Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We Own This Place

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[COMMENT]I'm out in the world for about 10 hours a day. I see people, very busy people living their lives. These bombings in Boston have changed us. I think a lot of people would not pay any attention to a guy with a big black bag walking on the sidewalk. Sadly I think this will happen again. Former Mayor [Giuliani] is surprised it hasn't happen more, I am too. I think we are all naive about who's out in the world. Everyday I see potentially scary people. I always get back in my vehicle and lock the door, always. If I see someone pull up close to me and park, I let them get out and go where ever they are going then I get out. I avoid tattooed 20 somethings, I walk across the street to avoid anybody that looks strange. It may sound over the top, but I'm paranoid. I didn't used to be. My intention all along was to be an informed voter but keeping up on what's going on in the world does something to you. The news of the world is intense and will hit you hard in the head. In my life recently I have found that it must be taken in small portions because it can ruin your day or week and change you. We need to pay attention and do something when we see something that is not right. As [Clint Eastwood] said "We own this place". I'm sure that is forefront in the minds of the people of Boston.

[RADIO]It's weird, I just wrote about [Harry Shearer] the other day and now his show of 30 years at NPR's KCRW in Santa Monica has been canceled. When I listened to it last weekend Harry sounded off his game. Their were long pauses between things, a tell I believe.

Yesterday was the birthday of KABC long time broadcaster [Michael Jackson]. I listened to [Michael Jackson] everyday in the 80's, for years. I got a education on the Middle East from Michael, and I didn't even know what a Conservative or a Liberal was then. Michael came to work everyday for 30 years with a white shirt, tie and a jacket, class act.

I told you, I'm just say'n......
Review: [Dick Morris’] Philly Talk Radio Debut
Remember when CBS Radio put [David Lee Roth] on the air?
By [Stephen Silver]

Article by the brilliant [Ben Shapiro]
The Boston Bombing and the Nature of Evil

Yesterday in the second hour of [Mark Levins'] show he talked about an article he thought was very important. From July of 2012
America’s New Bomb Threat
Some of the deadliest weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan—improvised explosive devices, or IEDs—are heading to U.S. shores, warns a top general.

[QUOTE] "Eeeeboozee..ahhhziii....I feel like I'm reading a comic book Mr. Producer" - [Mark Levin]

[THUMBS DOWN]I rarely listen to [Tim Conway Jr] on KFI, no really Conway, rarely. Here is A reason. Conway comes on at 7pm Tuesday night. Conway and [Aron Bender] are singing "Sweet Caroline" by [Neil Diamond]. I know they think this is hysterical, me not so much. I think generally KFI is in a bubble of "we can do no wrong". I like [Mark Thompson] a lot, more of him would be great.

[SEEN ON THE ROAD]I think this is the very old downtown LA courthouse. It's finally being refurbished after sitting empty for so many years. This covering and flag just went up, appropriate I think for this week.

[HEARD THIS]That commercial for 'The Total Transformation" drives me nuts. What is it? They never say. I think it must be a Louisville Slugger. There are a bunch of videos on youtube doing spoofs on this.

[MUSIC]Yes I actually turned on some music yesterday, in a method to avoid hearing commercials. I turned on a pretty good station, 100.3 The Sound and heard [Rita Wildes'] voice. Long time music director from KLOS. She was playing a tune I have not heard in years, "I'm loosing you" from [John Lennons'] 1980 DOUBLE FANTASY album. Great tune.

And one more. I heard a new tune by [Michael Buble'] that is just out of this world great.
"It's a Beautiful Day"

[PARTING SHOT]“When I die, I want to die like my grandfather who died peacefully in his sleep. Not screaming like all the passengers in his car.” - [Will Rogers]

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