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If It Weren't For Farnsworth, Inventor Of Television, We'd Still Be Eating Frozen Radio Dinners - Johnny Carson

[COMMENT]So I guess if you have an opposite opinion of the other side, there is a problem. An old problem that crops up in history from time to time. You don't agree with me? I'll do something about it, I'll try to punish you. All the worst people in the world have done this. Tolerance of a differing opinion seems to be impossible with some people and really rubs some the wrong way to the point they want to make your life miserable, even kill you. All these scandals are about making people think a certain way, Benghazi, lie and cover up, IRS, punish you, AP, spy on you. Then act like nothing is really going on and point to you and's you that's the problem. If you are paying attention, this stuff is really scary. And sadly it's all about the left staying in power. That 2014 and 16 election is all they can think about. And now we have people going after talk radio.....again. In this piece I have posted below about the FCC, people are trying to get rid of talk radio through the FCC and Obama's new nominee, asking is talk radio bonafide news? Here comes the Fairness Doctrine again. It's all about trying to control what you think.

I think this is an important piece. This first line is just amazing:

The Huffington Post is helping the Media Action Center promote the organizations attempt to stifle the long success of Talk Radio, mainly [Rush Limbaugh], and put pressure on radio stations to let them on the air via government mandate.
The Huffiing and puffington post is trying to exists as a credible newspaper but you can see they are all about an agenda, always have been. The reason the FCC exists is to manage what was once thought of as a frequency spectrum that everyone had to share. That's all over now. We do not need the FCC. Free speech is so fantastic right now. I can write this blog and say whatever I want, and I think that scares the hell out of the left. Talk radio is bonafide news and opinion. It can be just entertainment too. How many hosts have done "Bits" where everything they are saying is made up!? But see if you say something the left doesn't like well you're being unfair and bias. The free market is at work here and they hate that liberal talk show hosts are not successful, that's all it's about. The left wants to own all media and they just can't get there hands around the throat of talk radio no matter what they do. Deal with it, it's not going away. If the entire over the air spectrum suddenly went away, it would not matter a wit. You would still hear [Rush] maybe even louder. America....what a country.


KFI billed $46 million last year. KFI is the king of the hill, I also think they are in a little bit of a bubble of confidence.
PDs: Talk must evolve to reverse aging demos.

For the last couple of days and today, Friday, [Doug Urbanski] sat in for [Rush]. I always enjoy when he sits in. He's very articulate and smart. He's an American film producer, theater impresario, raconteur, and occasional film actor and talk show host. He's business partner with actor [Gary Oldman] and he also runs a talent management firm, DMG here in Los Angeles.

[John Batchelor] Show, not broadcast in LA (out of NY) but wow what a great show. John is brilliant and to the point and has great guests on his show talking about world affairs. It's a hugely informative show and you can hear it for free on his website.

[Chris Lane] of KFI is leaving to go back to Texas, here is what I get when I go to read the OC Register article about her. It's a pay wall.

Here is the goodbye on Chris's blog.

Great 2 minute video of the KRLA hosts at the USS Iowa on Memorial Day. Gotta see [Brian Whitman] in the dunk tank, hilarious.

[QUOTE]Caller on McIntyre in the Morning: "POOP - People Offended by Offended People"

[PODCASTS]A great post by [Lisa Kentzell] the CEO of TWIT, the podcast network that [Leo Laporte] built. A few years ago Leo divorced his long time wife and started a relationship with Lisa. I think she started out as a business partner at TWIT and then Leo split with his wife and got involved with Lisa. I could be wrong about all of this but I think that's the way it happened. Being involved with your business partner I thought would be a huge no no. But I respect Leo and what he does, I don't want to judge him. This is a very thoughtful piece by [Lisa Kentzell], "How I work with [Leo Laporte]"

A great piece in the Huffington Post (that's a rare line for me) by [Alison Rosen]. She's the co-host on the [Adam Carolla] show and has her own show called "[Alison Rosen] is your new best friend"
The Highway Is Trying to Kill Me

[THUMBS DOWN]Not a radio story but an LA story. [Philip Seymour Hoffman] just got out of detox for a drug problem that was spinning out of control. It started slowly with prescription pills, and recently escalated to snorting heroin. I love this guy. It's heart breaking to hear about this. Hope he gets better.

[TECH]TuneIn offers online streaming for more than 70,000 broadcast stations from all over the globe, everyone from WAPO in Tanzania to Watsonville's KPIG. TuneIn: Google Ventures among those pouring $25M into Palo Alto radio service. I've used this app on my Android phone and it's tremendous.

[HEARD THIS]Americans talk, surf more than Europeans on cells.
Americans pay more for their cell service than Europeans, but they're getting a lot more use out of their phones.

[PHOTO]Bonhams announced its May 5th Entertainment Memorabilia auction featuring property from the Estate of [Milton Berle], selections from the Estate of [Larry Hagman], animation art, and items relating to [Frank Sinatra], the Rat Pack and [Marilyn Monroe] among other gems of Hollywood. Here, a pair of [Wallace Seawell] photographs of [Zsa Zsa Gabor] and [Gregory Peck].

[PARTING SHOT]Time moves in one direction, memory in another. - [William Gibson]

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