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Radio...a Constantly Changing Art Form.....

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[COMMENT]I knew when I heard the news last night about the MIT officer being killed that I would have to get up early to hear something important.

Big News this morning! [Don Barrett] of fame is now the new Radio columnist for the Orange County Register, taking over for Gary Lycan who passed away recently. This is really exciting. I think his column will be great, Don is always on top of the latest. I really look forward to it.

Ratings for the morning drive shows at local stations came out on Monday. It's shocking frankly. It shows a whole lot of people are still listening to local top 40 music. Why? With all the digital choices why would someone turn on KIIS FM? Must be to listen to [Ryan Seacrest]. KFI is on top with of course [Bill Handel] in the morning. And very sadly KABC is in 33rd place, and what I think is the best radio station for talk radio in town, KRLA came in 40th. Time to step up that ad campaign guys. Not enough people know about the great morning show that's fairly new "The Morning Answer" with [Brian Whitman], [Ben Shapiro] and [Elisha Krauss]. Not to mention the long time great show over at KABC with [Doug McIntyre] and [Teri-Rae Elmer]. In my mind these shows are like college courses. Doug, who has years and years of analyzing the news and talking to newsmakers. These shows are absolutely invaluable to be an informed voter and citizen. The huge value of talk radio is yet to be discovered by the main stream in my mind.

[RADIO]This weekend is the LA Times Festival of Books at the campus of USC. It's going to be a beautiful day, looking forward to it. [Larry Elder] said that he will be there and that at 4:30 he will be interviewed by C-Span and Book TV.

Yesterday Larry said something unbelievable. He was playing "Love Shack" by the B-52's as bumper music. He said he had never heard of this band. How is that possible? :)

I turned on [Dennis Miller] last night to hear him kind of groggy. He sounded tired and loopy. He said that in order for him to sleep he had to take a Xani (Xanax). He was laughing a lot and sounded pretty strange. On several occasions hes sounded like this because he had to take an Ambien. He's pretty upfront about it all and his occasional sleeping problems. For those that don't know, Dennis does his show from his house in Santa Barbara, so he pretty much rolls out of bed and into his spare bedroom studio.

Radio Legend [Jim Bohannon] Celebrates 30 Years in Syndication. The lifelong radio broadcaster has been in national syndication with Dial Global and its predecessors for 30 years as of Friday, April 19 when he celebrates that mark. [Jim Bohannon] began with the old Mutual Radio Network as a reporter and then started filling in for [Larry King] on his nationally syndicated program. The network was acquired by Westwood One and Bohannon took over for King’s late night slot in 1993. Bohannon recently re-signed with Dial Global (which acquired Westwood One) and will be honored with the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from TALKERS magazine at the Talkers New York 2013 industry convention in New York City on Thursday, June 6.

[Stephanie Miller] is in for Conway Friday, reported by Conway as a "Big Deal" for some reason. Tuning around Thursday at 7:30pm I heard [Brian Whitman's] voice doing his unmistakable impression of [Louis Anderson]. You can hear this great bit at 17 minutes into the podcast on the website:

[QUOTE] "From ABC News....I'm [Doug Limerick]"
Always liked this guy and always recognize his voice.

"I'm in Google's Pants" - [Jeff Jarvis] on TWIG

[PODCASTS]Listening to TWIG (This Week in Google) [Leo Laporte] says that his new show TWIYT (This Week in YouTube) has been taken down by YouTube for questionable content. Leo has had a hell of a time with YouTube because his shows contain commercials and in this case is said to have Hungarian content, ahhh no it doesn't. One thing mentioned on TWIG was that Goggle Glass is being shipped and handed out to the people that last year put up $1500. This is a glasses frame that has a computer interface, you can see a tiny screen in your right eye. An article and unboxing of this new experimental product here:

New word coined for annoying people wearing Google Glass: Glasshole


[Jim Wallis] was on a couple different shows this week. [Hugh Hewitt] had it out in a very contentious interview. Never heard Hewitt sound like that. Good radio.

On with [Michael Medved] this week, [Andrew McCarthy].

Bad Samaritans: The ACLU's Relentless Campaign to Erase Faith from the Public Square By [Jerome Corsi] "Strange visitor from the East"

[THUMBS DOWN]I heard that the Obama administration only sent low level staff to the funeral of [Margaret Thatcher].

[QUESTION]What ingredient in [Dennis Millers'] "Soup of the Day" has appeared in every soup this year?


[HEARD THIS]When [Larry Elder] signs off for the day he says "Drive in with [Doug McIntyre] and [Teri-Rae Elmer], then [Mark Levin] at 6pm and [Peter Tilden] at 9pm" Who's missing here? Hannity. Why does he leave it out?

The Investigative Project on Terrorism

Several tech blogs are reporting that, while Samsung's first three devices had FM radio, the latest release of the phone does not. And, it went unnoticed (the phone was released in March) until now. The official Samsung release, posted on the tech sites is, "Our studies show a trend shift of interest to digital broadcasting, specifically – focus on listening to music content in social networks or on the channel YouTube. The flagship model of our products are focused on customers who use digital content, which use modern formats and channels of information consumption."


Bomb Squad 101 North

Bomb Squad 101 North

5 South

[PARTING SHOT]"The radio makes hideous sounds" - [Bob Dylan]

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