Friday, June 28, 2013

Man it's hot. It's like Africa hot. Tarzan couldn't take this kind of hot. - Biloxi Blues

[COMMENT]After this big Supreme Court decision this week all of a sudden KFI and KABC have discovered [John Eastman]. One of the smart guys that [Hugh Hewitt] has on every week. He's the former Dean and current professor of Chapman College. He is also the chair of the National Organization for Marriage. I think he probably contacted these stations to be on because he wanted to talk about Prop 8. A big hit to his organization. A big hit to all of us. Everything in our society seems to be changing so fast. The unintended consequences will be substantial.

The National Radio Hall of Fame announces its 2013 inductees. First is [Eddie "Piolin" Sotelo], heard in mornings on Spanish-language KSCA/Los Angeles and syndicated nationally by Univision Radio, has one of the most popular shows on L.A. radio. Unfortunately I would have to learn Spanish to enjoy and find out what a great show and what a great broadcaster he is. This might be one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. Just my opinion but in the United States an inductee to the National Radio Hall of Fame should be an English speaking show and broadcaster, but hey that's just me! And then LA's own [Charlie Steiner], now doing play-by-play for the L.A. Dodgers, before that spent three years with the Yankees. He earlier spent 14 years at ESPN, anchoring SportsCenter and doing Major League Baseball play-by-play on ESPN Radio and TV. I think he broadcasts in English. Pretty sure. 

[RADIO]KFI names [Rob Archer] Midday News Anchor. Bravo KFI, Rob is great and has a great sense of humor and those pipes mannnnn!

Friday [Doug McIntyre] talking about a man arrested for humping a couch quotes [Frank Zappa]
"The bigger the cushion the better the push'n"

And just a thought for programming at KABC. Don't you guys want to compete in the evening with [Dennis Miller] and [Conway]? How about enough is enough already, can we please have [Mark Germain] back 9-midnight? Or how about [Rob Marinko]? I know a couple people will be disappointed but seriously, this slot needs a change.

Radio And Baseball Will Help Pitch Arsenio
CBS Television Distribution’s new talk show with [Arsenio Hall] will be heavily promoted leading up to its Sept. 9 debut. “At ball games we are doing a ‘Woof Cam,’ ”. “Arsenio will deliver a message to the crowd, ‘I can’t hear you.’ The camera will turn to people doing the ‘Woof.’ It gets us on the air in front of his core audience.” Arsenio was on weekly with Conway at 97.1 but since he's moved to KFI Arsenio has not been even on the phone with Conway. Maybe it's the affiliation with CBS that prevents this. I can't wait for the new show. 

[QUOTE]"We live in a post Constitutional America" - [Mark Levin]

[PODCASTS]Looks like [Adam Carolla] is going to making a new movie. It's called "Road Hard" and he's using a site called Fund Anything to raise money for it. He's also inviting people to share their name and email  and money, and possibly get a part in the film.

Pubcasters embrace spoken word aggregator app.
Take the Pandora concept, add in some public radio content, popular podcasts and a dash of commercial radio news, and the result is Swell.

on a two door silver Mercedes SL500

[THUMBS DOWN][Dennis Miller] playing repeats of old shows while he's apparently on vacation. Who listens to an old repeat of a radio show at night?

[Alec Baldwin] goes on homophobic Twitter rant, says wife did not tweet during Gandolfini funeral

[Book][Jonathan Alter] was on with [Hugh Hewitt] talking about his new book, The Center Holds: Obama and His Enemies. It's an engrossing account of the 2012 U.S. presidential campaign with some amazing facts like Obama ran over 13,000 ads, Romney only 3,000. I would love to get the audio version of this book and listen but I would probably want to crash my car into a post with anger, so I may not. Just the photo on the cover of this book makes me angry and I will not be posting it. Go see it on Alters website. People will be talking about this book that's for sure. Alter is a Liberal but Hewitt says "It's a great book!"

[Jonathan Alter] is an American journalist and best-selling author who was a columnist and senior editor for Newsweek magazine from 1983 until 2011 and has written three New York Times best-selling books about American presidents.

[HEARD THIS][John Hofmeister] the former Shell Oil CEO said on [Hannity] that we have more energy under our feet in the US than we could ever use.

[Mark Levin] talking about The Affordable Care Act "Nothing affordable about it and they don't care!"

[PHOTO]Santa Monica

[PARTING SHOT]When you can't make them see the light, make them feel the heat - [Ronald Reagan]

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