Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"Turns Out 501-C4 is just Jeans with Plastic Explosives" - Dennis Miller

[COMMENT]I don't think I have ever seen this much going on in the news all at once. One thing I think is important is that most of the main stream media will get all these stories wrong for a couple of weeks. I think some people in the media actually make stuff up if they don't have anything to report. After the fact I would love to know who those people are. And still the IRS scandal is being reported without the person who brought it to light, Mark Levin. Even on KABC radio, the station that broadcasts the Mark Levin show still has not mentioned his name, I haven't heard every minute, granted. I really don't get it. Why not celebrate a huge contribution from an individual. Exposing wrong doing anywhere should be held up as something good Americans do.

Michael Medved mentioned that Obama did a speech at the UN two weeks after Benghazi and talked about Chris Stevens for several paragraphs and never mentioned that he was a victim of terrorism. And Hugh Hewitt wrote a column this week about the 2am phone call from Hillary Clinton to Greg Hicks, after Stevens was found dead and the other three Americans, Clinton never called back, what's that about?

Rand Paul on Medved "The President is failing the test of power"

Donald Rumsfeld was on several shows talking about his new book Rumsfeld's Rules and said "The Brits pulled their people out of Benghazi because they knew they could not protect them."

On Mark Levin Tuesday he read from the IRS Inspector General's Report, the link to that report is here.

[RADIO]Today with the Jewish holiday [Brian Whitman] and [Elisha Krauss] did the show without [Ben Shapiro], that's a lot of work and they did a good show. Also a repeat of [Dennis Prager].

Las Vegas Talk Personality [Heidi Harris] debuts Daily Feature. Most recently heard in Los Angeles on Salem Communications’ KRLA – is producing a daily feature dubbed the “Heidi Harris Files” that is airing on Silver State Broadcasting’s news/talk KBET. The three- minute vignette will air on KBET three times daily at 7:30 am, 12:30 pm and 4:30 pm. Harris has also worked at CBS Radio‘s KXNT and Beasley Broadcasting‘s KDWN in the Las Vegas market.

[Rush Limbaugh] has not heard back from the White House about getting together to discuss the country's problems.

[John Eastman] on several radio shows this week, Prager, Hewitt, McIntyre. [John Eastman] is known as one of the smart guys by [Hugh Hewitt] and is a law professor and former dean of Chapman University. He was talking about the IRS scandal. Eastman has done a new Prager University video.

"The Separation of Church and State." Probably no phrase has had more impact on American history in the last fifty years than this one. Where did it come from? Who coined it? And, what does it mean?

"From ABC News....I'm Chuck Sivertsen."
I try to recognize the name with the voice and usually get it right. See if you recognize these names.

ABC Radio Anchors

Michael Barr (Weekdays 12 a.m.-5 a.m. EST)
Doug Limerick (Weekdays 6 a.m.-11 a.m. EST)
Cheri Preston (Weekdays 12 p.m.-5 p.m. EST)
Brad Wheelis (Weekdays 6 p.m.-11 p.m. EST)
Entertainment Network
Richard Davies (Weekday mornings)
Karen Chase (Weekday mornings)
Daria Albinger (Monday - Saturday afternoons)
Richard Cantu (Monday - Wednesday nights)
Larry Jacobs (Weekday overnights)
Todd Ant (Weekends, also sports reporter & fill-in sports anchor)
Andy Field (Substitute)
Dave Schreiber (Weekend overnights & substitute)
Chuck Sivertsen (Sunday afternoon & substitute)

New York: Jim Hickey, Aaron Katersky, David Blaustein
Washington: Ann Compton (The White House),
Vic Ratner (Capitol Hill),
Steven Portnoy
Los Angeles: Alex Stone, Jason Nathanson
London: Linda Albin, Tom Rivers
Miami: Matt Gutman
Dallas: Jim Ryan


[CALLER]Tom, caller from Glendora. Long time caller to many shows, I think I've heard him since the 90's. I heard his voice on a couple shows this week. He's always articulate and smart.

[QUOTE]"The huffing and puffington post" - [Rush]

[TIP]At 3pm we've got choices. I usually turn on The [John and Ken] show on KFI first because they come out of commercial at 3:04 or so. I tend to want to hear what [Hugh Hewitt] has to say but invariably he's doing this horrible ERSOP commercial till about 6 minutes after the hour. [Larry Elder] comes on around the same time. KRLA want me to listen? Come out of commercial before KFI, makes sense? Seems simple to me. I guess I should be thankful it's not that hideous Deep Pocket Jeans commercial.

[PODCASTS]On [Leo Laportes'] This Week In Tech (TWIT) Leo talked about how Ford dropped their advertising recently. They said they are done with their podcast experiment. This was a big deal for Leo's TWIT network, that was a lot of money. TWIT only runs one commercial every 30 minutes compared to over 19 minutes an hour on terrestrial radio.

[TECH]Watch the news today, big conference in silicon valley, Google I/O

Google expected to announce streaming music service.
Music service would compete with Spotify,0,2565243.story

Yahoo Wants Out of Microsoft Search Deal

Consumers Predict Americans Will Turn the Dial From AM/FM Radio to Streaming Radio Content in Five Years.

[THUMBS DOWN]Axelrod: Government ‘So Vast,‘ Obama Can't Know About Wrongdoing

[SEEN ON THE ROAD]Bumper sticker: "Wag more, Bark Less"


[PHOTO]Little known trivia (for other parts of the country) about LA/OC, strawberry's are grown and sold in the city on blank lots. This photo is on Beach Blvd in Westminster, CA.

[PARTING SHOT]"All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better." - [Ralph Waldo Emerson]

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