Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen - Ernest Hemingway

[COMMENT]NPR in Washington gets a huge new building. I have written many times before that I like NPR and the programming is like nothing you can get anywhere (except for the left leaning opinion), but this goes too far. The new radio facility has "soaring ceilings, a wellness center, a gym and a gourmet cafe with a chef." What happens invariably when tax payer money is involved is it's a free for all. I'm not a fan of funding from the public for public radio. I think maybe if they were renting a warehouse in an industrial area and keeping their cost to a minimum I might be a bit more agreeable. But this is just too much, obviously. When the public hears about this kind of thing, it's just a total turn off and they threaten having all their funding taken away. I think it's been proven over and over that public radio could support itself, by it self. And those "NPR supporters are...." I just dive for the volume knob when I hear that.

[RADIO][Hugh Hewitt] is back from his long vacation today, he will probably have some interesting antidotes about what hell it was. At 3pm on KRLA 870.


It's coming! The digital dashboard.

Last Friday [Doug Steckler] told [Tim Conway Jr] that if he knew how bad LA would eventually get over the years that he may have gone back to South Dakota to teach, after his writing career in LA became spotty with not so regular work. Friday is great with [Conway and Steckler], just like back in the day at 97.1. That is Conway's major problem, he needs a partner. [Mark Thompson] fills that need and is great. Mark comes in Tuesday's and sits with Conway, someday's more. Step it up Conway, how about coming in for a production meeting you Ding Dong!

[Leo Laporte] said on Sunday that over a million people are listening to his Tech Guy Show on KFI and around the world. Saturday and Sunday from 11-2.

I would have to cringe a little, but I will listen, if only for the interview skills of [Alec Baldwin]. [Rosie O'Donnell] on "Here's The Thing" this week. [Rosie O'Donnell] talks about how she "never wanted to be a talk show host ... I wanted to be on Broadway...I wanted to be a [Bette Midler] backup singer, one of the Harlettes. She does most of the talking on this interview. You hear a lot of agreement sounds from Alec. This interview would be great for some show to rip apart.

[Tina Fey] and Husband [Jeff Richmond] to Sit Down for Intimate In-Studio Q&A with Fans for SiriusXM's "Town Hall" Series.

[Jimmy Fallons'] drummer is [Quest Love]. He appears on Fresh Air with [Terry Gross].
Questlove's Roots: A 'Meta' Memoir Of A Lifetime In Music
I think Quest is a great musician but he is a genuine New York lefty.

[QUOTE]"[John Boehner] is a used car salesman. I say that with the highest respect" - [Mark Levin]

[PODCASTS]Big week for [Marc Maron] and his great podcast. Marc will celebrate his 400th episode. Marc writes a blog on his show page called Dispatches from the Head and talks about trying to get a monologue recorded talking about this milestone while he's on the road and in airports. He's so open and honest and shares everything. I love these blogs. The show posted Monday is with [Iggy Pop], I have heard his name a lot over the years. And Thursday....wait for it....[Cheech and Chong], wow! And Marc is going to be on Letterman this week.

[THUMBS DOWN]Mexican Amusement Park Offers Fake Border Crossing Attraction

[TECH]LA cab drivers protest ride share apps, want enforced regulation.
Big protest here in LA about cab companies not liking people using these ride share apps. This is the first I've heard of this. It might be a way for me to pick up some extra cash. The cab companies are always bitching about something. They don't know how lucky they are, the city of LA didn't even build the light rail into the airport! just for them and the airport shuttles, two of the worse type of drivers on LA roads and freeways BTW.

Radio searches for its place on the tablet.

[SEEN ON THE ROAD][John Phillips] of KABC doing yet another remote at the location of the police shooting in LA. I guess this is the plan for more remotes. I like it. John is sitting in for [John Bachelor] today on WABC. You can hear it streaming.

[HEARD THIS]"I want to be cremated, but the urn, I want it to look like a big Ding Dong" - [Tim Conway Jr.]

[PHOTO]I walked around Angel Stadium yesterday and saw this. I guess the stadium has the actual radio station in it. I did not know that :)

[PARTING SHOT]"People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy" - [Anton Chekhov]

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