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Don't Be A Glass-Hole

[COMMENT]I watched TWIT (This Week in Tech) with [Leo Laporte] live Sunday at around 3pm. I usually listen to it in the car on my Monday drive, but I wanted to see this one. Leo live streams the show from up in northern California, and has a huge chat room going at the same time. It was a big show because [Robert Scoble] came and let Leo try on the Google Glass...glasses for the first time. This is a real iffy product right now and from hearing Leo talk about it, it might be just an embarrassing geek product. Leo said that Google Glass is high tech birth control. Scoble was liking it a lot, but he likes everything. He was showing the interface on his phone when Leo was wearing it. Google Glass is a heads up computer interface that appears above your right eye. You can shoot video or take photos. It has notifications for email and texts. You can query the search engine. It's still very clunky and only in the developer stage right now. It could be something special and important down the road. One scenario I thought of was this. While driving you get a notification. Behind you is a police pursuit that will be right behind you in 3 minutes. Google Glass using your location via GPS and though Google maps could make this happen. I think that would be valuable.
You can see in this photo Leo wearing Glass and swiping the side which moves the "cards" or screens forward or back, from the time and temp to the last photo you took and so on. You can also use voice commands. SNL did a hilarious spoof of this on Saturday, Google it. This product is not slated for public use for at least another year. It's known as bleeding edge technology. If you still don't know what Google Glass is, check out this cool site.

[RADIO][Burt Bacharach]: 'Never Be Afraid Of Something That You Can Whistle'
He's written 73 Top 40 hits. Great interview on Weekend Edition with [Scott Simon] about his music and his new book. When I was growing up in the 70's this guy was a big deal and made great music.

[Rush Limbaugh]: Don’t blame me for WABC’s declining ad sales. He says stop bugging me or I'll leave.

[Rush Limbaugh] may leave Cumulus

People that don't listen to Rush have a lot of bad things to say about him. A facebook friend of mine called him a POS that has to go, he doesn't listen to his show. I do, and I think Rush is one of the most decent people on the radio. He's a class act and a great broadcaster and has all the facts at his finger tips. I respect him and his ability. But see you have to listen daily to have that opinion of him. If he were to leave he would probably make more money. I'm sure he's thinking about retiring soon. He has more money than god, he's newly married and has a hearing problem. I would retire and enjoy my life if I were him.

[Michael Savage] wins landmark case in federal court
I don't really listen to [Michael Savage], I have in the past. He's on somewhere but not really sure where. Monday would be the day to check it out again, it's been years. 

[PODCASTS]I know I talk about him a lot but he's good :) Podcaster and comedian [Marc Maron] has a new show on IFC but you can watch it on Amazon Instant Video for free, the second episode that is. Looks like other episodes will only be $2. I'm a cord cutter so I don't buy TV. I watched the second episode and it's real good and well made. It's produced by comedian [Dennis Leary] who Marc refers to as "Fake Fireman" which I thought was hilarious. [Sally Kellerman] plays his mother. Check it out, it's free.

[Chris Epting], [Seth Swirsky], [JP Myers]
Local author, huge baseball fan and my partner on the [Jack Norworth] Memorial a couple years ago, [Chris Epting] is starting a new music show online. It's called Music, the Radio Show on the Webtalkradio network. Now Chris has had many many personal encounters with the gods of Rock and Roll and celebrities over the years. In his book "Hello It's Me" he chronicles moments with numerous pop culture icons—including [Mick Jagger], [Keith Richards], [Jay Leno], [Johnny Thunders], [Edward Albee], [John Cheever], and [Milton Berle]. Chris has tons of stories and is well versed in Music. This new show will be one to listen to. 

Music, The radio show with [Chris Epting] on Premieres 5/20 - with [Phil Collen] from Def Leppard and [Peter Frampton]. Go to his facebook page for the new show, and LIKE it.

Can you name these people?

[Mario Machado], newscaster and voice of soccer was 78
He was a familiar presence on Los Angeles TV and radio for a few decades starting in 1967, when he joined Channel 9 (then KHJ-TV) as the city's first Chinese-American TV news reporter.

[THUMBS DOWN]I just want to let stations know that if you are going to report or talk about news of [Lindsay Lohan] I will hurt myself diving for the knob to change the station. There is no way on gods green earth that anyone should be talking about this. It's worthless and not very interesting my opinion. And no I will not post of photo of her here.

Michael Smerconish Says Talk Radio Is Like Pro-Wrestling: Fake Pols follow the microphones By Katy Bachman
I don't agree with most of what's in this article. I would listen to Michael some nights on KNX 1070...or was it KFWB News 98? What ever, I get those mixed up. Between the basketball games I would listen some nights. Michael is very articulate, he's a lawyer and he has strong beliefs, some I don't agree with. He's one of those hosts where you agree with him about most things and then he drops an issue that is weird. I don't have an example. I never really figured him out and now he's gone to satellite that nobody listens to. Howard Stern? Wasn't he on the radio a long time ago? Oh he went to Satellite?

[QUOTE]War about to break out with Israel and Iran. Anyone paying attention? - [Mark Levin]

[SEEN ON THE ROAD]Woman driving with a pair of green dish washing gloves on.

[HEARD THIS][Larry King] was on with [Michael Medved] on Friday to talk about his contribution to a book about [Billy Graham]. 'Billy Graham & Me': Remembrances, big and small. I had no idea but Larry has been friends with Graham for years and said that his life was very much effected by him.


Cinco de Mayo in Denver Sunday

[PARTING SHOT]Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot. - [Charlie Chaplin]

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