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Sorry, Sincerely the IRS

[COMMENT]Funny how we got this huge story on the IRS Friday and almost nobody is noting that the story came to light by radio talk show host [Mark Levin] and his Landmark Legal Foundation. He is the one who went to the IRS and filed a complaint. But no news outlet including all local radio news will mention his name. God forbid you mention a host that is not on your airways. It's a big part of the story but I guess they can mold it anyway they want. Mark came on the air on KABC Friday and went though how it came to light step by step. 75 small Tea Party organizations across the country were asked many inappropriate questions to receive non profit status, like what are your political affiliations, what issues do you care about and please submit articles you've been in or written. All kinds of questions making it almost impossible to get the non profit status. The Landmark Legal Foundation that [Mark Levin] is president of did all the work and got.... wait for apology! How would you like to have on your headstone "The IRS apologized to me" Obviously this is not enough and Levin wants an investigation.


[Frank Morano] from New York's AM 970 The Answer interviews [Bob Barker]. I saw Frank post this on Twitter. Frank and Curtis Sliwa do a morning show together, it used to be broadcast on KABC. Lots of laughs on this 30 minute interview. Bob started in Radio in 1946 as a staff announcer, he was also a DJ. Bob spent most of his youth on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota, and he was also a Navy fighter pilot. This is all news to me. Bob is gonna be 90 and he is still very sharp in his mind, amazingly so. He says he exercises frequently and attributes that to his good heath. Frank says he should be taking over for [Alex Trebek] and Bob lets out a huge laugh and a thank you. So great to hear he's doing well. Bob tells Frank he has a nice swing, I agree. Bravo [Frank Morano].

Go read Bob's Wikipedia page, it's really amazing the life he has had.

Bob's Animal Charity
The DJ&T Foundation

I turned on KFI at just before 5pm Sunday and there is [Lisa Ann Walter] with [Cloris Leachman] on the phone. She's doing a play in Santa Barbara.

I just stumbled on
Jazz singers [Cleveland Watkiss] and [Dame Cleo Laine] listen to [Ella Fitzgerald's] Mac the Knife, when she forgot the words in Berlin on 13 February 1960, and then have a go themselves. This is from BBC Radio.

This looks soo cool. I still have not been down to see the ship, I really want to. I gotta slide out to this incredible radio day.

Ex-wife files explosive lawsuit against Guardian Angels founder [Curtis Sliwa]. This story is shocking.


A radio presenter (UK) was pulled off air on her last day after the station decided she was too DRUNK to carry on with her show.

This is really cool from NPR Music. It's a 5 minute story.
The MIDI Revolution: Synthesizing Music For The Masses

ABC News Radio Offers Three, One-Hour Specials for 2013 Memorial Day Weekend
ABC’s Car Crazy! America’s Love Affair with Cars, Summer Survival Guide 2013 & Super Epic Summer Movie Special of Steel

[QUOTE]"I studied Karate with [Chuck Norris]...... my body is a deadly weapon" - [Bob Barker]

I'm not that familiar with CRN, but I know it's been around for a few years. I think you would have to listen to the shows live to hear them back in the day. That's all changed since I last saw this network. Many people that you have heard of are doing shows on CRN like, actor [Robert Conrad], actor [Larry Manetti], Actor [Fred Dryer]. And a former KFIer [Charles Karel Bouley] or [Karel] as he's known, does a show. They just added some new stuff including [Anthony Dias Blue] who does something you may have heard a hundred times...[Anthony Dias Blue's] Lifestyle Minute sponsored by Cuisinart on Talk Radio 790 KABC. I love the way he says Queezeee nart.
I've heard Conrad's show and it's good except for all the fans that call in "I loved you in Baa Baa Black Sheep" that gets old but Robert is the same guy, it's worth a tumble. I'll have to check out CRN more, looks promising.

Comedian [Fred Stoller] on [Adam Carolla]

[THUMBS DOWN] Every time I hear someone say "My Wife!" I hear [Aron Benders] voice, damn you ;)

[SAW THIS]Not sure I agree with this.

[EXTRA]Blog post by [Michael Crozier] of KFI on Mom's, wow.

[PHOTO]Happy Mothers Day!

[PARTING SHOT]“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.” - Robert Frost

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