Friday, May 3, 2013

The Happiness Hour That Lasts Three Days

[COMMENT][Kevin James] was on [Larry Elder] this week talking once again about supporting [Eric Garcetti] for Mayor of Los Angeles. I just don't get this at all. He ran as a republican, came in third and now he wants people to support this guy. You could hear [Larry Elder] at the end of the call say that he will not be voting for Garcetti. It makes no sense at all. And then we have [Bill Clinton] doing a commercial for [Wendy Gruel]. Oh my god these people think we are stupid. Both these candidates are a disaster and in my opinion and the City of Los Angeles will be worse off. This city needs big changes and not a continued spiral downward. I don't see how anybody can see a positive future for Los Angeles.

Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas will be put on in June.
Here's a question for [Eric Garcetti] and [Wendy Gruel]. What do you think of the City of Los Angeles being involved in letting young people come to the Electric Daisy Carnival at the Coliseum, getting high, get drunk and do Ecstasy...all approved by the city. They love that revenue. 14 people have died. I don't know if the show will even be put on in LA anymore.,0,2910174,full.story

Despite warnings of drug risks from law enforcement and health officials, the raves have received the blessing of local governments hungry for the revenue they deliver. Shame on them!

[RADIO]Article:Young, Entrepreneurial, and Pursuing Good Art in Hollywood by [RJ Moller]
Ostensibly, I moved to Los Angeles a year ago to work for author and radio show host [Dennis Prager].

Talk Radio Day at the United Nations Set for Friday, June 7.  After a one-year hiatus, TALKERS magazine announces the revival of its annual international initiative, “Talk Radio Day at the United Nations.”  Presented in conjunction with Talk Radio News Service and in association with the United Nations Foundation, the event consists of a massive radio row held in the heart of the United Nations’ iconic headquarters on the East Side of Manhattan.  Approximately 20 talk show hosts and programs from around the country are given the opportunity to do live shows or simply record interviews on the scene for later playback with a wide variety of special guests, including UN officials, foreign ambassadors, international policy experts and representatives of the arts and sciences from around the world. Hosts already on board include [Alan Colmes] of Fox News Radio, [Michael Berry] of Clear Channel, [Doug Stephan] of the “Good Day” show, [Martha Zoller] of WGAU, Athens, GA, [Ethan Bearman] of GCN and KSCO, Santa Cruz, [Carole Marks] of “A Touch of Grey” and more. Hmm no Hannity or Levin or any high profile hosts? hmm hmm hmm wonder why? Maybe there will be.

A really good show that airs on 89.3 KPCC at 8pm week nights is called "The Story" I happened to turn this on and hear this cool....Story. Crowd Sourcing Cold Cases - Host [Dick Gordon] speaks with [Michele McNamara], author of the True Crime Diary blog. She and a community of online sleuths have helped detectives take a new look at the Golden State Killer, and other cold cases.

[Howie Carr] sat in for [Mark Levin] this week and has been on several shows talking about the Boston Bombings. He's an old timer in Boston and loved by his listeners. He really tells it like it is. 

WRKO’s [Howie Carr] Promotes New Gangster Book. WRKO, Boston afternoon drive host (and longtime Boston Herald columnist) [Howie Carr] is pictured here with listener Lori Vozzella and her daughter at Thursday’s remote broadcast from La Verdad Mexican Restaurant in the city’s Fenway neighborhood. Carr did his show live from the restaurant to promote his latest book on an infamous Boston crime figure –[Steven “Rifleman” Flemmi]. Carr’s book, Rifleman, details the grisly career of the notorious mobster. Carr has also written books about brothers Billy and [Whitey Bulger] and [Johnny Martorano].

Long time guest of the old [Art Bell] show appeared on Coast to Coast last night, [Roger K. Leir] is a podiatrist and ufologist best known as an investigator of alien implants. He has been very ill lately and to hear him back on the air was great. It's an outlandish topic but he's a very credible person. I have heard him interviewed many many times for hours on end. That's compelling radio.

***On Monday [Tim Conway Jr.] has some kind of big announcement having to do with a time change. I can't imagine what that would be except maybe pushing the show later. I'm thinking maybe they are giving someone a show from 7 to 9 pushing him to 9 to midnight. [Stephanie Miller] was at KFI a couple of weeks ago sitting in for Conway, that could be something.

***On Twitter this week former KRLA host [Heidi Harris] hinting that she might have a new gig. She wrote..."Stay Tuned...."

Trivia - Their are over 243 million listeners to Radio and there are over 13,000 radio stations, compared to 1,400 television stations.

Updated 10:55am Friday: On Fresh Air Bradley Cooper Finds 'Silver Linings' Everywhere

[QUOTE]"Sheriff Baca is a load" - [John Kobylt]


[PODCASTS][Hank Azaria] of Simpsons fame and Singer [Huey Lewis] on with [Marc Maron] this week.

[TECH][John C. Dvorak] who appears on This Week in Tech with [Leo Laporte] thinks that Google Glass is a big hoax perpetrated by [Sergey Brin] of Google. The recruiting of [Robert Scoble] who loves every new gadget that comes out proves it, he says. Leo will have two people on his Sunday show that will be wearing Google Glass. Also here is an article that is being talked about a lot this week.

Google Glass review (Explorer Edition)
By [Tim Stevens]

It will be 21 years on Monday. April 6, 1992 was the release of Windows 3.1. I had saved my money for a year and read every computer magazine I could find. That stack was about 2 feet high by the time I bought my first computer at the end of that month in 1992. I bought a computer by mail order from a company called Treasure Chest Computer in Louisiana. It cost me $1800. It would be a door stop now. For the geeks, it was an AMD 386-40 with 4 mb of ram, 130mb HD and a ViewSonic monitor. I loved it. The new Windows 8 is a total fail. There's talk that if Microsoft lets you boot to the desktop and gets rid of the Metro interface that it will be a success. I will buy it if they do that. I'm still using Windows 7, and it's great.

[THUMBS DOWN]KFI's [Shanon Ferren] did another classy story during the John and Ken Show, National Masturbation Day. John asked, "did you just really do that?" her reply "Just for you John"

[BOOK]From Marketplace on KPCC, [Michael Levi] with an interesting book.

[SEEN ON THE ROAD]Oxnard, CA Thursday from the Fire north of LA

[HEARD THIS]Former US Ambassador [John Bolton] was on [Dennis Miller] talking about "The Red Line" for Syria. I think [John Bolton] is brilliant and would be a great president. Dennis always introduces him as "The Nuclear Walrus". Check out this latest article.

Obama Put America in a Red-Line Box on Syria
His edict on chemical weapons was an unforced error.
Now Iran will watch closely to see what America does.

[PHOTO]NASA photo of the fire north of Los Angeles. We didn't get that much smoke because of the wind pushing it from the desert to the ocean.

[ON THIS DAY]1973 – The 108-story Sears Tower in Chicago is topped out at 1,451 feet as the world's tallest building. And yesterday the World Trade Center put the top spire on the new building topping it out at 1776 feet.

[PARTING SHOT]The dentist drills some more and you hear him make a mistake. And to cover it up, they all say the same thing: "Okay, rinse." - [Bill Cosby]

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