Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tip the world over on its side and everything loose will land in Los Angeles. - Frank Lloyd Wright

[COMMENT]Funny to hear all the different radio and TV stations try to pronounce the terrorist's name. I must have heard 5 different ways. Is it Zzzzoooocar or Joookar? Obviously it takes a good week after something like this to get it sorted out, so we actually know what's going on. This event will change us, the way we act, where we go. Living in the US I think we are lulled a little into our lives and the comfort we have and the freedom to come and go as we please. It's more dangerous out there than we realize. Keep your eyes open and your doors locked.

[RADIO]Lots of changes at KCRW in Santa Monica. [Harry Shearer] going away and now [Tom Schnabel]. Tom used to do "Morning Becomes Eclectic" which I used to listen to a lot. I was into music that no one has ever heard of, back in the 80's and 90's. I have a ton of CD's for sale if your interested. I would tune over there and hear some pretty good stuff and some pretty crappy stuff. I'm not a fan of [Tom Schnabel] and never really liked his choices for music. Especially when he would play this song: "This is KCRW Santa Monica...Morning becomes Eclectic...I'm [Tom Schnabel]...and now here is [John Abercombie] with.......... Furs On Ice". I swear to you, he said and played that a hundred times and it's a hideous tune. I owned that album and I would always be so pissed that he didn't at least play one other tune from the album.

[Mark Levin] said yesterday that after 14 months he has submitted a new manuscript to his publisher. He should know in about week when it's scheduled to be published. Mark says that a lot of people will think it's controversial, but they shouldn't.

[INSIDE BASEBALL]Digital-only AM test shows promise.
With increasing interference and with 85.4% of listening now going to FM according to Arbitron, AM radio faces monumental challenges. One somewhat radical proposal to revitalize the heritage band would dramatically improve audio quality by transitioning the entire band to all-digital IBOC transmission and impose an analog AM sunset. That idea has just been put to the test.http://insideradio.com/Article.asp?id=2644003&spid=32061#.UXbIqKKG18E

[PODCASTS][Marc Maron] of the great podcast WTF has an actual TV show going on the air, it's called ‘Maron’ on IFC is premiering on May 3rd. And he also has a book coming out called Attempting Normal on April 30th.

[THUMBS DOWN]It's a secret reveled I think. Would you ever recognize this as [Reese Witherspoon?] She's always so made up, maybe she's keeps a little anonymity walking around with no make up on. Do you know my name?

[SEEN POST]A great news man with some killer pipes over at KFI does a blog. [Rob Archer] over in that smelly news closet bangs this out occasionally. Archervox. Very well done. I could learn something from this high quality blog. http://archervox.wordpress.com/

[HEARD THIS]I was dialing around and heard [Debra Mark] on KPCC. She used to do the news at KABC. Her Linked In profile says: I am the morning-drive news anchor on KSLX FM in Phoenix, AZ and I am also an anchor on KFNN Am in Phoenix, AZ. She's a nice girl from Tarzana, I worked at Bea's Bakery Debra!

****I heard that [Dorothy Lucey] is going to be sitting in at noon on Wednesday at KFI. I predict lots of laughs.

[PURE LA]A Dirty Bentley

[PHOTO]Our Fair City

[PODCASTS][Adam Carolla] on O'Reilly. Why US is target of Muslim terrorism: ‘They hate our culture’ [VIDEO]

[PARTING SHOT]"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” - [Dr. Seuss]

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