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[COMMENT]Hi how ya doing? So your reading all my keystrokes huh? Why would you do that? I'm not that interesting. I find it outrageous. It's clearly not in the pervue of the constitution. It's not what our founders envisioned as a limited government. It's not OK, and I don't care if you're using homeland security as a reason. You guys appear to be soo incompetent that I would imagine that you would get around to reading this somewhere in the next century if ever, it's still not OK. The opinion about the government listening to everything you do is in from the Left. [Geraldo] just said it "I don't care". Maybe I need to take [Alex Jones] more seriously. The people you elect are violating your trust. Stand by for unintended consequences.

I think one thing that you will learn is that all Americans are outraged to some degree by all these scandals, and this one is really catching fire with everyone. The damage that is being done to the psyche of citizens is un-measurable. I think for years and years to come you will find people not trusting anything the government says or any employee of the government or any politician, it's over. You will find people committing more and more crimes against the government and cheating on their taxes in record numbers. And frankly I wake up everyday trying to stay focused on something good and it's really tough with all the news that comes in day after day. I will not be committing crimes or cheating on my taxes, can you hear me?! But this President is not in anyway aware of what this will do to this country. He never had any credibility with me but I'm sure he has lost all credibility with some people in his base and if not you are blind. We have seriously reached a demarcation line.

[RADIO]KFI Newsman Talks About Looming Health Insurance Nightmare
[Rob Archer] sitting in for [Aron bender] told a story about his health and the spot he's in. You can hear this by going to [Tim Conway's] page at KFI and listening to Thursday's News Bender at 9pm. I feel for you Rob, you're a good man.

[Rush] on his trip to Normandy, France. Photos on his facebook page.

Most mornings I hear "The Dow Jones Money Report...I'm [Jeff Bellenger]". Love that guy, great voice. When he's not doing the report for whatever reason I let out a verbal "Where's [Jeff Bellenger]?". Always clear and concise. Great website where you can hear all these reports.

"In hopes of not being a target of an IRS audit, I'm including the phrase "I voted for Obama" in every cell phone conversation". - Rob Marinko (former KABC newsman) facebook post

A really cool segment.
From American Public Media, The Story
Employment: Security Hacker
Jim Stickley realized he was a gifted thief when he was ten years old experimenting on his father’s computer. As he got older, he became more creative. Today, he’s a professional hacker. Companies hire him to attempt to hack into their financial information, and identify weaknesses in their security practices. Jim says it’s not all high-tech computer work, and he sometimes dresses up as an firefighter to gain access to an office building.

"[Jane Velez-Mitchell] is a real nut" - [Brian Whitman]

[QUOTE]"I have a waffle Iron that looks just like Manuel Noriega" - [Adam Carolla]

[PODCASTS][Leo Laporte] posted this on Google + yesterday:
I gave thousands of dollars to help elect +Barak Obama and voted for him twice, but it's becoming clear that he has betrayed our trust and tarnished the liberal principles of openness and freedom that he pretended to espouse.

Mr. President, you owe us an explanation, at least, of why your administration has chosen to become the most paranoid since Nixon's.

I'm sure Leo will have a lot to say about this on his show on KFI both Saturday and Sunday 11-2.

[Seth Rogan] on [Adam Carolla]

Big shout out to long time facebook friend [Dusty Angel] and his OddCast podcast. He's been doing this a long long time and putting in a lot of work. Special show tomorrow.

[THUMBS DOWN]Obama Silent on Surveillance Controversy

[TECH]Dept. of Homeland Security Forced to Release List of Keywords Used to Monitor Social Networking Sites

Interesting site I just discovered.

[SEEN ON THE ROAD]5 North in East LA

[HEARD THIS][Dennis Miller] did his show from London this week. He talked about going to an exhibit. Turns out Dennis is a huge Bowie fan, calls him a genius.
The [David Bowie] Exhibition At London's Victoria & Albert Museum

Livio launches FM Traffic Button.
Technology provider Livio unveiled its FM Traffic Button at the Telematics Update Detroit conference Wednesday. The system, which works with an embedded app in a vehicle’s infotainment system, offers real-time audio traffic updates at the push of a button. Livio says it will enable auto manufacturers to share revenue generated through ad-sponsored traffic reports via AM/FM radio.
Ok so can we now start to think about getting rid of traffic reports?



On this D Day week a profound thank you to all the Americans who fought and for those who lost their lives to protect our freedom.
I'm sitting here exercising my first amendment because of them.

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