Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Compelling Radio?

[COMMENT]Here are three "I don't get it" items. Friday [Bill Handel] will be switching shifts with [Tim Conway Jr]. So I don't get to hear [Doug Steckler] (Steckler is the best) on Friday night? Someone is going to tell me that [Bill Handel] is coming into KFI and doing a Friday night show? It's probably prerecorded. I don't know what the appeal of this is. I know I won't be listening. Then this morning (Tuesday) sitting in for [Geraldo] is [Kevin James] and [Jan Perry]. I guess they are going to talk about the Mayoral election that nobody cares about? I heard that only about 200 people showed up for the debate on Sunday, I could be wrong about that. Who wants to hear this? Then I hear that [Phil Hendries'] ex wife [Maria Sanchez] is doing some podcast show. She used to work at KFI and sit in for hosts as a sub? Really? I don't recall this at all. I would listen if she talks about what a jerk Phil is, that would be the only reason to listen to that show.

As for me the listener.... things need to get a little more compelling for me to be interested. I am looking forward to the hearings on Capitol Hill Wednesday on Benghazi. I looked around and didn't find a listing for a radio broadcast. I was hoping that Pacifica (90.7 KPFK) would do it's famous "Gavel to Gavel" coverage like back in the day when [Oliver North] was testifying. I'm pretty sure that you will be able to watch it on C-Span online. C-Span does have it listed on their website. Some LA station needs to step up and let the listeners of LA hear this very important hearing.

[RADIO][Rush Limbaugh] managed to not talk about the story that he might be leaving his company. Not one word in the three hour program on Monday, or Tuesday. I don't think I have ever seen a news story go from a Drudge headline to silence before.

Here is another show I don't listen to or would want to. Cumulus was hoping [Mike Huckabee] would eventually replace, or at least compete, with [Rush] at many talk stations across the country. In an Arkansas Business article, Huckabee is very non-committal to radio as he approaches his one-year anniversary in syndication. Perhaps we'll hear more on the future of Huckabee when Cumulus CEO [Lew Dickey] reports earnings today. Cumulus signed and heavily promoted Huckabee when the company was also pushing a less partisan approach to talk, an alternative to [Rush], [Sean Hannity], [Mark Levin] and others. That philosophy was pretty much abandoned when Cumulus scooped up Michael Savage after his public squabble and departure from TRN. Huckabee tells the Business Journal he'll decide in the next 30 days if he'll continue his radio show.

An alternative to [Rush] that is less partisan? This is laughable. This is so uninteresting it's funny.

[QUOTE]"Common Sense Is Water Soluble" - [Doug McIntyre]

[PODCASTS][Adam Carolla] On "Redneck Day" At AZ High School, Grown Men Attending "Iron Man 3". Carolla does this thing on [Bill O'Reillys'] show on Monday called Roll'n with Carolla. It's funny because Adam always looks so uninterested. I don't think he's getting paid, maybe just scale for being on.

Adam just did a podcast show with [Rosie Perez] and [Howie Mandel]. I'll have to check that out. I love it when Rosie says "Isuzu...Trooper 2!"

[THUMBS DOWN]Dow is at 15,000 today.....get ready for a correction, I'm just say'n

[HEARD THIS]What do drivers want? More than anything else, a new study from [J.D. Power] says the ability to easily plug their smartphone into their dashboard. The survey finds 82% of smartphone owners want automakers to add the feature, a four point gain over a year ago. Despite that new competition, most listeners are still showing staunch loyalty to radio. How about a cell phone holder and a way to connect using blue tooth or something. You should see the crap I have to go though everyday to hook up my phone while in the car.

[PHOTO]Five-Tube Chassis: 1937. March 1937. "Camden, New Jersey. RCA Victor. Five-tube chassis assembly line." Radio like Grandma used to make. Photo by Lewis Hine. Shorpy.com Always Something Interesting.

[PARTING SHOT]"Democrats never agree on anything, that's why they're Democrats. If they agreed with each other, they'd be Republicans." - [Will Rogers]

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