Friday, June 21, 2013

Hi NSA! How The Hell Are Ya?

[COMMENT]Conspiracies. I was a big [Art Bell] fan back in the day. I love listening to [Richard C. Hoagland] and people talking HAARP and Area 51 and UFO's. I spend many hours of a work shift (when I worked graveyard for 5 years) listening to that show. Art did such a compelling show, his birthday was this week. But I didn't necessarily buy into all of it or any of it. There were some things that sounded plausible and even believable. I don't really listen to Coast to Coast that much anymore. I work days now. Occasionally I'll hear a half hour here or there. But now with all these government scandals I'm reconsidering a little. Maybe a lot of this secret government stuff is true, who knows. Verizon was in my neighborhood this week installing fiber cable. Gee I just want to order Fios right now! The NSA thing bothers me. I don't think government should be doing this at all. It's not in the pervue of the constitution. But I will go on with my life and keep my webcam and mic covered with tape, but it will not hinder my presents on the web..........raspberry!

[RADIO]A lot of great commentary Thursday morning with many hosts about the death of [James Gandolfini]. [Brian Whitman] played some great clips from the Soprano's. [Doug McIntyre] talked about what a complete anti-hero he was. He was the worst person, a horrible person, but you ended up rooting for him. I saw every episode of this show, more than once. HBO was huge back (1999-2007) then and it was an event every Sunday, along with the show Six Feet Under. I heard [Larry Elder] say that he had died on his show around 4pm.... and was stunned. Only 51, with a wife and children. Very sad and he will be hugely missed.

I've never heard this story, wow. The man who first put [Johnny Carson] in front of a microphone is being remembered, [Ken Greenwood]

Heard part of this interview on Coast to Coast last night with US Customs undercover operation Special Agent [Robert Mazur] who said that large banks transport large amounts of cash without any oversight. Lots of audio on his website.

KABC's [John Phillips] doing a remote in Hollywood today, running his own board apparently. Go buy a cheeseburger John, put some meat on those bones.

[QUOTE]"The Soprano's was my favorite show of all time, I actually cried when I heard about the death of [James Gandolfini]" - [Brian Whitman]

[TECH]Lots of great stuff from listening to TWIG this week with [Leo Laporte], [Gina Trapanti] and [Jeff Jarvis]. Jeff was Skype-ing from Germany. This guy never stops traveling.

Leo threw this out talking about the NSA snooping and how much data they are collecting: A Zetabyte is 1 billion Terabytes. I have a 2 Terabyte drive on my table here not even a 1/4 of it is filled and I have 25,000 hi res photos on it.

Google unveils its Project Loon Wi-Fi balloons
Google is releasing 30 hi-tech balloons in a trial of technology designed to bring the internet to places where people are not yet connected. The balloons are being launched from New Zealand's South Island this month in the first trial of the pioneering plan dubbed Project Loon.

Got a huge hard drive thousands of photos and want to get it online? Send your hard drive regardless of size to Google, $80 per hard drive. 

Facebook will be giving away free Wi-Fi.

[PODCASTS]'The Watchers' Have Had Their Eyes On Us For Years
The revelations about secret National Security Agency programs, leaked by [Edward Snowden] earlier this month, have stirred great controversy, but this type of surveillance is not entirely new, according to journalist Shane Harris on Fresh Air.

[Adam Carolla] sounds off on ‘don’t give a sh*t’ mindset of Taliban, jihad

On new black Chevy Camero

[BOOK]On with [Larry O'Connor], [James O'Keefe] and his new book.

[THUMBS DOWN]KFI replaying [Bill Handel] interviews when [Gary Hoffman] is filling in.

[SEEN ON THE ROAD] - The Fire Truck that puts out Pizza - Company 77 was born in the summer of 2008 at Pizzetta a groovy little pizza shop in the seaport town of Mystic, Connecticut. I saw a blonde woman driving this near Disneyland at around 9pm this week. Now they are here in the 949. Really cool website.

[HEARD THIS]Over and over...Tony V has moved to Venice and wants to run for Governor......who cares!


[PARTING SHOT]"We laugh because we are scared shitless"
- [Leo Laporte] on the NSA scandal

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