Michael Medveds'] show. This caller is a chronic caller that has been calling talk radio since the mid 90's. He comes on the line and always says "I'm Tim Kalemkarian...I'm running for US president and US Senate and US House, my platform is peace and love and blah blah blah". I always enjoy this call. It's funny because if he wants exposure by calling a radio show, you would think he would a web presence. There is nothing that I could find. I was dying to find a photo of this guy.

[QUOTE]"Remember when the ratings came out, I cried" - [Brain Whitman]


[THUMBS DOWN][John Kerry] is a joke as we all know, out yachting while the Egypt crisis went on this last week. Not a shock to me. I've always thought he was a bad guy. New just breaking his wife went to the hospital Sunday.

[SEEN ON THE ROAD] - I saw this on the 5 freeway last week with the license "Blazzor" on a big SUV with that web address. I did drive up and see a woman driving the vehicle. This website goes to and then links to an artists website of Beverly Lazor with some really beautiful stuff. She must have a husband or family member that is a firefighter.

Look at this beautiful painting.

Also saw these pages on cars this last week.

[HEARD THIS]"I don't have a problem sitting in a chair nude" - [Doug Steckler]

[PHOTO]I had to post this. This is John and me and the lovely wife. We see him every time we go to the local Walmart. He's the sweetest guy. He always tells us about how long he's been married and that he has a ton of grand kids and is thankful to god for his life, he's a huge inspiration. I wish I could be this happy about my life. He always says "you made my day, you made my day" and shakes my hand and Deb give him a hug. He's the highlight of the week. This is the first time I asked him if I could take his photo, and without hesitation he said of course. This was on the 4th of July and John had on that great tie. We need to celebrate people like this. Any work is honorable and good for all of us.

[PARTING SHOT]To myself I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me - [Isaac Newton]

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