Friday, May 31, 2013

If It Weren't For Farnsworth, Inventor Of Television, We'd Still Be Eating Frozen Radio Dinners - Johnny Carson

[COMMENT]So I guess if you have an opposite opinion of the other side, there is a problem. An old problem that crops up in history from time to time. You don't agree with me? I'll do something about it, I'll try to punish you. All the worst people in the world have done this. Tolerance of a differing opinion seems to be impossible with some people and really rubs some the wrong way to the point they want to make your life miserable, even kill you. All these scandals are about making people think a certain way, Benghazi, lie and cover up, IRS, punish you, AP, spy on you. Then act like nothing is really going on and point to you and's you that's the problem. If you are paying attention, this stuff is really scary. And sadly it's all about the left staying in power. That 2014 and 16 election is all they can think about. And now we have people going after talk radio.....again. In this piece I have posted below about the FCC, people are trying to get rid of talk radio through the FCC and Obama's new nominee, asking is talk radio bonafide news? Here comes the Fairness Doctrine again. It's all about trying to control what you think.

I think this is an important piece. This first line is just amazing:

The Huffington Post is helping the Media Action Center promote the organizations attempt to stifle the long success of Talk Radio, mainly [Rush Limbaugh], and put pressure on radio stations to let them on the air via government mandate.
The Huffiing and puffington post is trying to exists as a credible newspaper but you can see they are all about an agenda, always have been. The reason the FCC exists is to manage what was once thought of as a frequency spectrum that everyone had to share. That's all over now. We do not need the FCC. Free speech is so fantastic right now. I can write this blog and say whatever I want, and I think that scares the hell out of the left. Talk radio is bonafide news and opinion. It can be just entertainment too. How many hosts have done "Bits" where everything they are saying is made up!? But see if you say something the left doesn't like well you're being unfair and bias. The free market is at work here and they hate that liberal talk show hosts are not successful, that's all it's about. The left wants to own all media and they just can't get there hands around the throat of talk radio no matter what they do. Deal with it, it's not going away. If the entire over the air spectrum suddenly went away, it would not matter a wit. You would still hear [Rush] maybe even louder. America....what a country.


KFI billed $46 million last year. KFI is the king of the hill, I also think they are in a little bit of a bubble of confidence.
PDs: Talk must evolve to reverse aging demos.

For the last couple of days and today, Friday, [Doug Urbanski] sat in for [Rush]. I always enjoy when he sits in. He's very articulate and smart. He's an American film producer, theater impresario, raconteur, and occasional film actor and talk show host. He's business partner with actor [Gary Oldman] and he also runs a talent management firm, DMG here in Los Angeles.

[John Batchelor] Show, not broadcast in LA (out of NY) but wow what a great show. John is brilliant and to the point and has great guests on his show talking about world affairs. It's a hugely informative show and you can hear it for free on his website.

[Chris Lane] of KFI is leaving to go back to Texas, here is what I get when I go to read the OC Register article about her. It's a pay wall.

Here is the goodbye on Chris's blog.

Great 2 minute video of the KRLA hosts at the USS Iowa on Memorial Day. Gotta see [Brian Whitman] in the dunk tank, hilarious.

[QUOTE]Caller on McIntyre in the Morning: "POOP - People Offended by Offended People"

[PODCASTS]A great post by [Lisa Kentzell] the CEO of TWIT, the podcast network that [Leo Laporte] built. A few years ago Leo divorced his long time wife and started a relationship with Lisa. I think she started out as a business partner at TWIT and then Leo split with his wife and got involved with Lisa. I could be wrong about all of this but I think that's the way it happened. Being involved with your business partner I thought would be a huge no no. But I respect Leo and what he does, I don't want to judge him. This is a very thoughtful piece by [Lisa Kentzell], "How I work with [Leo Laporte]"

A great piece in the Huffington Post (that's a rare line for me) by [Alison Rosen]. She's the co-host on the [Adam Carolla] show and has her own show called "[Alison Rosen] is your new best friend"
The Highway Is Trying to Kill Me

[THUMBS DOWN]Not a radio story but an LA story. [Philip Seymour Hoffman] just got out of detox for a drug problem that was spinning out of control. It started slowly with prescription pills, and recently escalated to snorting heroin. I love this guy. It's heart breaking to hear about this. Hope he gets better.

[TECH]TuneIn offers online streaming for more than 70,000 broadcast stations from all over the globe, everyone from WAPO in Tanzania to Watsonville's KPIG. TuneIn: Google Ventures among those pouring $25M into Palo Alto radio service. I've used this app on my Android phone and it's tremendous.

[HEARD THIS]Americans talk, surf more than Europeans on cells.
Americans pay more for their cell service than Europeans, but they're getting a lot more use out of their phones.

[PHOTO]Bonhams announced its May 5th Entertainment Memorabilia auction featuring property from the Estate of [Milton Berle], selections from the Estate of [Larry Hagman], animation art, and items relating to [Frank Sinatra], the Rat Pack and [Marilyn Monroe] among other gems of Hollywood. Here, a pair of [Wallace Seawell] photographs of [Zsa Zsa Gabor] and [Gregory Peck].

[PARTING SHOT]Time moves in one direction, memory in another. - [William Gibson]

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"I Watch A Lot Of Baseball On The Radio" - Gerald R. Ford

[COMMENT]Back at it today. It seems like a regular day after the demarcation of summer, Memorial Day. One great thing about facebook is all the great posts I saw on Monday. Wonderful posts about the pride we have in our country and the people who gave it all to give us all we have. I'm actually on vacation this week, wife and I were in New Orleans for a few days and now home and having a blast being able to tune around and hear some shows and just hang out. Going though a ton of email to see what's happening in radio and such. Lots of great shows online this week. Going into the summer season lots of hosts take time off. I actually like this time of year and like hearing hosts like [Mark Steyn] and others sitting in. This will go on into August and beyond. [Rush] comes in today and says it will be the only day this week he's there, and back next Wednesday. He should have just taken the whole week off. The ratings during summer are low. Someone like me, I have the radio on day and night regardless. Beware of stations running repeats like [Rush] yesterday and not saying it's a repeat. Wouldn't want to upset the advertisers. Not sure anyone would want to listen to a repeat show, I know I never do. But [Rush] did put a drop in the show "You're listening to .....the best of [Rush Limbaugh]". Most stations do not do this. They don't care if you get tricked into listening. It's an advertising business. Cracks me up, KRLA has a thing they play often, "come and click the insiders advantage page, for a better connection to our advertisers, click the insiders advantage page". Are you kidding? Who would do that? All you need to know about most radio stations is that when it's time to kick a host to the curb ([Heidi Harris]) they won't even bother telling you they are gone or why. I love radio and the stations around town do good stuff but just know it's a business and it's about advertising. Happy Summer!

[RADIO]I turned on KFI this morning, that's right I said it! as [Mark Levin] would say and I heard something cool. [Rich Marotta] who does sports on the Handel Show has put together The Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame.
From ESPN Boxing online:
So when veteran broadcaster [Rich Marotta] moved to the Silver State from southern California, he thought, "I'm going to try to support the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame -- go to their events, go to their dinners. So I did a bit of research, and found out to my astonishment, there is no Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame. How can that be? There's one in California, one in New York, in New Jersey, in Washington, in Pennsylvania -- and you're telling me there isn't one in Nevada?"

This might be the one and only time you ever see 
a photo of [Bill Handel] on this site. Enjoy. That's [Rich Marotta] next to Bill

You know I'm not a fan of the morning show on KFI but I've said this before, they have lots of great people on that show and Rich is one of those. His resume is jammed packed. [Rich Marotta] received the high honor of induction into two Halls of Fame in 2011. In February, Rich was inducted into the Southern California Sportscasters Hall of Fame. Then in June, he was inducted into the California Boxing Hall of Fame. Rich holds the singular distinction of being the only sportscaster in Los Angeles to have ever been part of the regular broadcast teams of three major league franchises. He was the color analyst for the Los Angeles Kings of the NHL alongside [Bob Miller], the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders of the NFL, and Los Angeles Clippers in the NBA. A lot more about Rich on Wikipedia.

The Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame

[Mark Levin] blasts ‘transgendering’ ‘snaggletooth’ ‘troll’ [Michael Savage]

On Fresh Air Today. [Quincy Jones]: The Man Behind The Music

Article By [Dennis Prager]
The ‘Muslims Killed by the West’ Lie
In the real world, Christians are killed by Muslims, and most Muslims are killed by other Muslims.

[QUOTE]"Americans used smoke in bowling alleys and they still beat Hitler!" - [Doug McIntyre]

[PODCASTS]Two great guests on with [Marc Maron] this week, up right now is an interview with [John Fogerty] and Thursday [Phil Hendrie].

I'm seeing that Phil was on the Brian ([Brain Phelps] of Mark and Brian) and Jill Show back in March, have to check this out.

On "Here's The Thing" with host [Alec Baldwin], his guest is [Stacy Keach]

Actress [Illeana Douglas] on with [Adam Carolla].

Why [Adam Carolla] doesn't drive his fancy cars on the street

[THUMBS DOWN]OK so it's National Hamburger Day.....says who? Every month there is some "Day" and I always go search for who and why this is happening and I don't find anything. Anybody?

The crew on KRLA's The Morning Answer singing "Can you feel the love tonight" by [Elton John]......clearly violating the no singing in talk radio rule....baboo!

[CLUELESS]Study: Pandora Not A Major Threat To Radio Ad Dollars

[BEYOND IRRELEVANT][Tavis Smiley] marks 10th year as host of PBS show; has a knack for blunt talk, controversy. No it's not about race, I'm just not a fan. [Larry Elder] is still waiting for you to send 'Those numbers" to him.

[SEEN ON THE ROAD]A remnant of Katrina on highway 90 between New Orleans and Gulf Port Mississippi.

[PHOTO][Brian Whitman] in the dunk tank at the USS Iowa broadcast.

[WARNING IDIOT ALERT]"What is a journalist today in 2013? We know it’s someone that works for Fox or AP, but does it include a blogger? Does it include someone who is tweeting? Are these people journalists and entitled to constitutional protection? We need to ask 21st century questions about a provision that was written over 200 years ago." - [Dick Durban]

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Monday, May 20, 2013

“A Vote Is Like A Rifle: Its Usefulness Depends Upon The Character Of The User.” - Theodore Roosevelt

[COMMENT]I'm hearing this morning that KABC will be doing extended election coverage tomorrow as the numbers come in. I'm sorry it's just not worthy of air time or my time. They do a fine job over there at KABC. [Doug McIntyre] and [Teri-Rae] have a great morning show. I hear [John Phillips] will be there also who I think is a fine host. But nobody cares. No really, nobody cares. As a listener, unless you live in LA City and you're a liberal and you're voting for one of these people that have been ensconced in LA government for years, who cares? The turn out will be lower than ever and they are both democrats. Why is [Doug McIntyre] talking about this and having all these candidates on the air? He thinks it's important, I do too. Just not these candidates and not this election. This could be completely ignored by this so called conservative radio station. I don't want to slam Doug too hard here but he did vote for Obama and now he will be voting for his friend, [Wendy Gruel], both Democrats. Why does [Doug McIntyre] vote for Democrats? I have no idea. If [Doug McIntyre] and [John Phillips] came on the air tomorrow and did a [Dean Martin] style roast and just ripped these people to shreds with a jazz music bed and glasses clinking in the background, I would listen to that. By the way the new LAX international terminal was just named after Tony V. the city.

[RADIO]May 24th would have been [David Viscott's] 75th birthday. He's been gone for 17 years now. I just wanted to mention this because he was a very special person and I so enjoyed listening to his show daily in the 80's. His main advice to callers was "be honest", and he could be brutally honest. I wasn't sure that a person could live a life being as honest as he insisted people should be. He was to the point, blunt and a sweet guy too. He would come on the mic after a commercial break (on KABC) in a very low and relaxed voice say "[David Viscott]....we have Scott in LA, hello Scott". He is missed, and I wish he was here to tell it like it is today.

Monday at 7pm on 89.3 KPCC - Comic legend [Mel Brooks], the subject of a new PBS American Masters documentary, Monday on NPR's Fresh Air.

On Sunday with [Rachel Martin], she talked about 140 years of Levi's

NPR's [Scott Simon] with 3 minutes on [Chris Hadfield] who went from feeling truly sublime to faintly ridiculous this week. He landed after spending 146 days in space, most as commander of the International Space Station.

According to the (The Radio Advertising Bureau) RAB report, in addition to the $3 billion in spot revenue radio took in during the quarter, $179 million was generated from digital. That's up from $165 million from the first quarter of last year, and $101 million on 2009. The RAB gets its digital revenue numbers from Miller Kaplan which says the revenue is gathered from activity "generated by websites, Internet/Web streaming and HD Radio including HD2 and HD3 stations."

If you keep hearing the same commercials over and over, this is who bought those commercials.

1) Comcast XFinity Cable Service (up 15%)
2) AT&T (up 122%)
3) McDonald’s (down 2%)
4) Sprint (up over 1300%)
5) GEICO Insurance Company (up 23%)
6) T-Mobile (up 28%)
7) Safeway (down 10%)
8) MetroPCS (up 25%)
9) Toyota Dealer Association (down 2%)
10) Verizon Wireless (down 16%)

[PODCASTS][Bob Heil] will do his show "Ham Nation" on Wednesday 6PM PT with [Joe Walsh].

Ink for Internet talk station Radio Titans

[THUMBS DOWN]‏@hughhewitt - C'mon LA. This isn't close. Vote for @ericgarcetti. When in doubt, vote for the smarter candidate. Then Hugh calls into the morning show on KRLA.





KABC's [John Phillips] with a column on The Daily Beast.

[PHOTO][Tom Bergeron] in studio with [Lisa Ann Walter] this weekend.

[PARTING SHOT]“Fear can only prevail when victims are ignorant of the facts.” - [Thomas Jefferson]

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Friday, May 17, 2013

If We Had Guns That Shot Chocolate

[COMMENT]I think all the shows this week did a great job covering all the scandals. But there is soo much information and disinformation out there, and its very hard to get a handle on all of it. It becomes more and more evident that this culture is about how can we steer our agenda? How can we make what we think is right, happen? How can we get rid of people we don't like, because we know better? How can we change the world for what we think is better? How can we get money from people who don't deserve it and give to people we think do? How can we spy on our enemies without anyone knowing? How can we break the law and feel ok about it, because it's for a bigger cause, our cause? How can we get people to do things behind the scenes so we can appear not to be connected to it? How can we get up in front of the American people and say we are just as angry as you are knowing it's a lie? How can we fundamentally transform America without really telling you what that means?

Scandals such as these make people less trusting and do damage that will last generations. When people that we elect to office thwart the law and skirt the truth and show the American people that they are willing to do whatever they want to further there own agenda it damages all of us, deeply.

[RADIO]Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton On Benghazi on McIntyre in the Morning Friday.

Meet the new neighbor: [Howard Stern] reportedly pays $52 million for Palm Beach home

100th anniversary of the birth of [Woody Herman]. 8 min story by Fresh Airs' [Kevin Whitehead]. I grew up hearing my Uncle say "[Woody Herman] for President", he loved this man. Growing up in a music loving home, hearing this music, and how much my parents went wild for it was great. This music swings, and swings hard. [Woody Herman] is an important part of the history of American music. Woody's final resting place is at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery next to a sweeping and very peaceful green lawn and pond.

Editing An Encyclopedia That Changes By The Minute
The Story with host [Dick Gordon] speaks with [Sue Gardner], director of the Wikimedia Foundation.

[QUOTE]"If we had guns that shot chocolate, not only would our country be safer, it would be happier. People love chocolate.” - Vice President [Joe Biden]

[PODCASTS][Marc Maron] travels to the home of [Sam Simon], co-creator of The Simpsons, producer/show-runner on Taxi, and facilitator of countless television projects. They talk about Sam’s cancer diagnosis and what has changed in his life since finding out. Marc and Sam also discuss weed, vegetarianism, whales, poker, [Groucho], [Elvis], money and the meaning of it all.

"I'm [Tracy Morgan!]"
[Adam Carolla] had the insane [Tracy Morgan] from SNL fame. He will hosting the Billboard Music Awards this Sunday on ABC. on Twitter @RealTracyMorgan.

Comedian [Dana Gould] Does Hilariously Perfect [Chris Matthews] Impression on Tuesdays [Adam Carolla] Show.

A rare event that all three are at the TWIT Brick House in Petaluma for TWIG. Jeff, Gina and Leo this week together talking about Google I/O. Good show, best show on TWIT.

[THUMBS DOWN]Traffic on the 2's on KABC. Nobody needs that much traffic.

[SEEN ONLINE ][Steve Counts], always know that voice on the air. He posted this on facebook this week, I love behind the scenes stuff. Steve says "Playing traffic detective at the old TTN studios in Santa Ana. The only thing I miss about this place is sitting next to [Mike Nolan]."

[HEARD THIS]In theaters today! Miss this guy a lot.

Report: More Than One-third of New Cars in UK Have Digital Radio as Standard

Stitcher Radio is rolling out a new feature on its iOS app today that makes it much easier to use the streaming service while driving in a vehicle — which is exactly where radio belongs.

[PHOTO]Looking north from West Hills in the San Fernando Valley at smoke from Frazier Park fire this week.

[PARTING SHOT]"Believe you can and you're halfway there" - [Theodore Roosevelt]

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"Turns Out 501-C4 is just Jeans with Plastic Explosives" - Dennis Miller

[COMMENT]I don't think I have ever seen this much going on in the news all at once. One thing I think is important is that most of the main stream media will get all these stories wrong for a couple of weeks. I think some people in the media actually make stuff up if they don't have anything to report. After the fact I would love to know who those people are. And still the IRS scandal is being reported without the person who brought it to light, Mark Levin. Even on KABC radio, the station that broadcasts the Mark Levin show still has not mentioned his name, I haven't heard every minute, granted. I really don't get it. Why not celebrate a huge contribution from an individual. Exposing wrong doing anywhere should be held up as something good Americans do.

Michael Medved mentioned that Obama did a speech at the UN two weeks after Benghazi and talked about Chris Stevens for several paragraphs and never mentioned that he was a victim of terrorism. And Hugh Hewitt wrote a column this week about the 2am phone call from Hillary Clinton to Greg Hicks, after Stevens was found dead and the other three Americans, Clinton never called back, what's that about?

Rand Paul on Medved "The President is failing the test of power"

Donald Rumsfeld was on several shows talking about his new book Rumsfeld's Rules and said "The Brits pulled their people out of Benghazi because they knew they could not protect them."

On Mark Levin Tuesday he read from the IRS Inspector General's Report, the link to that report is here.

[RADIO]Today with the Jewish holiday [Brian Whitman] and [Elisha Krauss] did the show without [Ben Shapiro], that's a lot of work and they did a good show. Also a repeat of [Dennis Prager].

Las Vegas Talk Personality [Heidi Harris] debuts Daily Feature. Most recently heard in Los Angeles on Salem Communications’ KRLA – is producing a daily feature dubbed the “Heidi Harris Files” that is airing on Silver State Broadcasting’s news/talk KBET. The three- minute vignette will air on KBET three times daily at 7:30 am, 12:30 pm and 4:30 pm. Harris has also worked at CBS Radio‘s KXNT and Beasley Broadcasting‘s KDWN in the Las Vegas market.

[Rush Limbaugh] has not heard back from the White House about getting together to discuss the country's problems.

[John Eastman] on several radio shows this week, Prager, Hewitt, McIntyre. [John Eastman] is known as one of the smart guys by [Hugh Hewitt] and is a law professor and former dean of Chapman University. He was talking about the IRS scandal. Eastman has done a new Prager University video.

"The Separation of Church and State." Probably no phrase has had more impact on American history in the last fifty years than this one. Where did it come from? Who coined it? And, what does it mean?

"From ABC News....I'm Chuck Sivertsen."
I try to recognize the name with the voice and usually get it right. See if you recognize these names.

ABC Radio Anchors

Michael Barr (Weekdays 12 a.m.-5 a.m. EST)
Doug Limerick (Weekdays 6 a.m.-11 a.m. EST)
Cheri Preston (Weekdays 12 p.m.-5 p.m. EST)
Brad Wheelis (Weekdays 6 p.m.-11 p.m. EST)
Entertainment Network
Richard Davies (Weekday mornings)
Karen Chase (Weekday mornings)
Daria Albinger (Monday - Saturday afternoons)
Richard Cantu (Monday - Wednesday nights)
Larry Jacobs (Weekday overnights)
Todd Ant (Weekends, also sports reporter & fill-in sports anchor)
Andy Field (Substitute)
Dave Schreiber (Weekend overnights & substitute)
Chuck Sivertsen (Sunday afternoon & substitute)

New York: Jim Hickey, Aaron Katersky, David Blaustein
Washington: Ann Compton (The White House),
Vic Ratner (Capitol Hill),
Steven Portnoy
Los Angeles: Alex Stone, Jason Nathanson
London: Linda Albin, Tom Rivers
Miami: Matt Gutman
Dallas: Jim Ryan


[CALLER]Tom, caller from Glendora. Long time caller to many shows, I think I've heard him since the 90's. I heard his voice on a couple shows this week. He's always articulate and smart.

[QUOTE]"The huffing and puffington post" - [Rush]

[TIP]At 3pm we've got choices. I usually turn on The [John and Ken] show on KFI first because they come out of commercial at 3:04 or so. I tend to want to hear what [Hugh Hewitt] has to say but invariably he's doing this horrible ERSOP commercial till about 6 minutes after the hour. [Larry Elder] comes on around the same time. KRLA want me to listen? Come out of commercial before KFI, makes sense? Seems simple to me. I guess I should be thankful it's not that hideous Deep Pocket Jeans commercial.

[PODCASTS]On [Leo Laportes'] This Week In Tech (TWIT) Leo talked about how Ford dropped their advertising recently. They said they are done with their podcast experiment. This was a big deal for Leo's TWIT network, that was a lot of money. TWIT only runs one commercial every 30 minutes compared to over 19 minutes an hour on terrestrial radio.

[TECH]Watch the news today, big conference in silicon valley, Google I/O

Google expected to announce streaming music service.
Music service would compete with Spotify,0,2565243.story

Yahoo Wants Out of Microsoft Search Deal

Consumers Predict Americans Will Turn the Dial From AM/FM Radio to Streaming Radio Content in Five Years.

[THUMBS DOWN]Axelrod: Government ‘So Vast,‘ Obama Can't Know About Wrongdoing

[SEEN ON THE ROAD]Bumper sticker: "Wag more, Bark Less"


[PHOTO]Little known trivia (for other parts of the country) about LA/OC, strawberry's are grown and sold in the city on blank lots. This photo is on Beach Blvd in Westminster, CA.

[PARTING SHOT]"All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better." - [Ralph Waldo Emerson]

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sorry, Sincerely the IRS

[COMMENT]Funny how we got this huge story on the IRS Friday and almost nobody is noting that the story came to light by radio talk show host [Mark Levin] and his Landmark Legal Foundation. He is the one who went to the IRS and filed a complaint. But no news outlet including all local radio news will mention his name. God forbid you mention a host that is not on your airways. It's a big part of the story but I guess they can mold it anyway they want. Mark came on the air on KABC Friday and went though how it came to light step by step. 75 small Tea Party organizations across the country were asked many inappropriate questions to receive non profit status, like what are your political affiliations, what issues do you care about and please submit articles you've been in or written. All kinds of questions making it almost impossible to get the non profit status. The Landmark Legal Foundation that [Mark Levin] is president of did all the work and got.... wait for apology! How would you like to have on your headstone "The IRS apologized to me" Obviously this is not enough and Levin wants an investigation.


[Frank Morano] from New York's AM 970 The Answer interviews [Bob Barker]. I saw Frank post this on Twitter. Frank and Curtis Sliwa do a morning show together, it used to be broadcast on KABC. Lots of laughs on this 30 minute interview. Bob started in Radio in 1946 as a staff announcer, he was also a DJ. Bob spent most of his youth on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota, and he was also a Navy fighter pilot. This is all news to me. Bob is gonna be 90 and he is still very sharp in his mind, amazingly so. He says he exercises frequently and attributes that to his good heath. Frank says he should be taking over for [Alex Trebek] and Bob lets out a huge laugh and a thank you. So great to hear he's doing well. Bob tells Frank he has a nice swing, I agree. Bravo [Frank Morano].

Go read Bob's Wikipedia page, it's really amazing the life he has had.

Bob's Animal Charity
The DJ&T Foundation

I turned on KFI at just before 5pm Sunday and there is [Lisa Ann Walter] with [Cloris Leachman] on the phone. She's doing a play in Santa Barbara.

I just stumbled on
Jazz singers [Cleveland Watkiss] and [Dame Cleo Laine] listen to [Ella Fitzgerald's] Mac the Knife, when she forgot the words in Berlin on 13 February 1960, and then have a go themselves. This is from BBC Radio.

This looks soo cool. I still have not been down to see the ship, I really want to. I gotta slide out to this incredible radio day.

Ex-wife files explosive lawsuit against Guardian Angels founder [Curtis Sliwa]. This story is shocking.


A radio presenter (UK) was pulled off air on her last day after the station decided she was too DRUNK to carry on with her show.

This is really cool from NPR Music. It's a 5 minute story.
The MIDI Revolution: Synthesizing Music For The Masses

ABC News Radio Offers Three, One-Hour Specials for 2013 Memorial Day Weekend
ABC’s Car Crazy! America’s Love Affair with Cars, Summer Survival Guide 2013 & Super Epic Summer Movie Special of Steel

[QUOTE]"I studied Karate with [Chuck Norris]...... my body is a deadly weapon" - [Bob Barker]

I'm not that familiar with CRN, but I know it's been around for a few years. I think you would have to listen to the shows live to hear them back in the day. That's all changed since I last saw this network. Many people that you have heard of are doing shows on CRN like, actor [Robert Conrad], actor [Larry Manetti], Actor [Fred Dryer]. And a former KFIer [Charles Karel Bouley] or [Karel] as he's known, does a show. They just added some new stuff including [Anthony Dias Blue] who does something you may have heard a hundred times...[Anthony Dias Blue's] Lifestyle Minute sponsored by Cuisinart on Talk Radio 790 KABC. I love the way he says Queezeee nart.
I've heard Conrad's show and it's good except for all the fans that call in "I loved you in Baa Baa Black Sheep" that gets old but Robert is the same guy, it's worth a tumble. I'll have to check out CRN more, looks promising.

Comedian [Fred Stoller] on [Adam Carolla]

[THUMBS DOWN] Every time I hear someone say "My Wife!" I hear [Aron Benders] voice, damn you ;)

[SAW THIS]Not sure I agree with this.

[EXTRA]Blog post by [Michael Crozier] of KFI on Mom's, wow.

[PHOTO]Happy Mothers Day!

[PARTING SHOT]“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.” - Robert Frost

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Friday, May 10, 2013

I Would Have Promised Those Terrorists A Trip To Disneyland

[COMMENT]On Wednesday morning I turned on C-Span to watch and listen to the Benghazi hearings. I thought this was very important and I felt obligated to watch it. It was very compelling and I think it brought a lot to light. I sat in front of my computer for 4 hours. I occasionally would pick up the radio and go though all the radio stations that matter in LA to see if anyone was broadcasting the hearings. They were not. I turned on KFI, KABC, KRLA, KNX, KFWB, KCRW, KPCC, KPFK.....nothing. To me this is shocking and very disappointing. I remember back in the late 80's Pacifica Radio (KPFK 90.7) here in LA broadcast "Gavel to Gavel" coverage of the Iran-Contra hearings with [Oliver North] testifying. I think it went on for the better part of a week. I was glued to the radio. I was working most of the day but had it on in the car. That was very important at the time and widely talked about in the press. So why was this not so important? I have no idea. I did hear clips and analysis by [Hugh Hewitt] and [Mark Levin]. Hugh really put in a lot of time, or should I say his producer [Duane Patterson] did. That's gotta be a big job pulling clips from something that lasted 4 hours. If this is not worthy of local broadcast I don't know what is, oh wait [Lindsey Lohan] has moved her rehab......

[RADIO][Paul RyKoff] was on [Dennis Miller] Wednesday night. Check out these stats and go sign the petition, it will take 2 minutes. Interview with Dennis at this link:
As of May 4, 2013, 880,264 veterans are waiting for their VA disability benefits. 600,711 are officially backlogged - meaning they are waiting over 125 days. According to a recent report, the average wait time in larger cities can be over 600 days. In Reno it is 681 days. New York is 642 days. New Orleans is 490 days. Houston is 586 days. The list goes on. This is unacceptable. So we are calling upon our members, supporters, friends and the American public to make Washington #EndTheVABacklog. Click here to see solutions we have set out and join nearly 50,000 others and sign the petition now!

MUST LISTEN: ICE Union president [Chris Crane] exposes Obama admin LIES on immigration enforcement on the [Mark Levin] Show.

On Fresh Air - [Martin Scorsese] Talks 'The Language Of Cinema'

[Mark Levin] Addresses NRA Convention in Houston in a video.

L.A. station shortens digital cord.
One of radio’s top country stations will be harder to hear for anyone not living in California. Mount Wilson FM Broadcasters has decided to limit streaming of “Go Country 105” KKGO, Los Angeles to people in its home state. In a way, KKGO is a victim of its success. Owner [Saul Levine] says advertising can’t keep up with the royalty bill on a growing audience.

[QUOTE]"Is [Jon Stewarts'] mother running for anything Mr. Producer?

"He damaged me deeply" - [Dennis Miller] on spending the weekend with [Marty Short]

[BOOKS]An interview with [Dennis Miller] and Author [Paul Dolman]. Second Segment in hour 2.
[Larry David] pulled over and asked, "You're not a serial killer or something are you?"The comedic writer and actor from Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm not only gave Dolman a ride, but helped him find his way during his summer of soul-searching and hitchhiking. Written with disarming honest humor and perfectly capturing [Larry David’s] unique comic genius, Hitchhiking with [Larry David] will leave readers simultaneously laughing and crying as they ponder the mystery and spirituality of life.

[PODCASTS]You know I have had Mangria when I was at the Redondo Performing Arts Center when Adam and [Dennis Prager] were's awful stuff, sorry Adam. [Adam Carolla] launches new Mangria drink at Malibu bash. Carolla's backyard bash attracted around 300 guests, including [Howie Mandel] and [Ron Jeremy].

This guy gets around...via Skype. Adam is on with [Leo Laporte] on his show Triangulation.

On TWIG (This week in Google) [Gina Trapani] gets her Google Glass and does the most comprehensive review of it I've heard to date. Gina is a developer and really knows her stuff. Gina has a post on Google + of a photo of her baby taken with Google Glass. It shows how sweet a first person photo will be. I'll let you go look for that, it's worth a look.
Also [Jeff Jarvis] is on Google Talk instead of Skype and looks super clear, not all pasty as usual.

A frequent guest on talk radio and a past writer at the LA Times, now at Investors Business Daily [Andrew Malcolm] does a podcast.

[THUMBS DOWN][Randy Jackson] is leaving American Idol after 12 years. Wow I haven't seen one second of that show for 12 years, amazing.

[SEEN ON THE ROAD]A large Teddy Bear laying on it's back in the center divider on the 101 north at Rampart.

[LICENSE PLATE]"WT ALBUM" on a white Mini Cooper with a racing stripe

[HEARD THIS]"AM 590...The Answer" on KRLA at 5:30 Wed, I guess something went wrong there.

[Hugh Hewitt] met a guy at a conference in Colorado that listens to his show in China...daily.

Writer [Eli Lake] of the Daily Beast is all over Talk Radio. He's looking like the goto guy like [Jake Tapper] is. [Hugh Hewitt] had him on to talk about Benghazi. Lake said during the interview that he could not really talk about it yet but he's getting info that Stevens might have been in Benghazi because of some covert program. More to come.
Top U.S. Diplomat in Libya Knew Benghazi Was Terrorism
by [Eli Lake]

Hawaii fights for Obama presidential center from Public Radio's Marketplace.

[TECH]New FM-enabled smartphones coming.The radio industry is being asked to commit $

Online radio crosses mobile threshold.

Talking Tech: Slacker face lift dials in more listeners

Next week is the big Google I/O conference in SF. Lots of new things will come out of this. Last year we got Google Glass and sky diving.

Caesars Palace deals Google Glass out of its game
Another business bans Glass about a year before it's expected to become generally available.


[PARTING SHOT]"If the Last Tango in Paris was filmed today....they would have used margarine" - [Dennis Miller]

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