Monday, May 20, 2013

“A Vote Is Like A Rifle: Its Usefulness Depends Upon The Character Of The User.” - Theodore Roosevelt

[COMMENT]I'm hearing this morning that KABC will be doing extended election coverage tomorrow as the numbers come in. I'm sorry it's just not worthy of air time or my time. They do a fine job over there at KABC. [Doug McIntyre] and [Teri-Rae] have a great morning show. I hear [John Phillips] will be there also who I think is a fine host. But nobody cares. No really, nobody cares. As a listener, unless you live in LA City and you're a liberal and you're voting for one of these people that have been ensconced in LA government for years, who cares? The turn out will be lower than ever and they are both democrats. Why is [Doug McIntyre] talking about this and having all these candidates on the air? He thinks it's important, I do too. Just not these candidates and not this election. This could be completely ignored by this so called conservative radio station. I don't want to slam Doug too hard here but he did vote for Obama and now he will be voting for his friend, [Wendy Gruel], both Democrats. Why does [Doug McIntyre] vote for Democrats? I have no idea. If [Doug McIntyre] and [John Phillips] came on the air tomorrow and did a [Dean Martin] style roast and just ripped these people to shreds with a jazz music bed and glasses clinking in the background, I would listen to that. By the way the new LAX international terminal was just named after Tony V. the city.

[RADIO]May 24th would have been [David Viscott's] 75th birthday. He's been gone for 17 years now. I just wanted to mention this because he was a very special person and I so enjoyed listening to his show daily in the 80's. His main advice to callers was "be honest", and he could be brutally honest. I wasn't sure that a person could live a life being as honest as he insisted people should be. He was to the point, blunt and a sweet guy too. He would come on the mic after a commercial break (on KABC) in a very low and relaxed voice say "[David Viscott]....we have Scott in LA, hello Scott". He is missed, and I wish he was here to tell it like it is today.

Monday at 7pm on 89.3 KPCC - Comic legend [Mel Brooks], the subject of a new PBS American Masters documentary, Monday on NPR's Fresh Air.

On Sunday with [Rachel Martin], she talked about 140 years of Levi's

NPR's [Scott Simon] with 3 minutes on [Chris Hadfield] who went from feeling truly sublime to faintly ridiculous this week. He landed after spending 146 days in space, most as commander of the International Space Station.

According to the (The Radio Advertising Bureau) RAB report, in addition to the $3 billion in spot revenue radio took in during the quarter, $179 million was generated from digital. That's up from $165 million from the first quarter of last year, and $101 million on 2009. The RAB gets its digital revenue numbers from Miller Kaplan which says the revenue is gathered from activity "generated by websites, Internet/Web streaming and HD Radio including HD2 and HD3 stations."

If you keep hearing the same commercials over and over, this is who bought those commercials.

1) Comcast XFinity Cable Service (up 15%)
2) AT&T (up 122%)
3) McDonald’s (down 2%)
4) Sprint (up over 1300%)
5) GEICO Insurance Company (up 23%)
6) T-Mobile (up 28%)
7) Safeway (down 10%)
8) MetroPCS (up 25%)
9) Toyota Dealer Association (down 2%)
10) Verizon Wireless (down 16%)

[PODCASTS][Bob Heil] will do his show "Ham Nation" on Wednesday 6PM PT with [Joe Walsh].

Ink for Internet talk station Radio Titans

[THUMBS DOWN]‏@hughhewitt - C'mon LA. This isn't close. Vote for @ericgarcetti. When in doubt, vote for the smarter candidate. Then Hugh calls into the morning show on KRLA.





KABC's [John Phillips] with a column on The Daily Beast.

[PHOTO][Tom Bergeron] in studio with [Lisa Ann Walter] this weekend.

[PARTING SHOT]“Fear can only prevail when victims are ignorant of the facts.” - [Thomas Jefferson]

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