Saturday, July 13, 2013

People who see life as anything more than pure entertainment are missing the point - George Carlin

[COMMENT]On Friday [Jay Leno] interviewed Eliot Spitzer. To be totally honest, I think he's a scum bag, Eliot that is. I watched the interview because I've never seen or heard this guy up close. He's a piece of work to think that he can be the Governor or the AG of New York and break the law spending $80,000 on prostitutes and then come back into public life to be elected again. Jay asked him "how could you be soo stupid to think you could get away with this?" To the point and blunt. He didn't mean he thought he was stupid, just how is it possible him being a law enforcement officer and then breaking the law. Jay mentioned that he enjoys following politics and I know he listens to talk radio. He's called in a few times to some shows and heard he used to listen to Conway on 97.1. Prediction. When Jay is done with the Tonight Show in December he will continue to do his stand up all over the country and maybe go to another network like Fox but I think he may consider doing a weekend radio show on KFI or some other local station. I would love to hear him do a show. He doesn't need the money, but I think he likes to get out of the house and do something besides go to his garage everyday, who knows I'm just speculating. Anybody thought about this? If Jay Leno called KFI and said give me a show, they would. Or maybe he would sit in with or for some other hosts. I think he would be good at it. A political/entertainment show on the radio with Jay Leno? I'm there. Just a thought.

[RADIO]new Showtime series Ray Donovan. As 'Ray Donovan,' [Liev Schreiber] Cleans Up Hollywood's Messes.
A cool 36 minute interview with [Dave Davies] on Fresh Air. Wish I had Showtime, sounds great.

[Ronnie Wood] wins third radio award
Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood has been honored for his Absolute Radio show for a third successive year at the Arqiva Commercial Radio awards. I had no idea he had a show. This is of course in the UK.

Interesting summer food that I have never heard of.
Benedictine is a combination of cream cheese, cucumber and onion. It may sound odd, unless you're from Kentucky. This story from Weekend Edition Saturday with [Scott Simon] on NPR

And a really interesting story from Weekend Edition.
Swedish performer Anna von Hausswolff is one of the few recording artists in the world who plays the pipe organ in popular music. Her latest album, Ceremony, was recorded over five days at a church in her hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden.

[Chuck Foley], Co-Creator Of Twister, Dies At 82

Had to include this fantastic talk by Ben Shapiro at the Young America's Foundation just posted last week. Ben might be the most articulate person in the media and the new media. An amazing speaker. It's an hour talk.

Just posted a June 2011 video of Dennis at the Western Conservative Summit
Dennis Prager's Top 10 Ways Liberalism Makes America Worse
Great to see Dennis speaking and seeing his face. This is a must see video.

[QUOTE]“The Conservative does not despise government. He despises tyranny. This is precisely why the Conservative reveres the Constitution and insists on adherence to it.”
- [Mark R. Levin], Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto

[TECH]Heard this on [Leo Laporte's] show. A cool new flash light. I know that sounds lame but just check out this 2 minute video on the new Energizer 3-in-1 Tripod Light with Light Fusion Technology. One cool commercial.

[Google] estimates that an ad on its homepage would cost $10 million. However, the space isn't for sale.

[PLATE FRAME]Pharmacy Tech - Pill Whisperer

[THUMBS DOWN]The U.S. government spends $750 million a year in paid commercial advertising


[HEARD THIS]SiriusXM Moves Past 25 Million Subscriber Mark. SiriusXM Radio announces it has added 715,000 net new subscribers in the second quarter, and that brings its total subscriber number to more than 25 million. As soon as it's in my company vehicle I'll subscribe. Sounds like it's surviving. I didn't think it would last this long. You can also listen online and on your phone now.

[PHOTO]West Hills, CA

[PARTING SHOT]It's amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper - [Jerry Seinfeld]

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