Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"I'm Whispering So The Media Doesn't Hear Me" - Rush

[COMMENT]By accident I turned on [Geraldo] on KABC and he was talking about [Jason Collins] of course. It's 3 days now where everyone is talking about this. It's incredibly boring in my opinion. The caller disagreed with [Geraldo] who said "who cares if he's gay?". [Geraldo] said "were not gonna bash you, we are just going to ignore you" and hung up on him. Another caller said the same thing and [Geraldo] hung up on him and started talking about something else. This issue is about a black man that has come out gay. The left is beside themselves with joy I'm sure. Almost every talk show I have heard this week thinks it's a non story. [Geraldo's] drop for his show is "Not red, not blue...but red white and blue", that's code for I'm not a liberal, but I really am. I'm not even sure who listens to this show, it's pretty bad. [Geraldo] is a typical person from the left but denies he is. If the morning show at KABC is in 33rd place can you imagine how many people are not listening to [Geraldo]. So why did I write this!

Congrats to KFI and [Shannon Farren] for reporting during the John and Ken show about the man with the worlds largest penis. Really classy and really news worthy.

We have lots of car chases here in LA, why are they not covered on radio? You can go to the TV if your not in a car and there it is, usually on several stations, but not on radio. Wouldn't it be nice if you're driving to hear where to avoid some jerk driving crazy and who might have a gun? I didn't hear about the chase until 7pm yesterday and it was long over. Conway will always have it on KFI if it's after 7pm and you might hear a short little report on KNX or something. Step it up LA Radio!

[RADIO]Anybody remember [John Ziegler] on KFI? His show ended on KFI in 2007, can you believe that? I remember how [John Kobylt] and him and a huge on air argument. I was reading a post by [Rob Marinko] and saw a comment by [Leah Brandon]. Leah did the news during John's show. I said hello and that we miss her in LA, and she graciously said hello back and thank you. She was great and blunt. She moved to Alabama. Remember this photo?

I turned on 89.3 and heard an interview with Rolling Stones bassist [Bill Wyman]. Bill appeared on BBC Breakfast on Wednesday, March 27 on UK TV, discussing his [Bill Wyman] Scrapbook only 1962 copies were printed, the year the Stones started. I'm not a person that knows that much about the Stones but it is pretty cool all these years later. 8 minutes.

[Shot Gun Tom Kelly] of K-Earth 101 got a Star on The Walk of Fame Tuesday.

These are all the people that got Stars for Radio (custom search)

Former KABC newsman [Rob Marinko] on [Jim Poorman Trenton] (the long time KROQ jock)......
A person here on FB continues to complain that a former employer was unfair to him and that he can't get a job in radio. I'd rather not use his name, so let's call him Poorman. EVERYONE I know in radio has been fired and many have found it difficult to find jobs back in the same business. I am one of them. Most of us move on to other things and just enjoy an occasional poke at the people who fired us, especially if we're doing better now. :) At the risk of sounding mean, and that truly is not my intention, you need to move on Poorman. You are certainly well liked by many and have fans who would like nothing more than to hear you back on the airwaves, but you gotta let go to move forward. Best of luck to you.

Thursday night at 11pm [Rob Marinko] will be on with [John Phillips] on 790 KABC.

Friday night in the second hour of the [Dennis Miller] Show, that would be 9pm on 870 KRLA you will hear two separate interviews. First is [Jeff Lynne] from ELO and then [Roger Hodgson] from Supertramp. Who needs TV?

Two long time [Art Bell] guests are on Capital Hill. [Dr. Steven Greer] and Political Activist [Stephen Bassett] at the Citizen Hearing On Disclosure.

Library of Congress adds radio to its collection.

Automakers tuning out traditional in-car radios
AM-FM not dead yet but music streaming, Internet new priority
From The Detroit News:

**Evelyn, long long time caller to Red Eye Radio called Doug this morning. Her issue... Illegal Immigration.

***[Mark Levin] off the rest of the week, really good hosts filling in.

[QUOTE]"It's gonna kick you in the privates" - [Mark Levin] on ObamaCare

[PODCASTS]Comedian and WTF Podcast Show host [Mark Maron] does a great interview on Fresh Air with [Terry Gross]. He talks about his new book and his new TV show.

[Marc Maron] was on [Jimmy Fallon] Tuesday.

[Marc Maron] on Fresh Air with [Terry Gross]

[Marc Maron] interview with [Conan O'Brian] from 2011

[Marc Maron] Episode 104 with [Louis CK]

[THUMBS DOWN]'Real' Jobless Rate Still Above 10% In Most States...

[SEEN ON THE ROAD]License Plate: Seen on a BMW........MBZ LOL

[HEARD THIS]Home Depot Moves to Top Spot
As the summer honey-do-lists get longer around the country, Media Monitors is reporting that The Home Depot was the number one advertiser on the radio last week airing 62,545 commercials. GEICO was a distant second at 30,351. McDonald's aired 26,744 spots. iHeartRadio was fourth with 23,838 and AT&T fifth with 23,811.

[PHOTO]New Product?

Saw a Tesla Sedan in Huntington Beach

[PARTING SHOT]"I enjoy chaos and disorder...not just because they help me professionally"
- [George Carlin]

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