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Frosty Terrorist Resumes To Work On The Meet And Potatoes Truck in Toluca Lake in Oct-Tember

[COMMENT]Just amazing testimony at the IRS hearings in Washington. [Mark Levin] talked about it and played some clips. Mark was thrilled and happy to hear that we have people like this living in America. One was [Karen Kenny] of the San Fernando Valley Patriots, right here in the LA area.

I can't tell you how overjoyed I am too, to know we have people like Karen living in our area. Gives me hope. If you haven't seen this check it out. And before this Chapman University Professor [John Eastman] (on [Hugh Hewitt's] show often) also testified and just did a stunning job.

Warning! KPCC is in full blown fundraiser mode this week. I'm not sure who would actually turn the station on during this time because they interrupt programming to pitch for money. Then during multiple times during the day (not that I listen to KPCC that often) you will hear a sponsor list for the station and NPR. They don't need a fundraiser if they have sponsors. Have one or the other for gods sake. Speaking of interrupting. I turned on KABC to hear former KABC newsman [Rob Marinko] on with Doug. It was like 8:42 and they are still at commercial. They literally talked for 2 minutes and went to traffic. So what can I do, I turned to listen to KRLA. When I came back at around 8:50 they are at commercial. Just a note to all stations that load up commercials, I have this keypad with buttons and I can just push it and it will change the station. KABC must be really hurting to have such little time for actual content.

On Tuesday [Larry Elder] had on the show a writer from the LA Times, [David Lazarus]. It was a contentious interview on healthcare. I'm frankly surprised that he agreed to come on the show. He toted the line of the left and Larry did a great job. Unfortunately I can not find a post of the audio. Because of [Larry Elder] and his premium website all his shows are not share-able. His shows are not even listed on the KABC website. I say bravo to your business but I don't pay for content.

[Bob Brinker] from the show Money Talks was on with [Doug McIntyre] "this jobless what it is".
Really? Thank you soo much for that in depth info, you have got to be kidding.

[Rush] was talking about being in France to see the beaches where Americans landed during the Normandy invasion of World War II. Really interesting to hear him talk about this. He said it was sobering.

[RADIO]Still the number one advertiser on radio, according to Media Monitors, Home Depot racked up 81,246 spots last week, more than double what 2nd place GEICO ran (40,436). In addition, Dwight Douglas from Media Monitors says it's the most commercials any advertiser has run on radio in one week in 2013. Rounding out the top five were AT&T Wireless (30,971), McDonalds (29,286), and AutoZone (27,827). God almighty, no wonder why I spend half my day turning off commercials, 81,246 spots? Holy crap.

Have to give kudos to [Tim Conway Jr]. He had the co-founder of the huge video game "Call of Duty" on the show, [Vince Zampella]. At a dinner for Earthquake awareness for the Red Cross at Morton's restaurant, they raised 25k and Vince donated a big amount of money to have dinner with Conway. Vince talks about a new game coming out next week and some stuff about his company. 

Just a great interview on [Dennis Miller] with [Oscar Goodman], the former Mayor of Las Vegas and about his book. The whole interview is posted at this link thanks to Podcastone. Worth a tumble ;)

Great job by [Todd Leitz] in for Teri-Rae on McIntyre in the Morning on KABC.

[QUOTE]"I think the IRS needs to change it's labeling machine, we are the San Fernando Valley Patriots...not Occupy Oakland" - [Karen Kenny]

[AUDIOBOOKS]Check out all these celebs reading audiobooks. Anne Hathaway reading The Wizard of OZ.

[PODCASTS]Time Magazine (still exists?) chose as one for the best websites of 2013. I feel like I have to keep explaining what this is. TWIT is a network of shows about technology built by [Leo Laporte], and Leo does a show on KFI. The Time website crashed my browser so no link, that should tell you something.

For Publishing Old Pics
Donny Misrage, yea that Donny! is suing Carolla, saying the podcasting king published 2 old photos in his book without permission. I've heard Adam tell this story. He bugged Donny for a year for photos for his book (Not Taco Bell Material) and finally he gave him 2 photos, voluntarily.

[Mike Higby] of the Mayor Sam Blog wrote this on facebook:
I don't think support for [Chris Christie] to appoint [Geraldo Rivera] to the Senate is stronger anywhere than LA where radio fans hope the blowhard gets removed from the air and we get our beloved [John Phillips] back on from 9-noon.
Michael and Suzanne, this Sunday, June 9th at 4pm PDT!

[THUMBS DOWN]Everyday there's something that is more ridiculous than the day before.
New classes for Gitmo terrorists: 'Interviewing and Resume Writing'


[HEARD THIS][Frosty Stillwell] of Frosty, Heidi and Frank fame got a new gig this week in San Francisco at 3 p.m. on Talk 910 KKSF. Really good interview on LA Radio dot com. I listened to the opening and Frosty sounds good. Another choice for radio at noon, I like it.

[Dave Williams]: I wish him well. Between him and Frank and Heidi, Frosty was the only one who would acknowledge my humanity when I was but a lowly newscaster at KABC.

KFI Newsman [Aron Bender] had to go back to the Philippines because of a death in his wife's family. 16 hour flight with a small child, wow. This photo I took at the KFI listener party a few years ago at the Sagebrush Cantina in Calabasas.


[PHOTO]Rush hour in the Valley.

[PARTING SHOT]Happy hump day! My forecast shows no rain for today. It will be a dry hump day.

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