Friday, May 10, 2013

I Would Have Promised Those Terrorists A Trip To Disneyland

[COMMENT]On Wednesday morning I turned on C-Span to watch and listen to the Benghazi hearings. I thought this was very important and I felt obligated to watch it. It was very compelling and I think it brought a lot to light. I sat in front of my computer for 4 hours. I occasionally would pick up the radio and go though all the radio stations that matter in LA to see if anyone was broadcasting the hearings. They were not. I turned on KFI, KABC, KRLA, KNX, KFWB, KCRW, KPCC, KPFK.....nothing. To me this is shocking and very disappointing. I remember back in the late 80's Pacifica Radio (KPFK 90.7) here in LA broadcast "Gavel to Gavel" coverage of the Iran-Contra hearings with [Oliver North] testifying. I think it went on for the better part of a week. I was glued to the radio. I was working most of the day but had it on in the car. That was very important at the time and widely talked about in the press. So why was this not so important? I have no idea. I did hear clips and analysis by [Hugh Hewitt] and [Mark Levin]. Hugh really put in a lot of time, or should I say his producer [Duane Patterson] did. That's gotta be a big job pulling clips from something that lasted 4 hours. If this is not worthy of local broadcast I don't know what is, oh wait [Lindsey Lohan] has moved her rehab......

[RADIO][Paul RyKoff] was on [Dennis Miller] Wednesday night. Check out these stats and go sign the petition, it will take 2 minutes. Interview with Dennis at this link:
As of May 4, 2013, 880,264 veterans are waiting for their VA disability benefits. 600,711 are officially backlogged - meaning they are waiting over 125 days. According to a recent report, the average wait time in larger cities can be over 600 days. In Reno it is 681 days. New York is 642 days. New Orleans is 490 days. Houston is 586 days. The list goes on. This is unacceptable. So we are calling upon our members, supporters, friends and the American public to make Washington #EndTheVABacklog. Click here to see solutions we have set out and join nearly 50,000 others and sign the petition now!

MUST LISTEN: ICE Union president [Chris Crane] exposes Obama admin LIES on immigration enforcement on the [Mark Levin] Show.

On Fresh Air - [Martin Scorsese] Talks 'The Language Of Cinema'

[Mark Levin] Addresses NRA Convention in Houston in a video.

L.A. station shortens digital cord.
One of radio’s top country stations will be harder to hear for anyone not living in California. Mount Wilson FM Broadcasters has decided to limit streaming of “Go Country 105” KKGO, Los Angeles to people in its home state. In a way, KKGO is a victim of its success. Owner [Saul Levine] says advertising can’t keep up with the royalty bill on a growing audience.

[QUOTE]"Is [Jon Stewarts'] mother running for anything Mr. Producer?

"He damaged me deeply" - [Dennis Miller] on spending the weekend with [Marty Short]

[BOOKS]An interview with [Dennis Miller] and Author [Paul Dolman]. Second Segment in hour 2.
[Larry David] pulled over and asked, "You're not a serial killer or something are you?"The comedic writer and actor from Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm not only gave Dolman a ride, but helped him find his way during his summer of soul-searching and hitchhiking. Written with disarming honest humor and perfectly capturing [Larry David’s] unique comic genius, Hitchhiking with [Larry David] will leave readers simultaneously laughing and crying as they ponder the mystery and spirituality of life.

[PODCASTS]You know I have had Mangria when I was at the Redondo Performing Arts Center when Adam and [Dennis Prager] were's awful stuff, sorry Adam. [Adam Carolla] launches new Mangria drink at Malibu bash. Carolla's backyard bash attracted around 300 guests, including [Howie Mandel] and [Ron Jeremy].

This guy gets around...via Skype. Adam is on with [Leo Laporte] on his show Triangulation.

On TWIG (This week in Google) [Gina Trapani] gets her Google Glass and does the most comprehensive review of it I've heard to date. Gina is a developer and really knows her stuff. Gina has a post on Google + of a photo of her baby taken with Google Glass. It shows how sweet a first person photo will be. I'll let you go look for that, it's worth a look.
Also [Jeff Jarvis] is on Google Talk instead of Skype and looks super clear, not all pasty as usual.

A frequent guest on talk radio and a past writer at the LA Times, now at Investors Business Daily [Andrew Malcolm] does a podcast.

[THUMBS DOWN][Randy Jackson] is leaving American Idol after 12 years. Wow I haven't seen one second of that show for 12 years, amazing.

[SEEN ON THE ROAD]A large Teddy Bear laying on it's back in the center divider on the 101 north at Rampart.

[LICENSE PLATE]"WT ALBUM" on a white Mini Cooper with a racing stripe

[HEARD THIS]"AM 590...The Answer" on KRLA at 5:30 Wed, I guess something went wrong there.

[Hugh Hewitt] met a guy at a conference in Colorado that listens to his show in China...daily.

Writer [Eli Lake] of the Daily Beast is all over Talk Radio. He's looking like the goto guy like [Jake Tapper] is. [Hugh Hewitt] had him on to talk about Benghazi. Lake said during the interview that he could not really talk about it yet but he's getting info that Stevens might have been in Benghazi because of some covert program. More to come.
Top U.S. Diplomat in Libya Knew Benghazi Was Terrorism
by [Eli Lake]

Hawaii fights for Obama presidential center from Public Radio's Marketplace.

[TECH]New FM-enabled smartphones coming.The radio industry is being asked to commit $

Online radio crosses mobile threshold.

Talking Tech: Slacker face lift dials in more listeners

Next week is the big Google I/O conference in SF. Lots of new things will come out of this. Last year we got Google Glass and sky diving.

Caesars Palace deals Google Glass out of its game
Another business bans Glass about a year before it's expected to become generally available.


[PARTING SHOT]"If the Last Tango in Paris was filmed today....they would have used margarine" - [Dennis Miller]

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