Wednesday, July 24, 2013

“Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” - John Adams

[COMMENT]Today many hosts just ripped the president's speech to pieces. I guess we are now in a place where it's OK to just lie though your teeth, right into the eyes of the American people. It's also now becoming very easy to play clips and read back things that the president has said to completely debunk what he's saying now. I hear a couple hosts say that he is lying. For many years nobody was using this word, now it's all the time. To talk for an hour and 6 minutes and think that the America people are going to just stop what they are doing is just soo arrogant. I guess half the country are willing to do that. I heard some clips and I just hear Whaa whaa whaa whaa, like the Peanuts parents. I'm just a working stiff and I can see that he's just soo full of it. Funny how people just deny things because they have an agenda. A caller today said "why does it matter?" talking about Anthony Wiener. The guy is a predator, but hey he'd make a good mayor of New York. Ethics, principals....out the window. This society is in deep trouble if we find this kind of thing acceptable. Check the McIntyre quote below, he's spot on.

[RADIO]Looks like Clear Channel is pushing this new brand as hard as they can. iHeart radio has something new, iHeart Talk. After doing a search on several shows like McIntyre in the Morning, The Morning Answer, Marc Maron, came up empty. I did find Mark Levin. When iHeart radio first started it was Clear Channel stations only. They have expanded to lots of other stations and shows. Looks like they are trying to dominate in this arena, we shall see. Big corporations like Clear Channel doing this make me shy away from it. Apps like Stitcher and TuneIn I like much better.

Always mysterious, [Art Bell] hints at a return to radio.
Art repeatedly suggests on social media that he’s unhappy with new host [George Noory’s] broadening of the show’s topics. “I am profoundly sad at the current state of the show,” he says. I've never liked Noory and I think if Art came back he would crush him in the ratings, or maybe they would kick Noory to the curb and bring Art back. Their are tons of people out there that would love to hear Art back. I'm one of them. He's a great and compelling host. And he's over in the Philippines living a new life, with a new young wife and a new daughter. I remember him saying that he was living in a high rise condo and has an area in the condo that is his studio. He did fill in a few times on Coast from there. Lately I was wondering what had happened to him. I did not hear about this back in January. I'll be looking for articles in this.

Arbitron has released its "Public Radio Today - 2013" report, profiling the 32 million people who listen to public radio each week.

Caller to the [Mark Levin] Show says he came home without a scratch from Iraq but took four bullets in the Fort Hood shooting. An amazing call.

Also this week, kudos to [Doug McIntyre] for just hammering at the story about city hall allowing the Armenian Cultural Foundation to lease Fire Station 83, a surplus City owned property located at 5001 North Balboa Boulevard in Encino, for $1 a year. With all the crap that goes on in city politics Doug somehow finds the energy to go after these jack balls and get some answers. Bravo Doug.
Doug's article in the Wednesday Daily News

[PODCASTS]I haven't listened to one in over a week.


[THUMBS DOWN]Didn't I put enough stuff in this post to cover this part? ;)

[QUOTE]"We are living in the golden age of lying and cheating" - [Doug McIntyre]

[SEEN ON THE ROAD]I was relocated to the Orange area on my new shift at work. I took my lunch break in Old Town Orange and then drove around Chapman University. This is where [Hugh Hewitt] teaches law. I gotta tell you, this campus is soo beautiful. I had no idea. And it being next to Old Town makes this area of OC just a gem. It's stunning how cool this area is. I want to live in one of those houses, hundreds and hundreds of beautiful old houses line these streets. Small town America still exists right there. Go there, great places to eat.

[HEARD THIS][Rush] told a story this morning about 3 women in Sierra Madre, CA that didn't know how to use a computer, so they went to the library. They wanted to buy some merchandise from Rushs' Ice Tea company "Two if by Tea". I guess the librarian helped these ladies for 3 hours. It turned out that the stuff they wanted was sold out. Rush got the email from the librarian. They should just call into the show, Rush would probably give them all laptops or iPads.

[PHOTO]Posted by [Rob Marinko] on his facebook page. [Kevin James], [Marc Germain], [Rob Marinko] and [Lisa Goich] (Mr. K's producer from K-Talk)

Former KABC news man [Dave Williams] now in Texas with his Co-host Amy interviewing [Emmitt Smith]

[PARTING SHOT][Edward Snowden] has been in the transit area of a Russian airport for a month! I wonder if he's ever heard [George Carlin's] rant on washing the four key areas? Arm pits, asshole, crotch and teeth. And you can save yourself a whole lot of time by using the same brush on all four areas!

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