Friday, April 12, 2013


I'm reactivating my Los Angeles Listener Blog mostly as a personal mental exercise. I did get some decent hits after doing about a hundred posts. But I never had any idea who was reading it and never got any comments or email. But I enjoy doing it, so with this post it's back up.
There is just soo much to report and write about, listening as I drive around LA and the OC transporting blood and tissue for the lab I work for. So if someone reads this blog and is moved to check out something I like or shares in my outrage about something...good.
Having had a big change in my life recently I feel more clear headed, healthier and wanting to write. My schedule has flipped. No longer am I up late at night (except for tonight). I'm now a morning person. Getting a lot of great sleep and up listening to talkradio in the morning and reading online. Trying to limit my exposure to the horrible news but can't completely avoid it.
I'm trying to curb my anger about things but am still passionate about things I like and things I don't. I'm compelled to write about it, its cathartic, but I do often ruffle feathers and lose people. The truth hurts and sometimes I'm out of line....I know that.
I'm gonna try to make it a simpler and shorter blog that people can read quickly with bracketed sections podcasts: on the road: this day in history: non-sequitur: humor:...........
I left facebook a few months ago and will not be returning anytime soon (regularly). Thanks to everyone who has asked about me. I will post a link to this blog on facebook as I write them. All my contact info will always appear at the end of every post. Please comment, love to hear it.
- JP

[RADIO] [George Noory] said Thursday that he was the last person in the press to talk to Jimmy Hoffa in 1975. [Doug McIntyre] A click in the rolling count for Dougs' favorite bad movie title this week "A Snow Shoe for Gruber", it's still funny.

[George Noory] trying to look cool in the Burbank Parade, I'm not buying it. (from KFI website)

[Mark Thompson] sat in for "Timmy". Mark does a great and entertaining show. He also has a [PODCAST] called The Edge at ...... He going to have someone on from Mad Men!
[Christian Bladt] the producer of the Dennis Miller Show sat in as the emergency host and did a fine job on Thursday night on KRLA. 

[QUOTE] "If I was bald and funny and.......wrong, I would be [Brian Whitman]" - [Hugh Hewitt]

[PODCASTS] Amazing podcast called Triangulation on the TWIT network hosted by [Leo Laporte] this week with Computer engineer and Internet activist, digital librarian Brewster Kahle. They talked about the amazing that is trying to digitized everything including websites, home movies, concerts, VHS tapes, TV News broadcasts, and all of the Grateful Dead Concerts and a thousand books a day scanned (they have a scanning room in the library of congress). This is an amazing podcast that must be heard to hear what this guy is up to.
also go to the site and play around,

Holy crap I just saw this: Here's The Thing: Thom Yorke. an interview with the Radiohead singer hosted by

[THUMBS DOWN] [John Kobylt] doing the "are your gums rotting?" spot.  This commercial must be 5 years old. Oh yea and Sunny Sardo, take a powder my brother, god almighty.

[AUDIOBOOK] Coolidge by Amity Shlaes

[SEEN ON THE ROAD] Person driving a Hummer with white ski goggles on.

[HEARD THIS] [Larry Elder] during the Movie Trivia Game invited people to call the screener...
[Dan Finder] My ear's perked up...Malibu Dan from KLSX and Conway and Steckler? I asked Larry on Twitter and got no response. Dan was selling ads for some sports magazine or working at a Spanish speaking station last I heard. Anybody?.

[PARTING SHOT] "Tell a friend" - Alan Hamel

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  1. So good to see you posting here, JP! Don't feel bad about not getting any comments on your blog, I don't get very many either, but I can see it's being read. People just don't comment much anymore. Looking forward to reading about what you're up to once again! Dorothy