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“Radio Is The Theater Of The Mind; Television Is The Theater Of The Mindless” - Steve Allen

[COMMENT]You know KFI does a lot right but I do and have criticized them plenty over the years. Part of it is my problem, I'm a chronic listener of all LA radio since the 80's. I have high standards. I've heard good shows and hosts and bad and I think I know what's good and bad. It's my opinion, I get it. I don't like stupid jokes day after day (Handel) and singing and 8 year old humor (Conway). I like informative and entertaining radio with a sense of humor. [Doug McIntyre] at KABC is very good at just that recipe. Conway was great at KLSX for years, not sure what happened when he moved to KFI. Both those KFI hosts have there moments and do good stuff, but too much crap seeps in for me to waste my time. I was listening to [Bryan Suits] on Saturday, his show is called The Dark Secret Place. Bryan is brilliant and is up to date with all world events and does one hell of a show, he's got a great sense of humor as well. Not sure too many people know about this great show. I have discovered lots of hidden gems out there and there are plenty of things to listen to, it's a simple push of a button. Oh yea and [Lisa Ann Walter] too!

One very good thing that KFI is doing is having [Gary Hoffman] employed there. His Sunday morning news is killer. He's very detail oriented, he knows the stories in and out and is a great broadcaster. He's also got a great sense of humor. He does an impression of the Queen of England that would make you shoot milk out of your nose, and I'm not kidding. Gary has been with KFI since 2004 and is the news guy on [Bill Handels'] show in the morning during the week. Eventually and hopefully it will be Hoffman in the morning some time in the future, maybe when Bill decides to finally go home to the Persian Palace and lay down. That might not happen for quite awhile because for some reason the ratings are though the roof. I'm not a fan. I'm still pissed that Handel took over for a great morning show 20 years ago called TNT in the Morning with [Tracey Miller] and [Teri-Rae Elmer].

I was talking online to [Dave Williams] who did the news at KABC, he made this comment about
[Gary Hoffman]:
"When I was still in Sacramento Gary was a board operator and the man we worked for wouldn't take a chance of putting him on the air, thinking he was untested. Gary went from there to Seattle and then KFI. He's doing better than fine. The old boss lost his job and knocked around. Is now out of the business. Gary is also a camping buddy of mine. Yeah, I'm old enough to be his dad but I'm still able to kick his ass, too ;)

Gary from his show Sunday "Was in Austin this last week and had some BBQ that would make you wet your pants...and that's a good thing."

[RADIO][Dr. Dean Edell]: KFI, 2001-09. Dr. Dean gave up his syndicated show in late 2010. I heard somebody mention his name yesterday and thought, oh man I have not heard that name in years. I listened everyday, talk about a smart guy.

Interview with [Jeff Bauman], a victim of the Boston Marathon bombing

[Michael Medved] was on CNN this morning.

[TWEET]from KFI's news director [Chris Little]: ‏@THEChrisLittle Honored to be @PalisadesPizza's "sort of celeb of the day" yesterday. Too bad I live 50 miles a way. I would have ordered a pizza!

[ONLINE]From December 2012, [Barbara Streisand] on Fresh Air. I have really liked what she's done as a singer and actor over the last 40 years, but those politics.... ahhh baboo. I'm sorry this interview is just so good, it pisses me off :)

[Michael Bublé] On Fishing, Sinatra And Auto-Tune. Great interview on NPR, he's the real deal.

*** I saw [Brian Whitman] on facebook asking "Which Golden Girl is your favorite?"

[THUMBS UP]“That #WHCD was pathetic,” Palin tweeted. “The rest of America is out there working our asses off while these DC assclowns throw themselves a #nerdprom.”
- [Sarah Palin]


Arbitron and Edison Research released more data from their 2013 Infinite Dial study of over 2,000 consumers. Part of that data showed that 84% of the respondents use AM/FM radio in the car while only 12% choose online radio. The CD player was second at 63% followed by an iPod or MP3 player at 29% and Satellite Radio at 15%. Of those AM/FM users, 94% of the P1's in the Rock and Classic Rock formats listen in the car. Public Radio came in at 93% followed by News/Talk at 92% and Country at 91%.

[DIGITAL]The marketing power of hundreds of radio stations and the iHeartRadio Music Festival may be paying off for Clear Channel in its battle with Pandora to be the number one music app for the consumer. According to the data compiled by Arbitron and Edison, Pandora is by far the most recognized online music brand. One out of every five people had listened to Pandora in the past week. Seventy percent of those surveyed are aware of Pandora, compared to 45 percent who were aware of iHeartRadio. The good news for Clear Channel is that one year ago, only 31 percent were aware of iHeartRadio showing a big jump in awareness in only 12 months. Twenty-two percent were aware of Spotify in the most recent study.


[PARTING SHOT] are not Burnsy. Burnsy is Burnsy, I mean Eunice is Burnsy, I mean she isn't Burnsy. Nobody is Burnsy.
- Dr. Howard Bannister (What's Up Doc)

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